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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Discipleship2, 761:that the aspect to which I refer is Triadal. The Masters have no personalities as you understandDiscipleship2, 762:then strengthen the Ashram and present to the Masters a wise server and a trained companion on theEducation, 54:it is at this time the motivating power of the Masters of the Wisdom, until such time that enoughEducation, 63:politically-minded, and this is viewed by the Masters as a great step forward. When theEducation, 109:become possible for the spiritual Hierarchy of Masters to achieve the intended results in TheirEducation, 109:work to bring into being the plans of God. The Masters can not and do not work without Their chosenExternalisation, 4:and of certain of His great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or focused at thisExternalisation, 5:effect is a cause of grave concern to all the Masters, Their disciples and workers. [6] TheExternalisation, 14:that world wherein all the spiritual Guides and Masters are found, and from whence all souls goExternalisation, 15:linked, consciously or unconsciously, with such Masters of the Wisdom as the Master Morya or theExternalisation, 21:choosing my words with care) - the intent of the Masters to help humanity, and that of the worldExternalisation, 25:to the extent of rendering the task of the Masters easier by their clarity of thinking, theirExternalisation, 34:nor entirely positive which prompted some of the Masters (Who are connected with the Hierarchy) toExternalisation, 44:of the [44] consciousness of the Hierarchy of Masters. This work will be done in group formationExternalisation, 61:so that there can be made available for the Masters' work through the medium of the world disciplesExternalisation, 80:Forces and the [80] same Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found as heretofore, guiding humanityExternalisation, 94:of ray energy and under the direction of various Masters of the Wisdom. The groups for which I haveExternalisation, 106:has been real and effective. That meeting of the Masters of the Wisdom upon spiritual levels led toExternalisation, 108:case, through transmission via the Hierarchy of Masters. This change of direction constituted aExternalisation, 113:prevented this catastrophe? Unquestionably the Masters of the Wisdom with Their knowledge and TheirExternalisation, 128:so-called Great White Lodge, the Hierarchy of Masters). That was then approximately true, for theExternalisation, 151:head of the Hierarchy, the Master of all Masters, the Christ, has now reached a point of true andExternalisation, 156:relation to whichever one of the Great Ones or Masters appeals the most to your heart and mind. IfExternalisation, 157:forth to Shamballa whereas the initiates and the Masters link Themselves directly with ShamballaExternalisation, 172:into a uniform and united activity. The Masters of the Wisdom have no time today to do the taskExternalisation, 172:They have Their people working as elsewhere. The Masters of the Wisdom are active in dispelling theExternalisation, 225:hallucinations; either Christ and His group of Masters, initiates and disciples are facts in theExternalisation, 257:the side of Christ and His disciples or of the Masters of Wisdom, as these (under diverse names)Externalisation, 274:as the work of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, is concerned with the spiritualExternalisation, 297:Love, stands Christ and His disciples, stand the Masters of the Wisdom. They are united, all ofExternalisation, 300:when the Buddha came. Many initiates became Masters; many Masters passed to still higher work, andExternalisation, 300:Buddha came. Many initiates became Masters; many Masters passed to still higher work, and manyExternalisation, 307:May of such supreme importance. [307] A group of Masters and initiates Who are specially related toExternalisation, 316:But they represent the working groups of all the Masters, and upon their shoulders rests the workExternalisation, 317:Only the Members of the Hierarchy (Masters, initiates and the disciples who are out of incarnationExternalisation, 354:thought I leave you. May the blessing of the Masters rest upon you as a group and as individuals,Externalisation, 387:and the Hierarchy, for which initiates and Masters have, for centuries, been preparing is inExternalisation, 389:- an Approach for which the initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing, and for whichExternalisation, 401:the inner planes, such as the Ashrams of the Masters and the egoic groups with which all humanExternalisation, 402:forward by the Christ, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and of men.Externalisation, 403:and who knows Him to be the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and of men. IExternalisation, 407:as the Abode of Light, as the center where the Masters of the Wisdom are to be found, as the GreatExternalisation, 417:familiar with the idea of the existence of the Masters, and either gullibly accept the mass ofExternalisation, 417:which contact with Christ and His disciples, the Masters, gives. In considering our second point,Externalisation, 425:selfish and material focus what the Hierarchy of Masters, working under the Christ, are toExternalisation, 430:conflict between Christ with His Hierarchy of Masters, and "spiritual wickedness in high places." AExternalisation, 431:working at this time? In what manner are the Masters aiding the work of the Forces of Light? CanExternalisation, 431:happen at this coming May Full Moon? How do the Masters look at the world situation? What are TheirExternalisation, 433:for ages between the Great White Lodge of Masters and the Lodge of Black Adepts. This started inExternalisation, 434:hope of the Christ and the longing of all the Masters that men would see clearly and make free andExternalisation, 436:Hierarchy itself, preparing His disciples, the Masters, for certain great postwar events. For theExternalisation, 440:of this potent energy, and the seven groups of Masters Who work with the human and subhumanExternalisation, 441:for a month and cannot be reached even by the Masters until May 5th. He is in closest consultationExternalisation, 442:of a new day can be begun. In the meantime, the Masters and Their ashrams are likewise gettingExternalisation, 442:presented in their specific forms by the other Masters. There is little that I can add. There isExternalisation, 445:He Whom we all love and serve, the Master of all Masters and the undying Friend of Mankind shed HisExternalisation, 446:of Light, has empowered the Ashrams of the Masters upon this first Ray of Power to strengthen theExternalisation, 449:be the result of an intensive activity of the Masters and of Their disciples upon the first Ray ofExternalisation, 472:and the activities of His working disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion,Externalisation, 473:(as St. Paul expresses it), the Master of the Masters and the Teacher of angels and of men wasExternalisation, 478:efforts of the Christ and of His followers, the Masters of the Wisdom, have been directed towardsExternalisation, 484:the Easter Full Moon, under the direction of the Masters of the Wisdom and the supervision of theExternalisation, 487:and has never left us; with His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, He is drawing closer toExternalisation, 488:the little wills of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which weExternalisation, 492:those working under third, fifth and seventh ray Masters. Eventually, disciples upon the physicalExternalisation, 494:been won. Their preparations were halted and the Masters then organized for renewed effort (throughExternalisation, 503:manifesting. The Christ and His disciples, the Masters of Wisdom and the Great Companions, areExternalisation, 504:and His esoteric coming. Certain of the Masters have the work under Their control, and throughExternalisation, 504:in the sacred land of India. One of the English Masters is also exceptionally active, and theExternalisation, 504:which may later be demonstrated as true. These Masters are definitely preparing Themselves for theExternalisation, 504:now showing in occultism and in the work of the Masters; more and more people [505] are becomingExternalisation, 507:the world, taking the disciples of many of the Masters and so relieving Them temporarily, in thisExternalisation, 507:under the Law of Rebirth. One of the English Masters has in hand the definite guidance of theExternalisation, 508:of the great Angels, as well as certain of the Masters. The angels have ever been active inExternalisation, 512:who are in direct or occasional touch with the Masters and of those whose souls are in sufficientExternalisation, 517:will appear under the direct guidance of the Masters; Teachers Who can heal will come forth, andExternalisation, 518:You can see it in constant expression. The Masters utilize the form (a form of Church Organization,Externalisation, 518:Christ is the divine Leader, and of which the Masters, the initiates, disciples and aspirants areExternalisation, 520:by: Receiving them into the Ashrams of the Masters. Offering Their disciples opportunity to serveExternalisation, 521:of the things now occupying the attention of the Masters is the externalization of their ashrams onExternalisation, 522:human consciousness; also, as one [522] of the Masters, unknown to you, remarked at a meeting ofExternalisation, 522:it would be for some of the Chohans, such as the Masters M. and K.H. I am nearer to you, because IExternalisation, 523:the Ashrams. Adjustment of the Ashrams and the Masters to exoteric living. It will involve alsoExternalisation, 523:with my Ashram (or that of another of the Masters), and going through your preliminary training andExternalisation, 524:they indicate great opportunity for service. The Masters need many such as you on the outskirts ofExternalisation, 525:and work out the emerging Plan. But even to the Masters the Shamballa force has had to be steppedExternalisation, 525:have made a closer relationship possible. The Masters are somewhat freer from certain of theExternalisation, 527:within the Hierarchy are each presided over by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centersExternalisation, 527:centers or Ashrams are presided over by Masters and Adepts (of the fifth and fourth initiations),Externalisation, 528:major Chohans and Their Ashrams. The forty-nine Masters of the secondary Ashrams. The sumtotal ofExternalisation, 529:watched over and directed by the forty-nine Masters who are in charge of minor Ashrams - eitherExternalisation, 529:or on to one or other of the Seven Paths; senior Masters in charge of Ashrams are taking higherExternalisation, 529:the fourth and fifth initiations and becoming Masters (taking both initiations in one life), andExternalisation, 530:and results. You can see therefore that Chohans, Masters, initiates, world disciples, disciples andExternalisation, 530:You need to realize that there is nothing in the Masters or higher initiates which can respond toExternalisation, 531:one of the seven goals towards which the Masters aim after They have attained the fifth initiation,Externalisation, 531:Earth Service. This Path, as you know, keeps the Masters attached to service in the three worldsExternalisation, 534:Archives which constitute the study of the Masters; they relate to the nature of Shamballa, itsExternalisation, 534:you can have no possible concern; the Masters Themselves are only learning the Will of theExternalisation, 538:dynamic manner is being carried out by all the Masters and by all initiates who have taken the
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