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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Rays, 21:race of men. They are no longer men as are the Masters but having passed beyond that lesser stage,Rays, 21:chord, reverberating in the halls where move the Masters but finding pause and prolongation withinRays, 55:many lives. This process is expressed in the Masters' Archives as follows: You must remember thatRays, 56:just as the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, is the Initiator and the Hierophant at the firstRays, 57:of what this implies will come as the disciple masters the distinction between soul activity andRays, 64:information to be found in the Archives of the Masters, that "there shall be no more sea"; I toldRays, 65:work, whether accomplished by initiates and Masters, working directly in the three worlds, or fromRays, 92:on into the light, with the aid of all the Masters, working, each of Them through His Own Ashram.Rays, 105:consciously and with full understanding, [105] masters death - the long-feared enemy of existence.Rays, 112:this experiment and will proclaim themselves as Masters with Ashrams and as occupied with trainingRays, 112:in this matter, for on the one hand the Masters were faced with the glamor-making tendency andRays, 112:things have therefore been decided upon by the Masters as They face the future of humanity andRays, 119:aspiration of the masses is also drawing the Masters closer to humanity than ever before. This isRays, 123:such time that the work of the Ashrams of the Masters is recognized as forming part of an outerRays, 125:interesting illustration of the technique of the Masters, whereby They permit a fallacy to remainRays, 133:out during the past one hundred years anent the Masters, and (as we are considering the subject ofRays, 136:are Themselves invoked by the Light-Bearers, the Masters; They again, in Their turn, are invoked byRays, 136:race of men. They are no longer men as are the Masters, but, having passed beyond that lesserRays, 136:chord, reverberating in the halls where move the Masters but finding pause and prolongation withinRays, 142:initiates of the sixth degree, and a few of the Masters Who have undergone specialized trainingRays, 142:itself), form part of the Great Council. Many Masters and Chohans, however, after serving upon theRays, 146:men, working under the Light-bearers, the Masters, and under the inspiration of the Lights whichRays, 168:the hierarchical consciousness. Ashrams of the Masters are to be found on every level ofRays, 168:the threefold world of the Spiritual Triad. Some Masters pre-eminently occupy themselves with theRays, 169:taken the fourth initiation but who are not yet Masters. They are largely adepts upon the third andRays, 169:peculiar and special lines. The Ashrams of the Masters (to be found on all the rays) Who work inRays, 169:will, are to be found the Ashrams of those Masters Who are interpreting the will of Shamballa andRays, 170:the Head of all Ashrams and the Master of the Masters, the Mediator between Shamballa and theRays, 171:power of the Hierarchy and of the Ashrams of the Masters supersedes the lower attractions and theRays, 173:of being embraces the goal towards which the Masters strive, and which the Christ Himself is onlyRays, 184:work of the Hierarchy, carried forward by the Masters and Their groups and by the initiates withinRays, 184:another septenate. The seven groups of Masters. The seven centers and their seven central points,Rays, 188:to clairvoyant vision. The seven Ashrams of the Masters in Their seven groups (conditioned by theRays, 190:rules or formulas as they are to be found in The Masters' Book of Rules and as I can translateRays, 192:task of all groups which are working under the Masters of the Wisdom is to let in the light,Rays, 194:which are externalizations of the Ashrams of the Masters. It will therefore be made at the timeRays, 198:Christ penetrated as He over-shadowed one of His Masters, the Master Jesus upon the Cross. ThisRays, 199:from the Master or the [199] Master of the Masters, the Christ, except in so far as it enables theRays, 208:manner that an inner fusion can be seen - by the Masters - to be taking place. The results,Rays, 208:group has been tried and tested out by different Masters in various parts of the world, andRays, 210:Immediately there is presented to the watching Masters an opportunity for the very definiteRays, 212:the hallmarks of the hierarchical worker. The Masters get no recognition for the work done by TheirRays, 230:of the needed disciples for the Ashrams of the Masters takes place at this time in world history.Rays, 230:Hierarchy is that of conveying inspiration. The Masters are not openly lecturing or teaching in theRays, 230:of Aquarius is more firmly established. The Masters, in the meantime, must continue to work "withinRays, 233:outline can be seen from the level on which the Masters work, and not at all from the level onRays, 235:the Shamballa energy and that of Aquarius; the Masters Themselves have to learn how to use newRays, 235:good uses or to bad. It is not possible for the Masters to turn energy to evil ends, but TheyRays, 235:in mind. This has never been more evident to the Masters than today. The war might be regarded as aRays, 238:Law of Cycles and of Cyclic Compensation. The Masters know exactly that which must be done by rightRays, 239:of the Lord of the World has been altered. The Masters are no longer concerned with an individual,Rays, 239:present a difficulty and pose a problem for the Masters, necessitating a reorganization of TheirRays, 241:each of the "seven points of reception," the Masters' Ashrams within the ring-pass-not of theRays, 245:for the changing plans of the Hierarchy. The Masters have to prepare Themselves for this intendedRays, 250:of this is that book by C. W. Leadbeater on "The Masters and the Path" which was published laterRays, 251:A presentation of the new attitude of the Masters to Their disciples, due to the rapid unfoldmentRays, 252:some information as to their qualities, and the Masters on the rays, was imparted but not muchRays, 255:in the world was initiated by one of the Masters and is implemented from His Ashram at this time.Rays, 271:two senior disciples, or it is formed by three Masters all upon the same ray, as for instance, theRays, 273:letter of that name which is known only to the Masters, whilst the second letter is known only toRays, 275:and was grasped - as to intent and purpose - by Masters upon the first and second rays, thoughRays, 281:be asked: What is the work undertaken by the Masters Themselves upon the three planes of theRays, 281:Triad? Students are well aware that many of the Masters are occupied with the evolutionaryRays, 285:With them, only a few of the more advanced Masters are concerned. Therefore we will wait until,Rays, 289:of the Hierarchy - and the Master of all the Masters, His consciousness was entirely at one withRays, 291:area of consciousness and well-known to the Masters and to the Master of Them all, the Christ. ButRays, 323:deeply esoteric nature anent the Ashrams of the Masters. The second volume of the book alsoRays, 324:which is one of the names given by the Masters to the basic mystery of initiation. In due time ourRays, 330:turn of the spiral, this again will happen. The Masters will walk openly among men. Secondly, theRays, 331:visibly on earth, and the Mysteries of which the Masters are the Custodians are given openly toRays, 344:of the following words from the Archives of the Masters, given in question and answer form. TheRays, 349:initiations are not regarded by the Lodge of Masters as major initiations. Only the third is soRays, 361:Ashrams which are "proving" grounds for all the Masters confronted with the Initiation of Decision.Rays, 368:official names) is indeed the Master of all the Masters. and the Coordinator of the entire life ofRays, 368:the official Directors of the Hierarchy nor the Masters were of the caliber which They are today.Rays, 373:of perfection" (the higher initiates and the Masters) to step down Their individual potency to suchRays, 378:and, later, the appearance of the Ashrams of the Masters, I would remind you of certain points IRays, 380:intelligence from Humanity, thus enabling the Masters to formulate the Plan. The seven Ashrams areRays, 381:correspondences to Those we now call the Masters trod the earth with men and were not withdrawn andRays, 381:all religious teaching. The withdrawing Masters had Their Paul to distort the truth, just as hadRays, 381:results: It became possible for certain of the Masters to "return from whence They came." It becameRays, 388:carried forward in the Ashram as it affects the Masters Themselves, two ideas automatically emerge:Rays, 389:two ideas automatically emerge: [389] The Masters are also subject to limitation. The general ideaRays, 389:cosmic physical plane to which humanity and the Masters have hitherto been confined. I am dealingRays, 390:physical plane. From the cosmic angle, the Masters are only beginners, and even our deeply desiredRays, 390:ray which conditioned the Master earlier. The Masters and the still higher initiates, such as theRays, 392:"seven Ashrams are 'proving grounds' for all the Masters confronted with the sixth Initiation ofRays, 392:This constitutes part of the problem facing the Masters Who are thus to move forward; it isRays, 392:and the unfoldment of the will nature of the Masters and still higher Initiates admits Them intoRays, 393:is given by His admission to the conclave of the Masters, meeting every seven years. At thatRays, 393:by united decision in the conclave of the Masters. These decisions do not affect man's free will,Rays, 393:of some kind, then the full attention of the Masters, working through Their Ashrams, is committedRays, 394:Their decision. They watch also Those particular Masters Who should in a short time be ready forRays, 394:deeply spiritual results. The preparation of the Masters for this sixth initiation is exceedinglyRays, 396:that He has hitherto known. The majority of the Masters then enter into realms wherein They areRays, 396:In any case and for all deciding groups of Masters, the work with the Hierarchy is over, except forRays, 397:of Humanity and the subsidiary evolutions, Those Masters Whom He regards at any one time asRays, 398:might call the educational process to which the Masters submit is the unfoldment of theRays, 398:world is a part of the substantial world. The Masters, therefore, are working at a consciousRays, 398:plane, and it is towards this objective that the Masters work Who choose the Path [399] of Earth
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