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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Discipleship2, 228:the little wills of men - The Purpose which the Masters know and serve." Consider practically whatDiscipleship2, 229:my hands? Am I handling it as a disciple of the Masters should handle it? P A U S E Stage II.Discipleship2, 230:into the hands of those who seek to do the Masters' work. Then say aloud, with conviction andDiscipleship2, 231:become an attractive and magnetic unit in the Masters' plans. Realize the occult Law that "to thoseDiscipleship2, 232:group are those who are in the Ashrams of the Masters - as are some of you - or on the periphery orDiscipleship2, 234:thus the hierarchical Plan can reach from the Masters of the Hierarchy, through the Ashrams to theDiscipleship2, 234:thus preparing the way for the Master of all the Masters, was to prove not only that the Plan wasDiscipleship2, 246:one of the highest initiations, these two Masters have handed all but a few of their seniorDiscipleship2, 246:their initiate disciples, themselves Adepts or Masters. They have also retained in their groups ofDiscipleship2, 246:the mind awakened to their relationship to these Masters. These conditions do not exist in thisDiscipleship2, 267:of initiation is given by me (as by all the Masters) in three ways: 1. By Hints. These - if seenDiscipleship2, 277:the needed changes would be instituted by the Masters, or by the Christ, or even by Sanat Kumara.Discipleship2, 277:know) that brings about the needed changes. The Masters are trained in the art of recognition,Discipleship2, 284:This formula has been called by one of the Masters "the seed of all philosophies," and in thatDiscipleship2, 284:and some power of accomplishment pour in. The Masters use this formula when faced with death inDiscipleship2, 295:than had been anticipated. The task of the Masters before the eighteenth century was to takeDiscipleship2, 296:objectives before human progress, and in the Masters' plans, in the teaching given, and in theDiscipleship2, 300:process of reorganization and regeneration. The Masters are seeking to hasten in their disciplesDiscipleship2, 301:disciples, brother of mine, and not by the Masters? A hint ever evokes a question, and it is in theDiscipleship2, 301:that the disciples learn and eventually become Masters. [302] That human planning and thinking, asDiscipleship2, 318:far on your way towards "occult thinking." The Masters do not convey teaching through the medium ofDiscipleship2, 325:necessitate a recognition upon the part of the Masters of the more advanced condition and aDiscipleship2, 325:which the Hierarchy cannot ignore, nor do the Masters desire to do so, because it is that mentalDiscipleship2, 330:can "import" from still higher sources or the Masters of the Ashrams can make available at need.Discipleship2, 330:the case. There are usually three "cooperating Masters" in every Ashram, with one at the apex ofDiscipleship2, 330:frequently there are also "associated Masters," particularly during cycles of rapid initiation, asDiscipleship2, 331:as is the case [331] today. There are also Masters who are preparing for the sixth initiation. ThisDiscipleship2, 334:is this type of consideration which governs the Masters when they are choosing and training a groupDiscipleship2, 334:rule - this does not matter in the least. The Masters think in terms of cycles and not in terms ofDiscipleship2, 335:I have been enabled to make (as are all the Masters), everyone of these people shows a definiteDiscipleship2, 335:under the morning sun. The enterprise of the Masters to substitute group initiation in place of theDiscipleship2, 335:of interest," or those periods in which the Masters pay close attention to the quality aspect ofDiscipleship2, 336:has been shown in the confidence with which the Masters have undertaken to prepare people forDiscipleship2, 336:part, of group preparation for initiation. Other Masters are doing the same as I am doing. We hopeDiscipleship2, 337:or in groups of three, but not more. When the Masters take the sixth initiation, they perforce takeDiscipleship2, 351:taking on new forms and fresh outlines for the Masters who have attained - a process made possibleDiscipleship2, 353:the Hierarchy is seeking to avert, but the Masters are handicapped (as usual) by the relatively fewDiscipleship2, 354:in line with the ancient use of hints by the Masters of the Wisdom. But the deeper meaning (forDiscipleship2, 366:which will be indicative to the watching Masters as to the point in evolution attained by theDiscipleship2, 368:the possible achievement of the majority of the Masters that they concern us not; they are moreDiscipleship2, 373:of Impression, bearing ever in mind that the Masters of the Wisdom work in three ways as theyDiscipleship2, 373:within the aura of the Master or of a group of Masters. The energy is then projected on to aDiscipleship2, 374:only stating a partial [374] truth; many of the Masters work through no physical or ethericDiscipleship2, 383:Master of a particular Ashram. Certain of the Masters (usually Masters like myself who have onlyDiscipleship2, 383:Ashram. Certain of the Masters (usually Masters like myself who have only lately passed through theDiscipleship2, 383:of the Master of his ray - one of the senior Masters in connection with the seven major Ashrams. IfDiscipleship2, 389:You talk of a series of initiations, but the Masters talk in terms of a series of revelations, andDiscipleship2, 391:and the immediate aspects of the Plan which the Masters feel should be presented to, and recognizedDiscipleship2, 391:activities is with personalities, whereas the Masters and the senior initiates work with souls.Discipleship2, 392:responsibility and not the responsibility of the Masters. The various aspects of the Plan - asDiscipleship2, 393:is a straight line of spiritual descent from the Masters into the ranks of men, and - in the NewDiscipleship2, 409:potent than at any time in human history. The Masters and their disciples (under the guidance ofDiscipleship2, 409:individual experiment and experience. The Masters (in this long interim) have not come forth toDiscipleship2, 410:belong are far more common than you realize. The Masters are all working in a similar manner, whereDiscipleship2, 413:to the light of the Spiritual Triad. The Masters, therefore, withdrew their attention fromDiscipleship2, 424:realizations which the united group of Masters of the Wisdom bring definitely and consciously intoDiscipleship2, 429:out nothing whatsoever about initiation, the Masters and the occult Hierarchy. Humanity was notDiscipleship2, 429:to the periphery of hierarchical influence. The Masters seek disciples among the worldDiscipleship2, 429:idea of being the sought and the beloved of the Masters. A man may have no practical knowledge ofDiscipleship2, 432:Presence, [432] The Initiator, The Initiating Masters, is termed the stage of Polarization. ThenDiscipleship2, 451:this word in its most technical sense and as the Masters use it when attempting to incline any lifeDiscipleship2, 456:earlier, personality-tainted groups) believe the Masters pry into their daily lives, know theirDiscipleship2, 456:and do. We wonder sometimes where they think the Masters find the time, and why they should be soDiscipleship2, 468:This point is of vital interest. Our present Masters of the Wisdom have also entered into this sameDiscipleship2, 468:a cosmic principle - that of Love. Only those Masters, however, who reached adeptship in AtlanteanDiscipleship2, 468:unfoldment. Disciples are apt to forget that the Masters themselves are at various stages upon theDiscipleship2, 469:It lies too far ahead, even for all who are the Masters of the Wisdom at this time. Only the ChristDiscipleship2, 487:tincture" of your life, as one of the Masters has expressed it. Therefore for you, until I see youDiscipleship2, 494:is to be expected owing to the fact that the Masters M. and K.H. are the over-shadowing influencesDiscipleship2, 501:with senior workers, such as myself - Masters and initiates above the third initiation. Thus theDiscipleship2, 526:knowledge. You have been taught by me that the Masters concern not themselves with the personalityDiscipleship2, 534:which love presents" - as one of the Masters has oft expressed it - blurred the usually clear lowerDiscipleship2, 553:you know also that disciples are gathered by the Masters into their Ashrams when their sound hasDiscipleship2, 559:from all over the planet into the Ashrams of the Masters, and thereby increasing the potency of theDiscipleship2, 563:of world crisis was to relieve several of the Masters from the task of instructing and watchingDiscipleship2, 564:K.H., being a Chohan and one of the senior Masters (ranking next to the Christ himself), can "walkDiscipleship2, 564:can "walk into the courts of Shamballa" at will. Masters of my degree can only make contact withDiscipleship2, 564:the Lord of the World. The Ashrams for which Masters of my degree are responsible are not,Discipleship2, 567:the little wills of men. The purpose which the Masters know. The purpose which the Masters serve.Discipleship2, 567:which the Masters know. The purpose which the Masters serve. Let Light restore the Plan on Earth.Discipleship2, 579:to a group of disciples. He is not one of the Masters known to you or the outer world, for he onlyDiscipleship2, 595:to the plan - the Plan of goodwill which the Masters are at present implementing and for which theyDiscipleship2, 596:kingdom of the soul. This has the Master of the Masters long foretold. Prepare the Way." MyDiscipleship2, 596:eye during the past few years. There are five Masters and five Ashrams involved in this preparatoryDiscipleship2, 597:are working in the field of the world and those Masters who are directly responsible to the ChristDiscipleship2, 609:and Shamballa. Initiates of high degree and Masters on all the rays have their own Ashrams, but notDiscipleship2, 634:Certain pillars are left behind. One of the Masters - using the word in its correct sense - hasDiscipleship2, 652:of a disciple within an Ashram of one of the Masters, and in particular to your place within myDiscipleship2, 668:K.H. and through myself and through two other Masters, a number of disciples of high standing, andDiscipleship2, 669:But through these initiates and certain of the Masters, and at their suggestion, he is slowlyDiscipleship2, 670:equipment you can contact the Master of all the Masters; nor does it mean that your advancement isDiscipleship2, 680:Hierarchy (via my Ashram and the Ashrams of the Masters M., K.H., and R.), the work cannot goDiscipleship2, 696:the futility of social pride. In the eyes of the Masters of the Wisdom, there are only human beingsDiscipleship2, 700:most important hint. Let the great music of the masters of sound enter (in a new and powerful way)Discipleship2, 701:that sacrifice much good came to me, and we, the Masters of the Wisdom, lay much emphasis uponDiscipleship2, 732:failed and will again along some line. E'en the Masters fail at times to pass through one or otherDiscipleship2, 741:representative of an Ashram. Forget not that the Masters choose their disciples, not only fromDiscipleship2, 746:is an endeavor to lift off the shoulders of the Masters the training of aspirants for discipleshipDiscipleship2, 746:much along this line off the shoulders of other Masters. Masters such as K.H. and M. deal only atDiscipleship2, 746:this line off the shoulders of other Masters. Masters such as K.H. and M. deal only at this time
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