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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Astrology, 8:entity. You will note that I did not say the material appearance, but the phenomenal appearance.Astrology, 39:and holy to find opportunity in that very material and intellectual evolution. Even in this, theyAstrology, 50:build the form desired. They draw life and the material from themselves, and yield themselves toAstrology, 59:are drawn on a large scale and on a transparent material of which humanity knows nothing. UponAstrology, 62:a non-existent condition. It has no basis in material fact and yet is eternally based on truth. TheAstrology, 107:development feeds his ardent desire for the many material advantages of physical incarnation and ofAstrology, 108:fish," controlled by the laws of substance or material existence. In the second great stage, heAstrology, 116:from its own center, making its own new and material attachments. Then, upon the reversal of theAstrology, 118:the beginner upon the way of life starts with a material receptivity which will enable him toAstrology, 136:so in connection with the sign Aquarius. The material, earthly quality of Capricorn becomesAstrology, 136:deepens gradually into the concrete and rocky material nature of the Capricornian. The average manAstrology, 138:Water being the symbol of substance and of material expression plus emotional motivation, AquariusAstrology, 151:for form existence. The Love or desire for material, things. Constant mutation. Experience upon theAstrology, 170:tendencies goes steadily forward, and this most material of all the signs is the battleground ofAstrology, 171:The attractive lure of that [171] which is material wanes increasingly. Jupiter, which has been theAstrology, 171:its lowest point of expression in the densest material aspect, and then - as love and selflessnessAstrology, 172:of great and basic ideologies; light on the material nature of the world through all the manyAstrology, 182:desire. Direction. Orientation. Virgo - Material life. The cherishing of an idea. Pisces -Astrology, 185:through the influences of Mercury and Jupiter, material desire can be transmuted into divine love,Astrology, 189:indicating the purpose of all [189] material evolution and the objective of all incarnatingAstrology, 216:of the intangible and into the world of the non-material. Hence also the fact that the oppositionAstrology, 218:worst features, of which the intense devotion to material things and the intense devotion toAstrology, 222:attention upon the physical plane (the world of material values) is not desirable. Therefore, theAstrology, 223:upon baptism and purification. The earthly material desires of Taurus must in [224] due time beAstrology, 227:nature, lived under the influence of the material aspect of Virgo, the Mother, or there will beAstrology, 232:Pisces. Life 1. Taurus - the Bull of Desire. - Material desire rules. Balance 2. Libra - theAstrology, 233:up towards spiritual decision or down towards material and selfish ends. Astrology, 240:and then Libra enables him to balance the material and the spiritual law. When he has done allAstrology, 244:of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritualAstrology, 262:guarding the Christ principle within her own material substance until in "the fullness of time" sheAstrology, 264:is fully awakened to spiritual and not simply material possibilities, then the work of Jupiter willAstrology, 275:of the feminine pole in existence (the material aspect), the constellation Cancer is outstandinglyAstrology, 282:the personality but not in the same sense as material circumstance (physical body and materialAstrology, 282:as material circumstance (physical body and material environment) condition the mass of men. PonderAstrology, 288:This is upon the Mutable Cross of [288] ordinary material existence and experience. Thus theAstrology, 291:of the race in their lowest or most material form because the "ascent of knowledge towards wisdom"Astrology, 295:this innate spiritual sensitivity and this outer material sensitivity most carefully in mind if youAstrology, 303:which it is the nucleus has achieved. They are material in nature, are connected only with the formAstrology, 305:The squares or quaternaries relate to material appearance or form expression; the stars concern theAstrology, 307:It is occultly regarded as one of the most material signs, inasmuch as selfish desire forAstrology, 307:inasmuch as selfish desire for possession of material objectives can be peculiarly present and theAstrology, 309:the true observer, detached from the material side of life, but utilizing it as he pleases. HisAstrology, 309:above the diaphragm, for the lower more material aspects of life have really no great appeal toAstrology, 312:precedes the final revolt." It is allied with material nature, and with the mother of forms, justAstrology, 316:as it has been cleansed from every aspect of the material form through the complete purification ofAstrology, 327:cyclic appearing of the unevolved. They are the "material units" which have to be saved by the moreAstrology, 361:know, and to that aspect of divinity which is material or substantial; Venus is closely related toAstrology, 379:Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus form a triangle of material expression which is of profound interest asAstrology, 381:great and constant activity under the impulse of material desire or the urge of the divine will,Astrology, 385:one who goes down into the depths to find the material upon which to expend his innate art and toAstrology, 386:the angle of the Plan and from the expression of material selfishness. Hence the great use ofAstrology, 426:these appearances, expressions of qualities and material evidences of life are the symbols or outerAstrology, 449:of its present rulers) has been in terms of the material aspect and not of the spiritual. StudentsAstrology, 483:but from the consciousness angle and not the material expression of manifestation. Their activityAstrology, 498:in his personality life and oriented towards the material world. Much progress towards rightAstrology, 499:present but it has been heavily overlaid by the material desires of mankind. A thick crust (if IAstrology, 500:relationships between the spiritual man and his material environment will be found, the future willAstrology, 508:by the seven sacred planets are not so purely material nor are they so exoterically oriented, yetAstrology, 510:to work out the higher correspondences to the material realities for which the houses stand. ForAstrology, 511:It is, therefore, the house of values - material or spiritual. Astrology, 518:blend all nations into a world order, based on material issues and dominated by a material vision.Astrology, 518:based on material issues and dominated by a material vision. There was nothing spiritual in theAstrology, 521:most disrupting and disastrous effects where the material side of human life is concerned. ThereAstrology, 528:various statements if due search is made and the material is gathered together into a coherentAstrology, 530:of their power, their historical past and their material resources or territorial extent butAstrology, 532:this series of bridging Treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of theAstrology, 533:is need however to overcome the inertia of the material nature in response to human need,Astrology, 539:of mental power on a vast scale, notably in the material sense as at present and for theAstrology, 544:have been evoked out of their evil past by the material side of humanity itself and the potency ofAstrology, 560:have tried to impart. [560] The Mutable Cross of material change and constant movement can beAstrology, 560:make their impact upon him and drive him into material activity. This Cross of the personalityAstrology, 560:dedicates the man who is crucified thereon to material ends in order that he may learn eventuallyAstrology, 560:theirs; they were expressing, at the dose of the material cycle of human existence, the false andAstrology, 569:the man making the transition. He has exhausted material desire to a very great extent and is noAstrology, 582:desire to end abuses and to bring about happier, material, world conditions; it shows itself inAstrology, 583:of desire. Desire works from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form,Astrology, 584:people and its use by the Axis nations for material objectives. The second is the blocking,Astrology, 585:through the destruction of evil with all the material consequences of that evil. They cannotAstrology, 623:this will, when exerted toward that which is not material, we, in reaction to the differentiatingAstrology, 625:through love. Its lowest expression and its most material symbol is the love between the sexes.Astrology, 646:divine and the beneficent forces on to the gross material nature of the vegetable and mineralAstrology, 670:the final pralaya into seven suns and absorb the material of the whole universe." (S.D. Vol. II,Atom, 13:to be found in that which [13] is apparent and material? Such queries pass through all our minds atAtom, 14:[14] the facts of the realistic school, and of material science, yet at the same time they feelAtom, 14:not simply an accumulation of physical atoms, a material something, and a tangible body, but thatAtom, 17:study of those manifestations which are purely material, is just as much occupied with the study ofAtom, 18:consideration of forms other than the purely material, - forms existing in subtler substance, suchAtom, 18:which is working itself out by means of the material form. One reason why things appear to us soAtom, 24:atomic energy is largely that which concerns the material side of life, and corresponds to theAtom, 32:were three lines of approach to the study of the material universe. There is the line whichAtom, 32:which recognizes not so much the material side of things as that which is called divine; it dealsAtom, 32:it the idealistic concept. It recognizes the material form, but sees also the life within it, andAtom, 33:common fact in life for all of us is that of the material world, - that world which we can see andAtom, 48:and if we are the energizing factor within the material form, it is of prime importance that weAtom, 49:not only be practical in the handling of our material bodies, because we understand theirAtom, 53:but uninterrupted and unpausing, from the material atom to that universal consciousness in whichAtom, 54:lecture concern themselves primarily with the material manifestation of a solar system, but I shallAtom, 57:the central Intelligence, by the means of the material form, whether we see Him manifested throughAtom, 59:life, or intelligence, who works through a material manifestation or form, this form being built upAtom, 73:successfully attacked, we see the foundations of material science shaken. Yet, after all, what are
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