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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Externalisation, 546:and it involves the constant cooperation of the Masters. [547] Since 1931 I have hinted at much ofExternalisation, 550:the Hierarchy, the work and standing of the Masters, the training to be given to disciples andExternalisation, 557:you also some of the things which He and the Masters must do as preparatory steps to the new worldExternalisation, 559:of certain Ashrams, controlled by certain Masters, upon the physical plane, evoking generalExternalisation, 562:than ever before, and at the same time, the Masters are passing with greater rapidity on to the WayExternalisation, 568:it has been a basic conditioning factor. The Masters, however, Who will make the move outwards intoExternalisation, 568:of the great departments the same. The earlier Masters initiated the needed steps of preparation,Externalisation, 568:steps concerned internal preparation. Though the Masters of the Wisdom have all passed through theExternalisation, 569:strictly human method. Except in the case of Masters working on the physical plane and in aExternalisation, 569:senses are in abeyance; for the majority of Masters Who still use these senses, the use is strictlyExternalisation, 569:have been told - and told correctly - that the Masters do not trouble Themselves to attainExternalisation, 573:Third. The stage wherein Christ and the Masters of [574] the Wisdom can make public appearance andExternalisation, 574:the desired reorientation, the Christ and the Masters are occupied with the task of preparing forExternalisation, 582:themselves, and it is not in the hands of the Masters, Whose consciousness is fully expanded - aExternalisation, 585:orientation, and not any [585] recognition of Masters and Their orders or of any hierarchical andExternalisation, 586:In this attitude he is coming to resemble the Masters Whose life directive is not hierarchicalExternalisation, 588:of the existence, in bodily presence, of the Masters will be inculcated and steadily [589]Externalisation, 593:are gathered today all His great Disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, and all Those liberated SonsExternalisation, 593:His bidding and to obey the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of Angels and of men.Externalisation, 604:five hundred...Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatly intensifiesExternalisation, 610:disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters of the Wisdom - or, if you prefer the term,Externalisation, 617:the Place of Power, bringing His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, with Him, that Place of LoveExternalisation, 622:They serve, the Christ, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and of men.Externalisation, 623:of Christ Himself and of His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom; it is the unrealized demand ofExternalisation, 643:unimportant) through the Ashrams of all the Masters of the Wisdom, the Disciples of the Christ. ItExternalisation, 643:who are represented in the Ashrams by different Masters. Through all the Masters and through allExternalisation, 643:Ashrams by different Masters. Through all the Masters and through all disciples this energy passes,Externalisation, 643:active in the coming period. Five of the Masters and Their five Ashrams are primarily involved inExternalisation, 652:What will happen in the world if and when the Masters of the Wisdom function objectively andExternalisation, 652:impression; they know the plans which the Masters are endeavoring to carry out, and theirExternalisation, 653:two events: The organization of certain of the Masters' Ashrams in the different countries of theExternalisation, 653:How, where, when and in what manner the Masters will make Their appearance is none of your affair.Externalisation, 654:in nature towards divine expression. The Masters will, however, take advantage of all the pointsExternalisation, 654:a symbol. It must however be remembered that the Masters have, therefore, to apply such stimulationExternalisation, 656:the direction of the Christ and of the senior Masters and Chohans, deciding in council the method,Externalisation, 659:that (to quote an old sentence by one of the Masters) "where the focus is, so will be the anchorageExternalisation, 659:I have earlier told you that the five Masters concerned with the initial stages of the organizationExternalisation, 661:all the Ashrams (on all rays and under all the Masters); the energy of love is directed primarilyExternalisation, 662:prior to distribution to the Ashrams of the five Masters engaged in the work of preparation. TheExternalisation, 662:assimilation by the Hierarchy is directed by the Masters towards the Christ and is used by Him inExternalisation, 664:activity, an outstanding instance of how the Masters work, for (to the average onlooker) the laborExternalisation, 666:factors are present in any human being, the Masters know that good material is presented to ThemExternalisation, 667:longed-for consummation is the appearance of the Masters upon the physical plane, and then,Externalisation, 667:of the Master R. He works primarily through the Masters of these three types of ray energy. HeExternalisation, 669:[669] together His council of helpers, the Masters and the senior initiates in the Ashrams of theExternalisation, 671:well-being of men? Or would you have the Masters lead humanity itself, through right understanding,Externalisation, 672:men's minds. The Hierarchy stands and works. The Masters are working according to Plan - a PlanExternalisation, 673:be brought into activity or utilized when the Masters emerged from the silence in which They haveExternalisation, 674:been under impression from Shamballa, and the Masters have "manipulated these energies inExternalisation, 675:At each one of these five centers one of the Masters will be found present, with His ashram, and aExternalisation, 676:freely and understandingly with one of the Masters or senior initiates, is already unhappilyExternalisation, 677:program, as presented to them by their Masters or the senior initiates. Others have not possessedExternalisation, 680:with the senior Members of the ashram - the Masters and initiates of high degree, and through ThemExternalisation, 680:this evokes from the Christ and His informed Masters an identification of Their united thought withExternalisation, 682:of the most difficult problems confronting the Masters at this time; it presents also an uniqueExternalisation, 682:to the Christ. The daily physical life of the Masters, of the Christ, and of those Members of theExternalisation, 682:it. So it has been with the work of all the Masters, except two or three Who have undergone specialExternalisation, 682:or of withdrawing applies to all the Masters and to the Christ, for it is in the solitude of theExternalisation, 683:quiet of those "protected" areas where the Masters in the various branches of the Brotherhood haveExternalisation, 683:Their mental impression. This applies equally to Masters in physical vehicles and to Those Who haveExternalisation, 683:divine life. The problem, therefore, before the Masters and Their disciples is to work (when theExternalisation, 684:the nature of the protective service which the Masters have assumed on behalf of mankind, standingExternalisation, 685:which has persisted since Atlantean days; the Masters can now begin to undertake to renew anExternalisation, 685:At the same time, a very powerful minority of Masters are entering into a much closer Externalisation, 686:by the reorientation of the majority of the Masters and initiates. These statements have, ofExternalisation, 686:Earth service. In other words: a few of the Masters and higher initiates are undergoing a specialExternalisation, 686:even before been the case. The majority of the Masters and initiates, in Their turn, alsoExternalisation, 686:is given up. The entire attitude of the group of Masters, initiates and disciples who are to beExternalisation, 687:unity" and divine participation, which the Masters in Their Ashrams are teaching Their disciples ofExternalisation, 687:the "isolation," occultly understood, of certain Masters and initiates. They have been thusExternalisation, 688:referred to above, and into the large group of Masters and initiates and disciples to whom isExternalisation, 688:and recognized or interpreted by the senior Masters and by initiates of still higher rank. As theExternalisation, 693:and the disciples in the ashrams of the Masters are also particularly implicated. The Science ofExternalisation, 695:and dedicates himself to the Christ or to the Masters in a spirit of adoration, will not be chosenExternalisation, 697:therefore postponed for some time. Some of the Masters will create what is called in the languageExternalisation, 697:not. The appearing of these initiates and Masters will begin with isolated members appearing andExternalisation, 697:not a unique achievement; there are many other Masters Who - with Their [698] disciples - are to beExternalisation, 698:when the knowledge of the existence of the Masters and Their hierarchical endeavor and of theExternalisation, 698:and disciples under the direction of the Masters will be worldwide, and in every field of humanExternalisation, 698:the opinion of these men and women, and of the Masters presiding at the five centers and in TheirExternalisation, 699:(I would here remind you that many of the Masters are married and have raised families) andExternalisation, 701:imminent. You must tell men everywhere that the Masters and Their groups of disciples are activelyFire, XVI:nor on the mere authority of our teachers or masters. But we are to believe when the writing,Fire, 166:the seven Rays. On the buddhic plane, where the Masters and their disciples form the forty-nineFire, 176:of the three major rays, and in Initiates and Masters are not to be found upon some of the rays ofFire, 176:one of the three major rays, and the fact that Masters and Initiates are found on all the rays isFire, 176:and as the work may require. When one of the Masters or Initiates is transferred it causes aFire, 180:Their pupils are the exponents. Every group of Masters and all the human beings incarnate orFire, 181:a relationship identical with that borne by the Masters and Their affiliated groups, to someFire, 210:to the Initiator, is accompanied by two of the Masters, who stand one on either side of him. TheFire, 210:formation transmission comes safely. The two Masters Who thus sponsor the initiate, represent twoFire, 288:are the elder brothers of the animals, as the Masters of the Wisdom are the Elder Brothers whereFire, 319:on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who have attained." "The tradition is thatFire, 457:movements including Masonry. He is one of the Masters who take pupils. The Master H. or Hilarion,Fire, 482:concerns the three worlds is in the hands of the Masters of the Wisdom, and enables Them to workFire, 483:men. That it has reached us unaltered. That the Masters are thoroughly versed in the science basedFire, 484:of Father, and Mother rests quiescent." The Masters, in concert with the great Devas, concernFire, 490:he will bring about the desired end. The Masters do this in connection with the human spirit and doFire, 511:The goal set before humanity is that of becoming Masters of the Wisdom, or conscious units in theFire, 673:doctrine of Buddhi or Buddhism. Both are great Masters of compassion and may be conceived as the
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