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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Externalisation, 458:and selfishness is the potent seed of death - material death, psychological death and mental death.Externalisation, 463:words: Cease to identify yourselves with material things; gain a proper sense of the spiritualExternalisation, 492:and aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolution and to the release of the soul inExternalisation, 492:and to the continuous crystallizing of the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi. BothExternalisation, 498:above, the first use of this energy has been material destruction; this was inevitable andExternalisation, 498:is not prostituted to selfish ends and purely material purposes. It is a "saving force" and has inExternalisation, 514:those groups leave off being organizations with material purpose, and become organisms with livingExternalisation, 546:preparation for the physical appearance or the material emergence of the Hierarchy on earth; withExternalisation, 579:all with which we daily work (including our own material natures, mental, emotional and physical),Externalisation, 580:by a planned scale of related values. National material assets and the needed commodities will allExternalisation, 580:regulated; the great public utilities, the major material [581] resources and the sources ofExternalisation, 581:above mentioned, will build the new structure of material relationships - a most difficult task,Externalisation, 619:hindrances (many of them financial and based on material greed), and then employ such skill inExternalisation, 621:Inertia is the slowest and the lowest aspect of material substance and is called in the EasternExternalisation, 624:minority) the money is deflected into the material aspects of the work, into [625] the multiplyingExternalisation, 630:metaphysical schools are focused on making a material demonstration, and so great is their emphasisExternalisation, 650:sometimes both), and demanding the settlement of material affairs with small attention - if any -Externalisation, 655:according to the quality of the substance or material form upon which it makes its impact. ThisExternalisation, 666:the production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entire process of rightExternalisation, 666:in any human being, the Masters know that good material is presented to Them for training. TodayExternalisation, 667:which will bring about a balance between the material values and the spiritual, and which willExternalisation, 670:something joyful and something which would make material life easier. To the spiritual Hierarchy,Externalisation, 671:to arrest evil by force and working for the material well-being of men? Or would you have theExternalisation, 672:exists between the unsatisfactory, selfish and material past and that new future which willExternalisation, 689:to "clothe itself in matter and work and walk on material levels" than for the Black Lodge. Owing,Externalisation, 689:even if these values are interpreted in terms of material well-being at present and of betterExternalisation, 689:cosmic astral plane. From the negative or purely material forces of the planet, which are notExternalisation, 689:and oft unconsciously by humanity for purely material ends, and are therefore basicallyExternalisation, 700:goal? Let me emphasize one or two points: The material goal which all who love their fellowmen andExternalisation, 701:this distinction clearly in your minds. Your material goal is the defeat of all that infringesExternalisation, 701:undesirable tendency everywhere is your definite material goal. Your spiritual goal is theFire, xvii:life and death, the origin and the end of every material thing. It is divine Substance." (SecretFire, 42/43:in the activity and the driving forward of material evolution. On the highest plane the combinationFire, 45:functioning, and the correct adaptation of the material form to the indwelling spirit, of matter toFire, 46:and it [46] holds the personality or lower material man in objective manifestation thus permittingFire, 47:is neither altogether spiritual nor altogether material. 3. Finally there is the Monadic FlameFire, 47:as one fire, liberation from matter, or from material form is achieved. Matter has been correctlyFire, 54:of [54] the Divine Flame within the material sheaths. The Divine Flame is formed on the secondFire, 55:that both the astral and the mental bodies are material, and just as material in their own way, asFire, 55:and the mental bodies are material, and just as material in their own way, as is the dense physicalFire, 57:himself with the removal of nerve congestion or material congestion, so as to leave a free channelFire, 63:heart of the Sun, of the planet, and of man's material forms. He is the sumtotal of the Past. TheFire, 88:All that it is possible to give here is material which, if rightly pondered on, may result in moreFire, 101:of the vehicle which is the physical material expression of the solar Logos. The Planet receivesFire, 101:of the vehicle which is the physical material expression of one or other of the seven Heavenly Men.Fire, 127:not from the point of view of sense or of material gratification, but because liberation andFire, 139:mind-control and a definite refining of his material bodies, whether subtle or physical, fitFire, 139:divine guest can consciously control the lower material bodies by means of consecrated mind. OnlyFire, 140:Spirit, by the power of thought, controls the material vehicles, does the subjective life assumeFire, 142:as a grand totality, setting in movement the material circumscribed by the entire ring-pass-not,Fire, 143:to increase activity and thereby make the material more pliable. All these three concepts areFire, 144:as forms for any entity to inhabit, but as the material out of which such forms may be built. Fire, 154:keeps the planes and subplanes from losing their material identity. Here we can see the beginningFire, 160:from any other angle than that of the purely material. For instance, we are applying the symbol ofFire, 161:or a cell in that body etheric. All these material forms (existent in etheric matter which is theFire, 186:so much as organs (for after all, an organ is a material form, existent for a purpose) but as mediaFire, 188:There is a double set of senses, spiritual and material. - S. D., I, 582; S. D., II, 307, 308. ThisFire, 191:the totality of vibrations produced by all dense material forms) his physical body would beFire, 200:that the separation of the Spirit from the material vehicle involves two aspects of the One greatFire, 202:Treatise on Cosmic Fire because they concern the material form. Strictly speaking the five senses,Fire, 219:and then into hymns. All these falling into the material field of the consonants, graduallyFire, 219:of each plane. By knowledge of this law the material of any plane in its seven divisions can beFire, 224:visible to him, but the pile of detailed material to be built in remains, as yet, inchoate. TheFire, 239:by the means of motion, gathers to itself the material whereby it achieves its desire, whereby itFire, 240:his problem. He does not partake wholly of the material side of evolution, nor is he wholly theFire, 249:under the Law of Synthesis. Economy governs the material process with which he is not so muchFire, 254:[254] The Law of Attraction governs the material process of form building. The Law of Synthesis isFire, 257:life is governed by the Law of Attraction; His material form is governed by the Law of Economy. HeFire, 264:considered: Sevenfold objectivity - the material forms. Sevenfold subjectivity - the psychicFire, 281:is as yet so occupied with the objective or material side of manifestation that the attractionFire, 283:is the meeting ground of consciousness with the material form. This last is the result produced byFire, 301:sumtotal of lesser lives upon a planet (from the material bodies of men or devas down to the otherFire, 302:arc, such as the totality of all elemental material forms within His sphere of influence. All theFire, 308:block out, for the sake of clarity, the mass of material that is available on the subject of theFire, 309:or the center on which the spiritual and material parts of man are made to turn." "Lower manas isFire, 312:atom as the greatest genius with the same material unto the and of the Maha Yug." - Mahatma LettersFire, 346:of mind, working through the instinct, drove the material form or substance, into such activityFire, 383:case of a human being the cells in his body (the material cells) are involutionary lives, animatedFire, 384:dispassion, be dissociated from all forms and material substance, and upon the cross of matterFire, 392:overcame the antagonistic forces, triumphed over material forms, and was consequently in a positionFire, 407:divine principle, and are no longer held by the material forms of the three worlds. The Lords ofFire, 409:human being, and the atom which is the basic material whereof all forms in all the kingdoms ofFire, 430:which we call matter, - of that energized active material we call substance, - to the life purposeFire, 431:as it pours into, and works through definite, material, substantial forms. Fire, 438:and a solar Logos, but has a definite effect on material substance itself. Fire, 447:one-pointed purpose of some entity. Second. The material through which the life proposes toFire, 447:which the life proposes to manifest. This material, as we know, is found within the ring-pass-notFire, 467:and submerged, culminating in the profound material disaster which will overtake the world towardsFire, 469:and that this matter or substance is intelligent material composed of deva essence. Cosmic Karma -Fire, 472:offering up his self-reliance in exchange for material benefit. The devas are the mother of theFire, 473:to the essence. Man, while functioning in material, substantial forms in the three worlds, may notFire, 482:the whole matter of transmutation concerns the material form, and deva substance. Man, being notFire, 483:of the [483] whole Brotherhood in material matters and affairs, and Their concentration upon theFire, 488:built of that particular plane substance, is the material form or sheath of a great deva, who isFire, 490:(deva essence) itself. They burn and destroy the material sheath, seeking to imprison the escapingFire, 493:who indwell the form are "electric fire." The material substance which is enclosed within theFire, 498:begins to throw off "coat after coat," of his material molecules for the benefit and subsequentFire, 552:fully and consciously, and thus to utilize his material sheath, or sheaths, as adequate transmitterFire, 554:to which our solar Logos (functioning in a material body) will in due course of time consciously,Fire, 554:thought forms which he fabricates (such as his material sheaths), the correspondence can be worked
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