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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Meditation, 237:the past years by the student he will find the material of these letters conducive to theMeditation, 239:divinity imposes his characteristics upon the material provided for his using. The God withinMeditation, 295:this, when he has built the necessary vibrating material into his three lower bodies, when he hasMeditation, 341:Law and to love all, built into your bodies the material that makes it possible for you to stand inMeditation, 343:may be of vital use. Remember always that material gain in knowledge for the individual causesMeditation, 356:of will for use in the three worlds. It has no material connection with the physical body. It isMeditation, 357:Derives its name from its function as the material cause of the first evolution of the universe. ItPatanjali, 10:the sum total of the mental processes; it is the material governed by the ego or soul out of whichPatanjali, 10:body, tinged faintly with mind, and is the material clothing all our desires and feelings. TherebyPatanjali, 28:involves the dual idea of water, the symbol of material existence, and desire, the quality of thePatanjali, 29:the outcome of longing for "form-expression" or material manifestation) then the truePatanjali, 67:"addiction to objects." This is the desire for material and sensuous things. It is love of sensePatanjali, 67:long as he refuses to separate himself from the material aspect, just so long will his perceptionsPatanjali, 75:state) to gravitate with facility towards material objects. The nature of those objects will bePatanjali, 125:of my soul trend, towards God, or to things material? Am I bringing my entire lower nature underPatanjali, 127:identify themselves with that which is lower and material, and to forget the divine realities. ItPatanjali, 132:makes the mistake of regarding himself as the material form, and this he does for many cycles. HePatanjali, 132:looks upon the transient, suffering, unclean, material, lower man (his three sheaths in theirPatanjali, 227:the gradual wearing away, or attenuation of the material forms which hide [228] the reality. ThisPatanjali, 273:aware of, and responds to the soul aspect of the material forms and the third or Brahma aspect (thePatanjali, 321:to be, not the form but the indweller, not the material self but the spiritual, not thePatanjali, 322:Ghost, over-shadowing the Mother, intelligent material substance providing the forms through whichPatanjali, 348:to be the true form and the dense as simply the material used to fill in the form. The etheric bodyPatanjali, 358:of spiritual Oneness. It is aloofness from the material consciousness and a living in the spiritualPatanjali, 386:both the cosmic Christ, [386] functioning on the material plane through the medium of the solarPatanjali, 393:are black, the man will be grossly selfish, material, and inclined to the left hand path; ifPatanjali, 394:and nothing keeps him linked to the lower material plane. Patanjali, 412:the rest of the lower nature, swell the tide of material forces which seeks to hold the soulPatanjali, 419:living in a world consecrated to things material. All this is possible to the man who has stilledPatanjali, 422:separated from all that concerns the form or material nature. The next three sutras should be readPatanjali, 427:Neither space nor time can hold him, nor can the material form imprison him, and there comes forPatanjali, 428:Hitherto the mind has either been prostituted to material ends or has been deified. Through theProblemsedition was published which omitted outdated material. A further revision was made for the thirdProblems, 9:this urge showed itself in a desire for better material circumstances and surroundings; today, thisProblems, 13:based on ancient history, the holding on to material, national possessions at the expense of otherProblems, 16:has always evidenced a deep love and desire for material gratification, priding herself on herProblems, 17:relations and not solely in terms of the material civilization which she demonstrated soProblems, 17:of the spirit of man. The accent upon the material values and the intense emphasis upon theProblems, 24:possessions, territories, colonies, and material undertakings loom large in the eyes of allProblems, 24:nations, the fact that the emphasis is so purely material indicates its relative unimportance, whenProblems, 25:lies ahead of that nation but not because of material power or commercial efficiency, as manyProblems, 37:It has trained the child to regard the material values as of major importance, to believe that hisProblems, 37:as grossly materialistic. There have been many material epochs in history but none so generallyProblems, 38:of physical desire, towards the production of material things and towards the implementing ofProblems, 38:material things and towards the implementing of material purposes as well as towards dominatingProblems, 38:property, the achievement of a high standard of material living and towards the cornering of theProblems, 38:of our wrongdoing. War has its roots in greed; material ambition has motivated all the nationsProblems, 39:to the organization of the national life so that material possession, competitive supremacy andProblems, 39:the habit of selfishness and an inherent love of material possessions. This has produced our modernProblems, 39:embrace the chance to build afresh - not a material civilization this time but a world of beautyProblems, 43:therefore, of aggression, of the rise of a material and selfish civilization and one which has fedProblems, 69:existence, by their fights for boundaries and material gains, and by a failure to offer fullProblems, 79:of supply and demand? Must we legislate for material ends and comfort? What standard of living willProblems, 79:desire for goods and possessions, the desire for material comfort, for the acquisition and theProblems, 87:and riches; it sets an important emphasis upon material acquisitiveness, upon boundaries, and theProblems, 89:vital, spiritual organism and not a selfish, material organization. Problems, 92:they are founded also upon the knowledge that material security and a sufficiency of materialProblems, 92:that material security and a sufficiency of material supplies must be the result of a compromiseProblems, 93:idealist. Their objectives, however, are still material, physical and tangible and are presentedProblems, 93:that if the best possible steps, spiritual and material, were to be taken for the smallest andProblems, 93:and fairness in any one case would upset major material interests, infringe the so-called rights ofProblems, 99:to another; it is a religion with a distinctly material basis, emphasizing the "land flowing withProblems, 103:to the solution of this ancient problem is a material one, and shows no psychological insight orProblems, 103:no problem can today be solved entirely along material lines. Man has as a whole outgrown that. Problems, 104:they ceaselessly make appeal, proffering only material solutions and constant, almost abusive,Problems, 125:theological interpretations of the Scriptures. Material and political ambitions. In every land downProblems, 131:action. The emphasis of this church was entirely material but it never wielded (nor will it wield)Problems, 132:small. These churches are also distinguished by material objectives. They are relatively free fromProblems, 133:spiritual realities have been forgotten in the material development of the churches; they loveProblems, 135:and expectations are not couched in terms of material betterment only, but in terms of a spiritualProblems, 136:the churches be turned to the rebuilding of the material structures, the re-establishing ofProblems, 137:relinquish publicly their wrong and material aims, their money and their palaces and "sell all thatProblems, 138:ahead of them a spiritual future as well as a material one. It is with this demand and thisProblems, 168:the emphasis upon the accumulation of riches and material possessions and which leave all the powerPsychology1, 13:life is so strong and vital that a powerful and material expression eventuates. 2. A subsequent andPsychology1, 16:of manifestation. I seek to deal with that material which is of practical value and which can bePsychology1, 20:all that now appears. This aggregated, qualified material constitutes Their body of manifestation,Psychology1, 21:Which decides within Itself to take a material form and to incarnate. A vortex of force is set upPsychology1, 22:that appearance. This involves awareness of its material development and consequent adequacy ofPsychology1, 23:all forms the quality of love, with its more material manifestation of desire, and is thePsychology1, 35:bodily [35] "well-being" is the lowest form of material, yet symbolic, reflection. It is a sense ofPsychology1, 37:his [37] Father in heaven with the Mother or the material nature. This last is the personality. HePsychology1, 38:proceeds from a realization of himself as the material form, and as identified with the outerPsychology1, 38:whether they ray out in the direction of the material world or inward toward the world of thoughtPsychology1, 38:and influenced by them; and to the world of material appearances, and to the world of the greatPsychology1, 45:of ray effects upon differing groupings of material substance. The third ray is, in its turn,Psychology1, 45:to cover the tendency of humanity to crave material things or those pleasures which bringPsychology1, 60:- as far as one can sense it - is to subject the material forms to the play of the life aspect,Psychology1, 61:destiny. The human soul is a synthesis of material energy, qualified by intelligent consciousness,Psychology1, 69:of our modern civilization, with its material emphasis, its search as to the nature of time andPsychology1, 109:you have accounted for the mass of the material going out now. In all this there is need for deepPsychology1, 125:up consciously with the astral body. Another material unification will have been accomplished. Psychology1, 159:Architect, with His Builders, organizes the material, starts the work of construction, andPsychology1, 173:each other. It is needless to point out that material stress and strain and the wrecking of oldPsychology1, 173:some impossible and mythical Utopia, or of those material conditions whereby one group is entirelyPsychology1, 197:the spiritual man and the man of worldly and material purpose consists in the fact that one isPsychology1, 219:seventh ray, we have earthy substance, the solid material of our planetary life, organized into thePsychology1, 227:faculty of the Universal Mind finds its most material perfection on the physical or seventh plane,Psychology1, 228:which are needed by the forms in the other material kingdoms. The mineral kingdom is therefore thePsychology1, 230:react to soul contact, but also to include the material values, and to react divinely to the
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