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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Fire, 673:light to the East and the West. The two great Masters are mystically connected, if you will listenFire, 677:a group of devas connected with the Lodge of Masters, whose work it is to build the aspirationalFire, 754:Great Ones are concerned and the Master of the Masters Himself; in Their "forthcoming" for workFire, 757:over for the use of the Great Lord or one of His Masters. This is only possible in the case of aFire, 757:largely the ones used by the Great Lord and His Masters at the end of the century, and for thisFire, 758:incarnation will be employed by certain of the Masters and initiates through the process of:Fire, 758:be the one most frequently employed. Six of the Masters, as yet quite unknown to the average occultFire, 759:swing the tide of love-force away. The three Masters so closely allied with the theosophicalFire, 852:of high Egos, of Avatars, of Buddhas, [852] of masters, of initiates, and of disciples, and of allFire, 911:of His council to meet with certain of the Masters at this time for two specific purposes, first,Fire, 913:for specific consultation, and just as the Masters are endeavoring to prepare humanity for serviceFire, 915:group to be found around the habitations of the Masters wherever situated. Under group 3 work theFire, 948:by those who have created it; the work of the Masters has to be carried on, therefore, indirectly,Fire, 978:If in any organization on the physical plane the Masters can get a nucleus of even three people whoFire, 982:which is usually termed magic. The man who masters the esoteric significance of what is here saidFire, 994:he will find himself in the ranks of the black masters. Such a state of affairs can only be offsetFire, 994:also, he attracts the attention of those masters of the left hand path who are ever on the lookoutFire, 996:hidden in the caves of learning, guarded by the Masters, are the following conclusive words, whichFire, 1087:which in the alchemical phraseology of the Masters is viewed as being "a product of the fourth; theFire, 1097:quotation from an old esoteric manuscript in the Masters archives: "The vision of the higher sphereFire, 1131:modes of work and mantric formulas known to the Masters which enable Them to hasten the processFire, 1141:and embody cosmic facts. The pupils of the Masters. They develop intuition. Symbolic books in theFire, 1170:that certain Rays are, through the initiates and Masters, represented by vegetable perfumes. ItFire, 1177:work until the seventh initiation is taken. The Masters, therefore, Who take pupils for training,Fire, 1177:training, are numbered amongst them, whilst the Masters Who do not concern Themselves withFire, 1219:studied in all groups working under the Masters. Fire, 1243:given in the mystic parlance of the Lodge of Masters to the seven methods of work, of endeavor andFire, 1243:of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom." The former must thereforeFire, 1245:of the World in the seven groups into which our Masters of the Wisdom are divided. Not so manyFire, 1245:Masters of the Wisdom are divided. Not so many Masters follow this Path as some of the others, andFire, 1261:Path is the one upon which the majority of the "Masters of the Wisdom" pass. In the same way manyFire, 1265:Gradually and by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualified themselves, or are qualifyingFire, 1281:That which is known by every Son of God, who masters step by step the Path of Gold; That which isGlamour, 48:entering into the silent places where the Masters of the Wisdom dwell, and will work in groupGlamour, 78:ecstasy by probationary disciples upon the Masters of the Wisdom. Around the names of the MembersGlamour, 186:of the life of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and ofGlamour, 192:into concepts which we call ideals. The Masters, it should be remembered, only use the mind for twoGlamour, 199:ray disciples, working from the Ashrams of those Masters Who take disciples. The work done by theseGlamour, 202:project it into the world of glamor. The [202] Masters, the higher initiates and the worldGlamour, 243:of Glamor Again and again, down the ages, the Masters have told Their disciples (as I have toldGlamour, 266:The task of Sanat Kumara in relation to the Masters is to prepare Them to tread the Way of theGlamour, 267:my brother? I am sure that you do not. Only the Masters of the Wisdom have any appreciation ofHealing, 128:It might simply indicate what one of the Masters has called "the depths of spiritual selfishnessHealing, 152:third. The first initiation is regarded by the Masters as signifying admission to the Path. It isHealing, 161:[161] He is drawn into the Ashram of one of the Masters, according to his soul ray, and becomes anHealing, 166:- in time and space. If all healers were Masters of the Wisdom, if they were all clairvoyant, ifHealing, 226:established and radiant health. Certain of the Masters are dealing with this problem in relation toHealing, 228:of some of the most ancient books in the Masters' Archives we read: "earth took its toll and earthHealing, 228:not the development or the understanding of the Masters of today, the only exceptions being ThoseHealing, 232:- as a penalty - by the Great White Lodge; the Masters promulgated a new law for the AtlanteanHealing, 235:appropriate as an ending for what one of the Masters has called "a tubercularly oriented race."Healing, 236:privacy in which to sin. The powers whereby the Masters and the higher initiates can ascertain theHealing, 248:These cycles are known as yet only to the Masters and to those initiates to whom is given the taskHealing, 269:thus bridging the gap. Again, I say, that the Masters of the Wisdom see neither Jew nor Gentile,Healing, 279:hour of his departure from this outer plane, and masters the technique of "withdrawal" and theHealing, 292:We are told in the ancient books, to which the Masters have access, that the world is constructedHealing, 345:with in this place. The relationship of the two Masters you mention can be studied in two ways:Healing, 360:as an individual, linked with the Master of all Masters. He can then, via his own soul and the soulHealing, 360:little emphasized. Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatlyHealing, 380:with the uncertain activities of mankind, the Masters can usually gauge what will occur, butHealing, 380:man's free will." I am here quoting one of the Masters, speaking at a conference held in 1725.Healing, 382:free from tendencies to morbid developments. The Masters are entirely free from disease becauseHealing, 382:these are regarded as amelioratives only by the Masters, and as superficial in time and space. SuchHealing, 407:enlarge your general understanding of what the Masters call "the extension of death in space."Healing, 450:and consciously and with full understanding masters death - the long-feared enemy of existence. HeHealing, 555:relationship. As an ancient book in the Masters' Archives puts it: "Soul to soul, the two are one;Healing, 599:its entirety, and They are aided by five other Masters in applying the gained knowledge. These fiveHealing, 599:in applying the gained knowledge. These five Masters are working primarily with the deva evolution,Healing, 664:initiation and entered the Ashrams of the Masters, and through the decision of these successfulHealing, 686:he is beginning to comprehend group work (as the Masters comprehend it) and to do his just share inHercules, 71:occultists would lead one to believe that the Masters of the Wisdom take a personal interest inHercules, 72:Aspirants need to remember that they become masters only by mastering, and that we are taught to beHercules, 72:only by mastering, and that we are taught to be masters and are brought to the position ofHercules, 72:and the brain overstrained if one of the Masters made constant contact with a disciple before heHercules, 75:rules, this is the way that all the saints and Masters of the Wisdom have trod, this is theHercules, 128:of sex and money, both good servants and bad masters, according to the use made of them. Sex is aHercules, 138:of Libran interlude, which one of the Masters of the Wisdom has called "the master of no-man'sHercules, 157:men who assume the attitude of directors or masters over their disciples; who tell them what to doHercules, 164:because it is the truth; you must believe in the Masters of Wisdom because they exist; you mustHercules, 190:method of work would have to emerge whereby the Masters would employ a new mode of reachingInitiationnor on the mere authority of our teachers or masters. But we are to believe when the writing,Initiation, 17:the fifth initiation, or those who do not become Masters in physical incarnation, take theirInitiation, 19:initiation, through the instrumentality of the Masters and of the Christ, and through TheirInitiation, 24:These spiritual personalities, these adepts and Masters, have wrestled and fought for victory andInitiation, 32:in dense physical bodies, such as many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as theInitiation, 33:the matter of the second ether. Several of the Masters in physical bodies dwell in the HimalayanInitiation, 37:of consciousness. In turn these adepts and Masters had their places filled by initiates, and thusInitiation, 44:He is the World Teacher, the Master of the Masters, and the Instructor of the Angels, and to him isInitiation, 46:instance, the Master Jupiter, the oldest of the Masters now working in physical bodies forInitiation, 46:great religions through the medium of a group of Masters and initiates who direct the activities ofInitiation, 47:Christ for the welfare of Christianity; other Masters hold similar posts in relation to the greatInitiation, 47:department of the Mahachohan a large number of Masters, in fivefold division, work in connectionInitiation, 48:Human and Solar - Chapter VI - The Lodge of Masters THE LODGE OF MASTERS The Divisions We haveInitiation, 48:- Chapter VI - The Lodge of Masters THE LODGE OF MASTERS The Divisions We have considered somewhatInitiation, 51:kingdom, [51] and refers especially to those Masters who work in connection with humanity. Were theInitiation, 52:Throughout the world, disciples of these Masters have come into incarnation at this time with theInitiation, 52:be stated in connection with the work of the Masters through their disciples, and it is this. AllInitiation, 53:Human and Solar - Chapter VI - The Lodge of Masters Certain Masters and their Work Under the firstInitiation, 53:- Chapter VI - The Lodge of Masters Certain Masters and their Work Under the first great group ofInitiation, 53:of which the Manu is the Head, can be found two Masters, the Master Jupiter, and the Master Morya.
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