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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Fire, 555:reflex action, bring about response from the material sheath which veils it. Vibration is theFire, 560:and the present terminology of Spirit, and material substance, will have given place to the broaderFire, 568:is the law which adjusts all that concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos toFire, 572:subjective mind. Next we must posit that the material for the building of this universe lay readyFire, 572:ready to the hand of the Builder, and that this material itself is the fruit of some previousFire, 572:product. Given, therefore, the Builder and the material, we must next accede [573] to theFire, 573:some definite laws that guide His choice of material, that control the form that He erects, andFire, 581:of Attraction draws back to primal sources the material of those forms, prior to rebuilding themFire, 593:in the three worlds, with the building in of material around those atoms, in connection with theFire, 601:with the form side of thought, with its material manifestation and with its substance. We proceedFire, 604:body and are no longer held prisoner by a dense material sheath (for the three lower planes are butFire, 608:apparent why at this stage in evolution the material aspect is the most considered. The entireFire, 610:the personality acts the part of mother, or of material aspect, to the germ of the inner life. ThenFire, 611:scale. As man discovers the laws of his own material sheaths - the laws of substance - he isFire, 616:The lesser builders are more particularly the material form which is actuated, and in their cohortsFire, 620:- S. D., II, 66. Spirit becomes immersed in material forms. Forms are the battle ground. EventuallyFire, 625:activity, directed through the centers, the material sheaths - physical, astral and mental - areFire, 642:who would use it only for selfish, evil and material ends. Hence no more can be said anent denseFire, 653:II, 190. On the descending arc Spirit becomes material. - S. D., I, 693. On the middle turn of theFire, 653:arc Spirit asserts itself at the expense of the material. This is true of Gods and of men. See S.Fire, 659:of the physical plane, as the sumtotal of material activity (even though subjective) which producesFire, 683:a refined consciousness that corresponds to the material substance in which they are clothed. InFire, 686:intelligence, achieved and developed by means of material evolution during a previousFire, 695:to this conception of hylozoism of a living material universe, the mystery of nature will beFire, 695:permanent atoms; the cube stands for the lower material man, and the five-pointed star hasFire, 695:and the five-pointed star has frequently a very material interpretation. All these angles of visionFire, 695:aspect, but they lay the emphasis upon the material rather than upon the subjective; the subjectFire, 706:the remainder of the manvantara, and the lower material nature and mind will be held in abeyanceFire, 708:external force, come in conjunction with the material of that subplane, and vitalize it with TheirFire, 708:a new and positive impulse which coordinates the material of the plane and produces a temporaryFire, 710:nature. The matter aspect, which concerns the material form of the man in the three worlds, or hisFire, 721:body after having supposedly dominated the material aspect, or gained the control of the third FireFire, 723:on the highest two planes. Yet, owing to the material nature of our solar system, Their advent isFire, 726:though unable to take physical bodies of grosser material than those formed of atmic and theFire, 730:The Brahma aspect, that in which the Not-Self or material aspect is apparent and predominant. ThisFire, 769:"fait accompli;" the Monad has clothed itself in material sheaths, and the self conscious unitFire, 775:lower bodies. The lunar Pitris or fathers of the material forms. Who completes him? The fivefoldFire, 777:All [777] this is accomplished by means of the material furnished by the lower self. When thatFire, 785:The condensation and the solidification of the material has proceeded till now the three groups ofFire, 816:here be remembered that, subtle though the material may be, the egoic lotus is as truly substanceFire, 820:into itself, this time plus the gain of material existence, and plus developed love-wisdom. InFire, 861:guards himself from too mathematical and material a concept, he will go astray. The etheric centersFire, 871:Inherent energy, Absorbed energy, Group energy, Material energy or that which is hidden in physicalFire, 874:aspect. It signifies the elevation of the material aspect through the influence of Spirit as theFire, 875:next stage is the temporary importance of the material aspect, that of the Mother, the feminineFire, 885:may be viewed in a twofold manner, that is, in a material and in a psychic sense. The materialFire, 885:is, in a material and in a psychic sense. The material effect, or the result of this stimulationFire, 930:and are omnipresent; they gather and build the material needed to form the etheric double ofFire, 931:needed to gather the substance for any intended material form Again, they are spoken of as "havingFire, 931:knowledge. The "listening builders" gather the material; the "seeing elementals" take that gatheredFire, 931:the "seeing elementals" take that gathered material, and build it into any specific form. TheyFire, 969:for his idea. He begins first to organize the material required upon the mental plane. It is onFire, 971:matter, and attracting to his germ thought the material necessary for its clothing. He pictures toFire, 979:vitalized. A lecturer, therefore, segregates the material with which he is going to build hisFire, 983:the entire range of endeavor in the field of material construction. We must deal first with theFire, 986:using the soul-powers of the Spirit - to produce material things from the unseen universe, and inFire, 988:and though they [988] are occupied with the material side of manifestation and the Brother of LightFire, 988:things. His brothers of darkness work with the material aspect. The white magician works throughFire, 994:to selfish ends, use them for his own temporal material advancement, and acquire in this way thatFire, 994:their response to the lower and to the material aspects of his nature. This he does at the expenseFire, 1002:gathering to himself on the mental plane, the material needed for his thought form. He hasFire, 1002:sent forth upon its mission, to gather to itself material of a denser nature upon the astral plane,Fire, 1014:force of the solar Angel gathers the needed material and energy from all directions and builds itFire, 1035:attracts animal man; cyclically He actuates the material sheaths, thus giving them coherence, andFire, 1109:and is subject to the same rules as are the material vehicles of all existences. It is only matterFire, 1122:energies from the Ego, and from the two higher material bodies. All is centralized, and the ethericFire, 1131:energy, utilizing in its turn the energy of the material forms in the worlds, or what we might callFire, 1146:fourth, and this is one reason for the intensely material nature of those who entered the humanFire, 1147:they are the qualities of consciousness - material, intelligent, and divine. They are theFire, 1163:through the dense physical form and in the material which is energized during the involutionaryFire, 1173:of the Suns is being dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, thisFire, 1186:which is the medium of bringing together the material required by the free Spirits in order toFire, 1194:incorporeal who are the elemental kingdoms. Four material who are the forms of the four kingdoms onFire, 1198:and holy to find opportunity in that very material and intellectual evolution. Even in this, theyFire, 1207:build the form desired. They draw life and the material from themselves, and yield themselves toFire, 1214:an adjustment between the Spirit aspect and the material. It is this triple group relation whichFire, 1215:(the [1215] three elemental, and the three material). In one case we have a correspondence of soFire, 1215:the tiny lives which are the sumtotal of all material worlds, the planetary atom, the macrocosm forFire, 1216:of the student to apply them to the more material forms of life. Law 1. The Law of Sacrifice. ThisFire, 1216:and the steady negation of the atom's own material interests; it really deals with the process orFire, 1217:between forms which have relation to the material. The laws we are now considering have relation toFire, 1218:radiance. This might be expressed in more material terms by saying that through the dominance ofFire, 1222:of forms, the etheric or pranic principle. 9. Material impulse, or energy. [1223] Ray of Harmony,Fire, 1244:energy, and not so specifically of the material form. This point of view can be gleaned most easilyFire, 1270:are missing on account of the extreme age of the material upon which the text is indited, or theirFire, 1279:sheath that acteth as a barrier, and crude the material veiling the latent life. The major fifthGlamour, 23:be noted is that in the crystallization of this material age comes the great opportunity to strikeGlamour, 57:of the proposed thought-form. The wrong material consequently attracted for the building of theGlamour, 72:it has assumed, and with the dissipation of a material all-enveloping substance - material in theGlamour, 72:of a material all-enveloping substance - material in the same sense as thought-forms areGlamour, 74:Who have freed Themselves from the control of material requirements, from the thralldom of moneyGlamour, 74:in terms of the way out from this present material impasse. Those souls who stand in the light toGlamour, 75:for instance, the possession of that which is material may be as great a spiritual experience andGlamour, 75:in life expression as the more elevated and less material requirements of the mystic or hermit. WeGlamour, 75:for the separated self, the responsibility of material wealth can again be handed back to man, butGlamour, 75:remember that all forms of possessions and all material objects, whether it is money, or a house, aGlamour, 76:of living, thus discovering that freedom from material things carries with it its own beauty andGlamour, 91:be looked upon as the potency of the threefold material form, prior to its consecration andGlamour, 95:as follows: First: The stage wherein the material world is recognized and valued. Temporarily it isGlamour, 95:the difference existing between him and the material and natural world, seeks to identify himself
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