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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Psychology1, 232:To this end it may be profitable to provide material whereby the mental bodies of the students canPsychology1, 237:brought to the point of development at which material science now stands will it be possible toPsychology1, 262:There are five points of contact whereby the material world can be occultly "raised" up into lifePsychology1, 262:centers which are active where the physical and material life of the planet are concerned. TherePsychology1, 263:raise and awaken the consciousness hidden in all material forms, both in man and in the threePsychology1, 279:of the impact of these energies is to produce material reactions, and if man then lays the emphasisPsychology1, 279:the emphasis of his interest upon that which is material, then the form nature becomes dominant,Psychology1, 279:and not the divine. If energy is prostituted to material ends, such as the expression of physicalPsychology1, 279:world reaction is, in the initial stages, material in its manifestation; in its final stages,Psychology1, 280:the standpoint of spirit, may be regarded as material evil. It is the great impulse which willPsychology1, 281:glory, when that which has been revealed of the material form has been purified and sanctified.Psychology1, 282:good and the evil man will be stimulated; both material desire and spiritual aspiration will bePsychology1, 282:lust; it will foster the urge to possess in the material sense, with all the evil consequent uponPsychology1, 290:and their energies are turned outward into the material world and prostituted to material ends. InPsychology1, 290:into the material world and prostituted to material ends. In the coming centuries this will bePsychology1, 301:selfish ends, our bodies and our appetites for material pleasures, and our efforts at living are,Psychology1, 312:and earth, with his feet deep in the mud of material life and his head in heaven. In the majorityPsychology1, 313:Initiates, can now begin to organize itself in material form on earth, because today the group ideaPsychology1, 331:the ideal and the spiritual, and not upon the material and the physical. Quality: This quality isPsychology1, 337:into that which it knows is the divine non-material heritage of a son of God. Ponder on these lastPsychology1, 340:of spiritual values and not with a world of material values. The world of meaning and of causesPsychology1, 341:did much useful work in smashing the glamorous material security in which men were living, and inPsychology1, 355:civilizations. Both were and are intensely material civilizations, but the Lemurian was materialPsychology1, 355:material civilizations, but the Lemurian was material because the whole attention of the HierarchyPsychology1, 360:as modern electricity, produced to serve man's material needs. The seventh ray period willPsychology1, 365:upon the newer lines. They are in the nature of material efficiency experts who have been sent inPsychology1, 380:of the human consciousness from the world of material things to that of the more purely psychic,Psychology1, 389:such as the laying of too much emphasis upon the material aspect of life, upon pageantry, uponPsychology1, 393:be the changing of the attitude which loves the material into that which loves the real, and thePsychology1, 394:than any known to man. The personality ray, the material form ray of the Jewish people, is thePsychology1, 395:the emphasis of the teaching was upon the material side of life, and where the focus of attentionPsychology1, 466:of forms, the etheric or pranic principle. 8. Material impulse or energy. 9. The Ray of Harmony orPsychology2, 22:of matter which is the paramount influence, that material radiance makes itself felt in a triplePsychology2, 40:The realization of selfish desire, Longing for material well-being, Selfishness, and subordinationPsychology2, 40:use of force with wrong motive, Intense material and mental activity, The realization of energy asPsychology2, 40:end in itself, Longing for glory, beauty and for material objectives, Submergence in illusion,Psychology2, 42:separation, Desire for knowledge. This leads to material activity, Detailed analysis, IntensePsychology2, 54:force which we call bodies, sheaths or vehicles (material or immaterial) is incidental to the mainPsychology2, 55:of energy which are struggling to emerge into material expression and which eventually subordinatePsychology2, 56:between the pattern and the conditioned material produces the type of sheath which the soulPsychology2, 57:conditioned when the creative process began. The material to be found in the quarries of manifestedPsychology2, 57:Such is the parable of the ages. The design, the material, and the future temple are allPsychology2, 58:For the soul is the One who appropriates the material (already conditioned and qualified), and forPsychology2, 58:and for ages the soul wrestles with that material, building it into tentative forms, discarding itPsychology2, 58:it at will, gathering together again the material needed, and steadily making more adequate modelsPsychology2, 58:of the Lord, out of the conditioned and prepared material which, for long ages, it has beenPsychology2, 58:knows more clearly the design, and in which much material has been prepared. The soul is no longerPsychology2, 58:with other souls in the preparation of the material for the final Temple of the Lord. The soul,Psychology2, 62:the past ages has been the conditioning of the material, in conjunction with its own inherentPsychology2, 64:the consciousness system, interlinking all the material organs and the atomic [65] substance of thePsychology2, 70:the higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. The three worlds of the soul and thePsychology2, 76:is of grasping the non-essential and the material, and how ready he is for the work of detachment.Psychology2, 77:spiritual love. Acquisitiveness, the illusion of material need. The period called in the Bible,Psychology2, 81:on the second ray set up a motion which gathers material out [82] of the immediately surroundingPsychology2, 82:the case of souls on the third ray the required material is chosen here and there, but that chosenPsychology2, 82:and from this all first ray egos choose the material needed in the three worlds. Another type ofPsychology2, 85:of the laws governing matter and directing material energy to the service and the growing needs ofPsychology2, 86:the objective goal and the subjective goal, the material incentive and the spiritual impulse,Psychology2, 90:the instinctual life of sense consciousness in material forms, we have progressed to thePsychology2, 96:humanity forward into its wild struggle for material well-being. It is that too which urges manPsychology2, 100:an orientation of the materially-minded towards material possessions. There is, secondly, thePsychology2, 111:embody an ideal which is so closely tied up with material things in the mind of the aspirant, andPsychology2, 144:is based upon a right understanding of the human material with which they have to work. Some peoplePsychology2, 156:for [156] release from the search for outer, material, tangible satisfaction, and from desire. ItPsychology2, 224:On the form side, this has worked out as material desire, leading eventually to cruelty andPsychology2, 228:to an atom - in the body of any so-called material revelation of life. Let us bear these thoughtsPsychology2, 235:God. They carry with them the seeds of psychical material life from an earlier universe. There isPsychology2, 291:This goal, in the early stages, will be of a material nature. The fighting spirit or that spirit ofPsychology2, 294:which is essentially sound where the dense material mechanism of man is concerned) will fall intoPsychology2, 297:pronounced tendency to lay the emphasis upon material inclusiveness and tangible acquisition, andPsychology2, 298:the will aspect to acquire and to attract the material good he desires or thinks he needs. HisPsychology2, 301:all the latest conclusions of the investigating material scientists the world over. EsotericPsychology2, 312:be looked upon as the potency of the threefold material form, prior to its conscious cooperationPsychology2, 315:we will not think of the permanent atoms as material centers, or as germs of form, which is thePsychology2, 316:should seek to eliminate from our minds the more material connotations which past teachings havePsychology2, 317:but at the same time to negate or offset the material concept of body-building. Occultism is thePsychology2, 322:of "attractive appropriation" of qualified material or substance. Through these centers, the neededPsychology2, 323:is proceeding, a paralleling activity in the material substance is going on, which steadily bringsPsychology2, 326:their lives, usually in the practical and material sense. Intensifies their sensitive perception.Psychology2, 327:of the indwelling life. In the history of the material aspect of manifestation, there have been (asPsychology2, 329:inclination of the soul is towards that which is material. We must not forget this fact. We havePsychology2, 331:supervenes; there comes a period when desire for material experience and for ambitious personalityPsychology2, 332:arrives at a realization of the futility of material ambition, it marks a high stage of personalityPsychology2, 333:The first one led to the inclusion of the material world, and the second one includes orPsychology2, 336:which is colored almost entirely by desire for material satisfaction. This in time transmutesPsychology2, 337:reached, the focus of the life is predominantly material, and the man is ambitious, effective, andPsychology2, 338:as an integrated personality and as a worker for material ends, bringing to bear upon thosePsychology2, 338:its focus of attention out of the world of material, selfish living into that of true spiritualPsychology2, 349:whole. It will be found that the purely selfish, material personality will eventually arrive at thePsychology2, 349:His motive, however, being purely selfish and material in objective, can only carry him a certainPsychology2, 353:gaining of power in a personality sense and in a material world. Power selfishly used exhausts itsPsychology2, 372:of [372] my need - a need for that which is material, for that which feeds emotion, that satisfiesPsychology2, 372:and aspiration, reaching out for that which is material or soaring upward towards the vision ofPsychology2, 394:God wherein the consciousness (released from all material pettiness and self-centeredness) sees notPsychology2, 395:therefore, how great his effort, it will be the material more than the consciousness aspect andPsychology2, 400:the minds of men, and can thus in time achieve material expression. This involves the higherPsychology2, 407:of the world, will produce great mental and material changes, with their transitory accompanimentsPsychology2, 419:and their right solution is of a definitely material nature, and the trouble is frequently overcomePsychology2, 421:man whose objective is the satisfaction of his material longings or of the man who is responding toPsychology2, 432:rebirth or reincarnation has emphasized the material phenomenal side though there has always been a
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