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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Initiation, 53:of India, is looked up to by all the Lodge of Masters as the oldest among them. He dwells in theInitiation, 53:Hills in Southern India, and is not one of the Masters who [54] usually takes pupils, for heInitiation, 54:initiates of high degree and quite a number of Masters. In his hands are the reins of governmentInitiation, 56:Human and Solar - Chapter VI - The Lodge of Masters The Master Jesus, who is the focal point of theInitiation, 57:which he took the initiation, most of the other Masters having taken the fifth initiation whilstInitiation, 57:done, he has been called "the Messenger of the Masters." He is profoundly learned, and knows moreInitiation, 57:system than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters. He works with those who heal, and cooperatesInitiation, 58:himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by his instruction, and within theInitiation, 58:hair, and does not take as many pupils as do the Masters previously mentioned. He is at presentInitiation, 59:executive council of the Lodge. Certain of the Masters form around the three great Lords an innerInitiation, 59:Little can be given out anent the two English Masters. Neither of them takes pupils in the sameInitiation, 60:Human and Solar - Chapter VI - The Lodge of Masters The Present Work Certain facts concerning theseInitiation, 60:The Present Work Certain facts concerning these Masters, and their work in the present and in theInitiation, 61:controlled by the Mahachohan, is very great. The Masters are carrying an over heavy burden, andInitiation, 61:and advanced disciples, and certain of the Masters on the first and second rays have temporarilyInitiation, 61:towards the last quarter of this century. Other Masters will participate also, but these three areInitiation, 61:themselves, wherever possible. Two other Masters, specially concerned with the seventh orInitiation, 62:great nations [62] will be found initiates or Masters. This work of the Masters is proceeding now,Initiation, 62:be found initiates or Masters. This work of the Masters is proceeding now, and all their effortsInitiation, 66:and Solar - Chapter VII - The Probationary Path Masters and Disciples Disciples and advanced EgosInitiation, 66:methods of development as time progresses. The Masters also test for those in whom the intuitionInitiation, 67:two things in pondering the subject of the Masters and their disciples. First, that in theInitiation, 67:professors to teach the beginners, so the Masters themselves work not individually with men untilInitiation, 68:the personality. All are graded and charted. The Masters have their Halls of Records, with a systemInitiation, 69:Initiates receive instruction directly from the Masters or from some of the great devas or angels.Initiation, 69:is being given to some disciples by some Masters [70] who have not hitherto taken pupils, The pressInitiation, 70:hitherto taken pupils, The press of work on the Masters who do take disciples being so great, theyInitiation, 70:of their most promising pupils to some other Masters, drafting them into small groups for a briefInitiation, 81:brought into closer relationship with the two Masters with whom they are concerned (their own innerInitiation, 104:Among those directly connected with our Lodge of Masters in its various divisions upon the planet,Initiation, 106:in the Gobi desert, presides over the Lodge of Masters, and holds in his hands the reins ofInitiation, 106:meets in conference with all the Chohans and Masters, and authorizes what shall be done to furtherInitiation, 111:In the case of the first two initiations, two Masters stand, one on each side of the applicant,Initiation, 111:said elsewhere in this book anent the Lodge of Masters and their relation to the applicant forInitiation, 128:to the Initiator is accompanied by two of the Masters, Who stand one on either side of theInitiation, 128:comes safety. We need to remember here that two Masters sponsor all applicants for initiation, andInitiation, 132:for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through their disciples, the aid ofInitiation, 132:centered in his heart, the attendant Lodge of Masters have been performing certain ceremonies andInitiation, 133:adepts. For a brief second, the entire Lodge of Masters and initiates, standing in their ceremonialInitiation, 142:himself. During the whole procedure the Lodge of Masters, congregated without the Triangle ofInitiation, 144:atoms, through the united thought power of the Masters. The work of apprehension is thus directlyInitiation, 144:form of a strenuous meditation by the assembled Masters and initiates upon the realities concernedInitiation, 144:immediately concerned. The thought power of the Masters succeeds in shutting out the vibration ofInitiation, 145:more. All these three aspects of the work of the Masters and initiates in Lodge assembled, occupyInitiation, 158:of its inner reaction will be apparent. 6. The Masters and initiates, in their work of aiding theInitiation, 177:cooperation of the Knowers of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom. In this case the process isInitiation, 186:of the World in the seven groups into which our Masters of the Wisdom are divided. Not so manyInitiation, 186:Masters of the Wisdom are divided. Not so many Masters follow this Path as some of the others, andInitiation, 190:Gradually, by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualified themselves, or are qualifyingInitiation, 205:and thus race purposes furthered. Initiates and Masters, in many cases marry, and normally performInitiation, 209:are some words from Archive XIII of the Masters' Records, that carry with them a message for theInitiation, 212:of effulgent light Angels of highest rank, Masters and Lords of uttermost compassion, prostrateInitiation, 216:religions of the world, and the Master of the Masters and of the angels. Buddha (The) The nameIntellect, 31:the significance of our striving; we are the masters of nature. We can simultaneously overlook theIntellect, 158:336. Personal feeling is ruled out. The aspirant masters the mind, holds it steady in the light andIntellect, 247:working to fruition. He is the Master of all the Masters, and the Teacher alike of Angels and ofIntellect, 247:soul that illumines his way. The Teachers and Masters of the race work through [248] souls. ThisIntellect, 252:from discarnate entities, and from great Masters, they will know how to receive it, and will thenMagic, 4:the reaction accorded to those who claim to be masters, adepts and initiates. My anonymity andMagic, 54:main requisites for all disciples, initiates and masters, plus the power of persistence. Magic, 66:A perfect steadiness of inner poise is what the Masters need in those whom They seek to use. It isMagic, 108:This is spoken of in the occult writings of the Masters in these words: "Then the Bull of GodMagic, 119:be borne in mind that a disciple of any of the Masters will have his peculiar equipment, and hisMagic, 132:their own selfish interests. The first group the Masters can contact. They work with these units ofMagic, 132:the problems and the difficulties with which the Masters have to contend as They seek to furtherMagic, 137:as much of the reality as they deem wise. The Masters are looking out for those with clear vision,Magic, 139:and the brain whose possessor is one whom the Masters can successfully use. They are guided inMagic, 139:and the reverse of this taught. The Masters must not be sought [140] because a man seeks capacity.Magic, 141:aspirants become aware of the ideas which the Masters bring through from the plane of the UniversalMagic, 157:thinkers of the world and the disciples of the Masters. In every case, as we have seen, theMagic, 167:of the mind. It is in the mental world that the Masters are first contacted, and there They must beMagic, 171:He finds also that it is not the habit of the Masters to flatter or to make promises to theirMagic, 172:from which eventually he must descend. The Masters say nothing to feed pride in Their disciples,Magic, 172:The disciple soon finds also that the Masters are not easily accessible. They are busy men, illMagic, 172:a beginner on the Path of Discipleship, do the Masters expend the necessary energy with which toMagic, 172:their work with as little contact with the Masters as possible. They seek to save the Master's timeMagic, 176:humanity. Where these qualities are present, the Masters can begin to use Their destined workers;Magic, 183:as to the habits and methods of specific Masters and Their ways of handling Their disciples is moreMagic, 183:one who would enter into communication with the Masters is to take his eyes off those things whichMagic, 211:wherein initiates work, and from which the Masters in Their graded ranks direct the evolutionaryMagic, 225:three worlds and so become a co-worker with the Masters of the Wisdom. Let us pray and hope thatMagic, 260:in history is there a coherent group for the Masters to use. Heretofore, there have been lonelyMagic, 346:a group with your own soul and with the Lodge of Masters, [347] not simply with your own Master,Magic, 347:stillness has been achieved, you visualize those Masters of whom you know, and raising yourMagic, 349:all over the world at the present time. The Masters are overwhelmed with the work and Their time isMagic, 350:Those who are to teach the world more about the Masters and who are being trained to be focalMagic, 354:Back again of these three groups stand the Masters and the devas of the formless levels - a GreatMagic, 368:doubly sweet; the joy of participation in the Masters [369] plan will be yours, and all is wellMagic, 371:need to be prepared for its demonstration. The Masters utilize the form to the uttermost; They seekMagic, 381:adepts (again under instructions from the Masters at Shamballa) began to withdraw into the Temples,Magic, 382:still persisting and are being carried on by the masters and adepts in physical incarnationMagic, 385:disciple accomplishes, as he struggles with and masters the energies of the mental world. Work onMagic, 401:the past. About the year 1400, the Hierarchy of Masters was faced with a difficult situation. AsMagic, 402:order. It should be remembered here that the Masters think in large terms and work in the widerMagic, 403:even now manifested by even initiates. [403] The Masters found the minds and brains of chelasMagic, 403:The plan as at present sensed, and for which the Masters are steadily working, might be defined asMagic, 404:are temporarily at work, and of these the Masters seek to make use. Magic, 409:the results of the group activity started by the Masters. Men have grown thereby and have learntMagic, 413:of World Servers About seventeen years ago the Masters met and came to a momentous decision. JustMagic, 430:and of human knowledge stands the Hierarchy of Masters and in between these two groups stand also a
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