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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Education, 120:that some reward (in a desirable and usually material form, such as the heaven of the various worldEducation, 121:else, the Piscean Age has been the age of material production and of commercial expansion, of theEducation, 121:fact that possession and the multiplication of material goods constitute a handicap and are noEducation, 144:of the spirit is a sublimation or higher form of material matter. Light is also the quality orExternalisation, 24:the time is therefore short. Have I aided in a material and financial way as far as is possible?Externalisation, 27:desire. [27] Their focus has been outstandingly material, and that has been part of the intendedExternalisation, 34:impulsive, the negative and the positive, the material and the spiritual with such a measure ofExternalisation, 53:their particular time, but an idealism of a more material kind - a generally recognized presentExternalisation, 53:the thinkers of their time - and then give it a material, national and selfish twist and objective,Externalisation, 54:it on the masses [54] by fear, warlike means and material promises. They belong, therefore, moreExternalisation, 57:the culture of the time. Taking the substance or material, and the spiritual inferences and theExternalisation, 60:as a form of energy, prostituted at this time to material ends or to the selfish aspirations andExternalisation, 61:by Them. Money has been deflected into entirely material ends, even in its philanthropicExternalisation, 61:the form side and the bringing about solely of material well-being of humanity and deflected fromExternalisation, 62:financial wealth of the world - towards entirely material, separative and personal ends. It is notExternalisation, 72:between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces. Today, thisExternalisation, 75:working to preserve that which is ancient and material; hence they are pre-eminently the forces ofExternalisation, 84:factors which are today conditioning the material life of the planet. Speaking broadly, theseExternalisation, 84:these forces and groups are occupied with material values and mental ideas. They are notExternalisation, 84:ancient origin which are pledged either to the material or the spiritual values. Because many agesExternalisation, 84:many ages have gone by in the building up of the material values, to the development of theExternalisation, 88:at this time in preparing what I might call the "material of the world" and the substance of allExternalisation, 107:between the "Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression." This little known divine energyExternalisation, 114:danger is imminent; where attachment to the material aspect or organization is present, spiritualExternalisation, 117:humanity balances the evil which comes from the material aspect and is continuouslyExternalisation, 118:are humanity itself not taken unto themselves material forms, and had the positive spiritualExternalisation, 118:element not attached itself to the negative material aspect, the present world conflict would notExternalisation, 118:awareness upon earth, through the medium of material incarnation and the use of the principle ofExternalisation, 119:of the factor of desire for that which was material and a capacity for emotional [120] reactionExternalisation, 120:physical life and that which - though still material - could be the goal of effort and thusExternalisation, 120:they had to the processes of increasing their material possessions. The stage of civilizationExternalisation, 120:began to congregate together for their greater material comfort and protection, and the rhythmicExternalisation, 121:its own note and to set new standards of material comfort and of selfish control on an increasinglyExternalisation, 123:and, therefore, dedicated to the life of material aspiration and perception. [124] This nucleusExternalisation, 125:shalt not," thus turning human attention to the material expression of material tendencies. In daysExternalisation, 125:human attention to the material expression of material tendencies. In days to come, the TenExternalisation, 125:attainment to group good or to selfish ends, to material issues or to spiritual incentives andExternalisation, 126:and those whose focus is predominantly material and whose aims are selfish, animated by ambitionExternalisation, 136:the personality of humanity (expressing the material values as the dominating factor in lifeExternalisation, 137:himself but an expression of divinity (God) in a material form (the Devil), and what is matter butExternalisation, 139:and to rid the world of the focal points for material influence and power, must yet carry forwardExternalisation, 149:of the magical [149] workers but it concerns material nature and the control of substance and, inExternalisation, 149:evocation of money, good health and the tangible material results as practiced in the realm ofExternalisation, 149:natural forces and the evocation of the desired material rewards will arrive normally andExternalisation, 155:man to turn first ray force to selfish ends or material objectives; responsibility cannot be veiledExternalisation, 171:the Forces of Light; they are the agents of material substance and can be used potently against theExternalisation, 171:actively fighting for that which is against the material forces. The World Crisis was, as you know,Externalisation, 178:the instigators of the war, fighting to acquire material power, the glory of a nation and theExternalisation, 180:nation which is warring on the defenceless. The material means, which evil uses for selfish ends,Externalisation, 182:unfoldment; and lastly, a potent trend towards material living and aggression. At present, the lastExternalisation, 182:throwing its weight upon the side of the material goals. A relatively small group is throwing theExternalisation, 182:- is raging fiercely. Only as men turn away from material aggression and towards spiritualExternalisation, 186:fight between man's spiritual aspiration and his material desires. This condition is today broughtExternalisation, 193:Today, these are lost in the emphasis laid upon material possession, upon things and upon money.Externalisation, 204:disarmament, of recognizing national, material and psychological needs, and of rescuing andExternalisation, 214:affairs selfish acquisitiveness, emphasis upon material interests, brutal aggression and cruelty.Externalisation, 214:powerful group who, through selfish material interests, plus a sense of separative superiority, orExternalisation, 215:The ancient entrenched forces of aggression, of material acquisition and pure selfishness, workingExternalisation, 217:in the world today - the duality of selfish, material living and that of unselfish spiritualExternalisation, 219:away from its major preoccupation - acquisitive material desire, aggressively obtained - into soulExternalisation, 221:of man's own making and the result of his material nature and lack of soul control. But - the soulExternalisation, 221:focus of human awareness out of the form and the material aspect of living, into the consciousnessExternalisation, 254:to see that out of the surface evil and material activity good may eventuate, and that out of theExternalisation, 256:about a very evil future wherein selfishness, material objectives, and the good and well-being ofExternalisation, 256:of good are seeking to offset this imposition of material selfishness and are now at bay with theExternalisation, 257:It is the potency and grasp of things material and the fact of undivided focus upon the physicalExternalisation, 257:in themselves great and specific aspects of material forces (connected with the seven types ofExternalisation, 257:seven types of energy in their lowest and most material expressions) and their manifestations -Externalisation, 259:of the Forces of Light against the forces of material aggression and selfishness, then the "fieryExternalisation, 260:workers who are, or have been, inspired by the material or matter aspect of manifestation, whoseExternalisation, 260:the developed spiritual consciousness, and the material aspect of [261] manifestation, withExternalisation, 265:have the balancing of the personality will, of material selfishness and acquisitiveness, and theExternalisation, 277:The peace usually desired and discussed concerns material peace, and in every case is related toExternalisation, 278:oft [278] disturbs the equilibrium of matter and material circumstance, and can consequently workExternalisation, 293:and desires which are characteristic of the material nature of the disciple. The Angel of theExternalisation, 294:influence of the dread sumtotal of his evil and material desires or he may be drawing graduallyExternalisation, 294:The call of humanity's soul, or of humanity's material nature, must evoke response, and thus anExternalisation, 294:it is today in the world. The spiritual and the material are in conflict, and humanity itself isExternalisation, 331:and elsewhere, giving spiritual and practical material aid. Work for the rehabilitation and correctExternalisation, 332:dedicating all their mental, emotional and material reserves to the work of helping humanity, andExternalisation, 340:the spiritual values, it is obvious that on the material plane the line of least resistance is toExternalisation, 344:desire to end abuses and to bring about happier, material world conditions; it shows itself inExternalisation, 344:of desire. Desire works from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form,Externalisation, 345:people and its use by the Axis nations for material objectives. The second is the blocking,Externalisation, 345:through the destruction of evil with all the material consequences of that evil. They cannotExternalisation, 355:eyes of the theologian have been held upon the material, phenomenal aspect of life through fear andExternalisation, 356:the force of maya - the crudest form of material force. Italy, individualistic and mentallyExternalisation, 356:the conflict between the spiritual ideal and its material opponent are appearing simultaneously.Externalisation, 358:and woe is desire - desire for that which is material. The United Nations need to learn to applyExternalisation, 364:to hold out to a suffering world a vision of a material and spiritual future which the hearts ofExternalisation, 375:position, out of revolt and out of possession of material resources, has brought about the presentExternalisation, 378:than it is by the exclusive classes. Through the material difficulties of life, and by resultantExternalisation, 391:is today engaged in an intense activity in the material world - marching armies, factories workingExternalisation, 391:has never been so potent. Alongside of this material activity of humanity is to be found theExternalisation, 393:the spiritual attitude and those who are frankly material in their attitude. By means of theseExternalisation, 419:as the ages pass away, the regeneration of material nature, with the two spiritual centers - theExternalisation, 425:who are to the world of selfish and material focus what the Hierarchy of Masters, working under theExternalisation, 434:on to the physical plane and the sword of material war (symbolically speaking) was taken up byExternalisation, 439:the glamor of superiority, to the temptation of material aggression and to intolerant racialExternalisation, 453:their established ecclesiastical order, their material profit and their temporal rule, and already
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