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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Discipleship1, 69:and have brought out for our own benefit the material resources of the physical plane. We haveDiscipleship1, 79:subject to pronounced glamors - such is the material with which I must carry forward my work. WhatDiscipleship1, 122:effect this readjustment without producing the material suffering of those dependent upon you.Discipleship1, 146:for a year at the organizing of your thought and material, so that you can reach the thinkers ofDiscipleship1, 258:expression of the will-to-love (either in the material sense or in the spiritual). It is,Discipleship1, 271:by grasping for the lower self, by jealousy, by material desire and by the heartbreaking need forDiscipleship1, 272:been selfish or unreal; the demand for things material has been for that which is not necessary toDiscipleship1, 401:imposed) preoccupations were with the more material aspects of life. Such was your dharma. WithinDiscipleship1, 402:interests) and has tied you in closely with the material life of your environment, in a curiouslyDiscipleship1, 404:to their attention through the medium of the material [405] lesson, and thus enable them to enterDiscipleship1, 446:to work. I refer to what constitutes the material expression. This is perhaps one of the platitudesDiscipleship1, 448:The other energies which constitute your working material are all on the second ray line: 2-4-6.Discipleship1, 492:reaction to people and environment and with the material aspects of daily living - money, health,Discipleship1, 569:life - the life which lays its emphasis upon material possessions? You stand alone now and like itDiscipleship1, 570:awareness, but on the outer plane of tangible, material, physical living. I would ask you to giveDiscipleship1, 602:built a body that has in it much crystallized material and a mental body of such rigidity that yourDiscipleship1, 606:thought-forms and into the weaving of your own material plans, send out your thought to me. [607] Discipleship1, 619:spiritual strength, of wisdom and light, and of material resources when there is such a conditionDiscipleship1, 620:strength of humanity is not commensurate to the material pull. Some day a point of balance will beDiscipleship1, 620:goodness and wisdom; some day the fight of the material aspect against the spiritual will proveDiscipleship1, 646:provide you with more than adequate meditation material, and I would ask you to do no more thanDiscipleship1, 694:personality thoughts and all that is material and connected with the lower nature, never reachesDiscipleship1, 697:stages, is the name given to the response of the material mechanism to its environing materialDiscipleship1, 697:of the material mechanism to its environing material world - the three worlds of human evolution.Discipleship1, 697:and reflexes are an integral part of the material mechanism. In the case of the spiritualDiscipleship1, 720:see himself as he truly is. The fire of the material aspect (the fire of the personality) is stillDiscipleship1, 777:if she would write for a period of a month, the material transcribed would prove to her whether itDiscipleship2, 11:all other concerns and formulating the needed material into a thought-form which will beDiscipleship2, 40:come the cessation of the "great sounds of the material aspects" - the sounds of war, the noise ofDiscipleship2, 85:to none of you. You have masses of undigested material with which to work, and enough teaching toDiscipleship2, 92:inertia, and though pleased and excited over the material received from me, in the group orDiscipleship2, 106:the lower self and deflects the attitude to the material aspects of a person's life. There isDiscipleship2, 120:related to each other, and the lower sacral and material energies are transferred into the hithertoDiscipleship2, 134:is therefore kept in the realm of the non material and that the physical brain is not, at thisDiscipleship2, 164:and making available also the essence of the material world. I have endeavored to express theDiscipleship2, 170:that the Triangles of Light are basically more material than the Triangles of Goodwill because theyDiscipleship2, 197:and lead to a betterment of his daily life in a material sense, or which will make living possible,Discipleship2, 212:dreaming of better things, fighting for desired material benefits, longing for that which liesDiscipleship2, 213:of meditation when concentration upon worldly material success and benefits has proved no longerDiscipleship2, 216:subtler and of higher values than the strictly material. The other three stages of human meditationDiscipleship2, 222:for its objective the deflecting of money from material ends into the work which the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 229:possible spiritual asset, or do I think of it in material terms? What is my personal responsibilityDiscipleship2, 229:energy, at present largely used for purely material purposes and for the satisfaction (where theDiscipleship2, 229:Hierarchy that which has hitherto been given to material satisfaction. The New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 232:the shift of the ecclesiastical emphasis from material values to the spiritual. The politicalDiscipleship2, 234:is human and what is spiritual, between what is material and what is not; in so doing they haveDiscipleship2, 236:which is desired and dedicated largely to the material values. But when a man is beginning toDiscipleship2, 244:by the personality of the loss of all the material factors which have held the soul a prisoner inDiscipleship2, 244:time. Hence, my brothers, the wide extent of the material destruction to be seen on every hand, theDiscipleship2, 252:the spiritual parallel of the development during material evolution of the five senses. His goalDiscipleship2, 259:Monad obliterates the light of the soul and the material atomic light of the threefold personality.Discipleship2, 262:in living which will be revolutionary and a material response to an intensive initiation process inDiscipleship2, 329:in Discipleship in the New Age (Vol. I); the material given there is of great importance here. AtDiscipleship2, 341:free as he now is from the control of form or of material substance. It is time as it conditionsDiscipleship2, 346:which is invocative of light: it is that material substratum which is capable of evoking thatDiscipleship2, 360:of the unfolding pattern of which the material planning is an expression. He needs to discover howDiscipleship2, 385:his fixed mental intention. In order to create a material world, he directs his thought from whatDiscipleship2, 387:(which is the hope of all the sons of mind) a material and racial distortion and a purely materialDiscipleship2, 387:a material and racial distortion and a purely material objective - the objective of territory. AllDiscipleship2, 390:on the side of the least desirable, the more material and the easiest. There is also the compromiseDiscipleship2, 510:through the radio and through the translated material of the teaching I have tried to give; whatDiscipleship2, 539:and magnetism. These bring to its possessor the material for creation and a magnetic capacity whichDiscipleship2, 634:have to put these aspects of consciousness into material symbolic forms so as to bring pictoriallyDiscipleship2, 643:preserved your values clear whilst seeing the material values dissolve into thin air. That youDiscipleship2, 659:and constitute some of the most promising material for training that we possess) are apt to be hardDiscipleship2, 734:controlled by the glamor of selfish desire and material aims will have made a real step forwardDiscipleship2, 737:having done so, you will then arrange that material in its right and spiritual order andEducation, 30:directed here and there into the field of material living and emotional relationships, we shallEducation, 37:interest in the Science of Endocrinology as a material means of producing changes, usually inEducation, 38:It has trained the child to regard the material values as of major importance, to believe that hisEducation, 39:it is the production of some form of culture - material or spiritual, or material and spiritual -Education, 39:some form of culture - material or spiritual, or material and spiritual - which is the objective ofEducation, 41:values and at the same time it is demanding material values; and when the mind (the lower mind) -Education, 41:its ability to formulate concrete ideas based on material perception, material desire and materialEducation, 41:concrete ideas based on material perception, material desire and material purposes - is receivingEducation, 41:on material perception, material desire and material purposes - is receiving the training whichEducation, 41:- is receiving the training which will make a material civilization, and has made our materialEducation, 41:make a material civilization, and has made our material civilization what it is today. With theEducation, 41:towards life, with the desire to make the material life of the citizen of every nation the dominantEducation, 41:thought, with the mind unfoldment consecrated to material living, and with science definitelyEducation, 41:provable and concerned only with the energies of material effect, is it any wonder that the majorEducation, 41:field of the economic life? We are occupied with material conditions, with the object of increasingEducation, 42:emphasis is increasingly upon the tangible, the material, the seen, and upon that which can beEducation, 42:for the improving of man's outer life and his material position upon the planet. Both civilizationsEducation, 42:and its civilizations. Such an expression of the material and the immaterial, of the seen and theEducation, 43:was made to fuse and blend the two - outer material well-being and inner spiritual existence.Education, 45:therefore, of aggression, of the rise of a material and selfish civilization and one which had theEducation, 49:Spiritual Ages 21-28 It is only our economic material emphasis and pressure which force the youngEducation, 58:the processes of enjoyment and right use of the material and intellectual gifts of life, and theirEducation, 64:(from the angle of evolutionary process) material in nature, and (from the angle or point of viewEducation, 93:and not so much from the angle of the facts of material or aggressive achievement as is now theEducation, 102:major objective has been self-betterment in a material sense. This has been strikingly aided whereEducation, 103:effort. The goal is not for betterment of material conditions. These will automatically follow whenEducation, 104:a highly developed capacity of being selfish and material, and because the minds of men are as yetEducation, 104:right. Having been trained in selfishness and in material attitudes while under parental controlEducation, 104:vocation in order that I may have as much of the material world as my state in life and my wantsEducation, 105:is to breed in the race a deep seated sense of material and social ambition and also an inferiorityEducation, 105:to the larger whole, and not to a life of material vocation and the wasting of their years in whatEducation, 106:and scientific interest, based upon a general material basis, and the lower middle class hasEducation, 106:is, of course, largely to enable them to meet material and national conditions, to be of use to the
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