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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERS

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Reappearance, 37:bidding and to obey Him, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of Angels and of men.Reappearance, 51:five hundred... Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatly intensifiesReappearance, 57:disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters of the Wisdom - or, if you prefer the term,Reappearance, 66:working through His disciples, through the Masters of the Wisdom and through His followers who toilReappearance, 69:the full understanding and cooperation of the Masters and the senior initiates. This was inevitablyReappearance, 72:the attractive power of the Hierarchy and of the Masters groups of disciples supersedes the lowerReappearance, 73:and assuming direction through the agency of the Masters of the Wisdom, in cooperation with theReappearance, 91:It poured into the Hierarchy, via certain of the Masters and Their groups of disciples, and wasReappearance, 92:mainly through Them and Their disciples, or the Masters on the same line of divine expression, thatReappearance, 121:the spiral of life, this will again happen. The Masters will walk openly among men; the Christ willReappearance, 125:Western world the fact that great disciples and Masters of the Wisdom were present on the Earth,Reappearance, 126:men today are aware of the existence of the Masters and of the possibility offered and theReappearance, 148:as the Abode of Light, as the Center where the Masters of the Wisdom are to be found, as the GreatReappearance, 170:They serve, the Christ, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and of men.Reappearance, 170:of Christ Himself and of His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom; it is the unrealized demand ofTelepathy, 23:and is one of the ways in which the Hierarchy of Masters work, as individuals. It is, however, notTelepathy, 24:Telepathic work between the Hierarchy of Masters as a group or a part of the Hierarchy, and groupsTelepathy, 32:its great Leaders, to the various Ashrams of the Masters. [33] The Hierarchy to the New Group ofTelepathy, 41:to the particular. Among Themselves, the Masters do not deal with telepathy as a science warrantingTelepathy, 46:opinion. The influence of the Ashrams of the Masters as they affect the aspirants of the world, theTelepathy, 58:Conscious Interaction The training given by the Masters in Their Ashrams to Their disciples has oneTelepathy, 70:hence only certain Members of the Hierarchy (the Masters, the Adepts and Initiates of the thirdTelepathy, 85:surprising development freed the supervising Masters for some of Their plans and led Them toTelepathy, 90:humanity. The sixth initiation, in which only Masters can participate, marks a transition from theTelepathy, 113:and [113] controlled instincts that those Masters and disciples work whose task it is to overseeTelepathy, 117:No Master works in this manner, and the Masters have therefore to use certain of Their disciples inTelepathy, 119:in view, making it available to those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing AgentsTelepathy, 121:of the World along the seven Paths of which the Masters become aware at a certain very highTelepathy, 121:to them by the impressing Agents, the Masters, working through the [122] New Group of WorldTelepathy, 122:may be accepted disciples or initiates and Masters; then the aspirant or disciple must find thoseTelepathy, 127:a common humanity; the hierarchical Workers or Masters and Initiates can consequently impressTelepathy, 138:the little wills of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which weTelepathy, 140:handicapped the Hierarchy. Frequently the Masters have deplored the technique of the theosophistsTelepathy, 159:not produce physical correspondences. All the Masters, for instance, do not work through a physicalTelepathy, 159:one of the seven Paths of Ultimate Destiny, the Masters function in Their cosmic etheric bodies.
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