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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Psychology2, 433:of living conditions, statements about possible material situations, descriptions of places,Psychology2, 433:detached and undeluded, for had he done so, the material phenomenal descriptions would have beenPsychology2, 507:carried forward, constitutes much of the material of many of the so-called dreams, as related byPsychology2, 527:at the base of the spine (the organ of the material forces) are fused and blended and from thisPsychology2, 542:approach and its consequences - good and bad, material and spiritual - are better understood,Psychology2, 567:things - minerals, possessions and other material objects, for instance - we tend to make a magicalPsychology2, 577:the emphasis of their activity is upon the material aspect of manifestation and upon the activityPsychology2, 577:aspect of manifestation and upon the activity of material substance; all energy is subordinated toPsychology2, 584:it becomes [584] dominant in its own field (the material) and can absorb - through the many ethericPsychology2, 629:Situation CHAPTER III - HUMANITY TODAY (The material for this chapter was written prior to thePsychology2, 633:clever enough and emotional enough to appeal to material desires, to love of country, and to hatredPsychology2, 633:to retaliate, the longing to possess in the material sense, and the determination to be what isPsychology2, 634:and not on divisions which emerge when material resources are under consideration. The bourgeoisPsychology2, 706:world conflict. This conflict now amounts in the material sense almost to an impasse. The resultsPsychology2, 707:ideologies, the economic pressure leading to material depredation, a most certain creativity of allPsychology2, 745:and separative differences in mental ideas and material ways of living. To approach nearer toPsychology2, 746:and all our resources - spiritual, mental and material - into the meeting of the presentRays, 4:be borne in mind that when spiritual energy and material energy (the two opposite poles) areRays, 5:with the form aspect, and with that which is material. An understanding of the emotional or astralRays, 52:and have served human need in that phase of material and form development. I refer here also to theRays, 54:in the following symbol as expressing the material M nature whereas the second group can beRays, 59:At first this is interpreted by him in terms of material welfare; then this divine discontentRays, 63:on the verge of initiation. Therefore, it is the material aspect, "the perfected third of theRays, 70:this; affirmation of divinity in order to gain material well-being is a distortion of this truth.Rays, 79:Like all other divine qualities, it has its material counterpart, and that is why 666 is regardedRays, 87:choice, and of prolonged cycles of purely material selfishness. I would ask all aspirants andRays, 87:again through the evil which he does and by the material focus of his desires; the following of aRays, 129:that life is one and that the form is of no material significance, except as a field of experienceRays, 135:are seen as contributory in the Eye of God; our material civilization will be seen as giving placeRays, 144:love - does the light of the soul dominate the material light of the personality. This is aRays, 151:They enable the individual to respond to material forces, to soul energy and spiritual life, andRays, 177:of the process of evolution - as it affects the material or substantial life of the man - is theRays, 186:spiritual vision of any kind; they were purely material in their instinctive reactions (and rightlyRays, 187:potency as time elapses. The impelling power of material desire, focused in the Black Lodge, bothRays, 187:well-defined energies or force directions: Material desire for possessions. Desire for that whichRays, 255:this series of bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of theRays, 294:believes today that its major need is peace and material comfort and is working vaguely for both;Rays, 326:life and divest Himself of all we understand as material existence. [327] Forget not that our sevenRays, 329:my various books if due search is made and the material is gathered together into a coherent whole.Rays, 350:- were so completely conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready forRays, 350:nature) that they remained of "fixed and selfish material purpose" and a planned distortion of theRays, 429:grossly and intellectually (though brilliantly) material. She has not yet learned her lesson, andRays, 445:the higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. The three worlds of the Soul and theRays, 448:directed here and there into the field of material living and emotional relationships, we shallRays, 453:concerns the personality and the world of material values; wisdom-energy expresses itself throughRays, 461:words in order to express the unifying goal of material and spiritual evolution, as it is carriedRays, 476:and of full knowledge, and of all that life in material form could give and all that consciousRays, 502:Neither type can with facility organize the material energy, orient energy currents, and see theirRays, 508:The Father inspires response from the material aspect, or from the Mother if you like thatRays, 554:world and to reorganize all human resources - material, mental and spiritual. The response ofRays, 555:the prison in which it found itself. Today, a material catastrophe, such as the flood, has not beenRays, 556:age, that interpretation has been largely material in nature; emphasis has been laid upon theRays, 570:oriented hitherto to the attaining of material and purely selfish ends, will be at war with the newRays, 570:Christ-Child" (again speaking in symbols), the material aspect is triumphant. Later, the ChristRays, 571:the "house of plenty." Bread - as the symbol of material human need - will eventually be controlledRays, 572:of tremendous creative activity, both on the material plane through the stimulation of the sex lifeRays, 597:add, the over-creation) of the millions of material things which men everywhere regard as essentialRays, 608:it is wise to remember that all crises in the material world - individual crises and those relatedRays, 611:greed, human pride, territorial grabbing, and material possessions. Rays, 613:desirable spiritual values and the undesirable material values has been made clear. In politics,Rays, 623:this ray energy are: India, whose personality or material ray is that of Harmony through Conflict.Rays, 625:through Conflict because her personality or material expression is conditioned by this ray. DuringRays, 627:Britain, from the angle of its personality or material problem, is governed by the energy or Ray ofRays, 628:in their activity and are [628] focused upon the material well-being of France. There is noRays, 628:is focused primarily upon the three worlds of material living. This pronounced activity of theRays, 628:is active, it will dominate her personality or material Ray of Active Intelligence, once the mostRays, 629:these are at present veiled and hidden in the material philosophy of the country. The youthfulRays, 635:Prodigal Son in the Gospel story is a strictly material one, and we have here an outstandingRays, 647:This is the lowest aspect, and definite [647] material effects were produced. The destroyer aspectRays, 647:Coming or Reappearance. The distinction between material living and spiritual living will beRays, 649:physical well-being and physical comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goal of all humanRays, 649:is a civilization of a different yet still material nature, but animated by a growing registrationRays, 650:and give new value and purpose to that which is material. Next we must consider what will be theRays, 651:(if I may use such an unusual phrase) is of a material nature and concerns his successful progressRays, 651:Initiations All his past realizations - both his material and also his spiritual realization - haveRays, 652:center of the Most High. The three worlds of material living and the inner world of meaning whichRays, 655:(i.e., the planetary Logos in concrete and material expression) has been revealed, and this hasRays, 665:men face the necessity of renouncing the material values and of substituting the spiritual. TheRays, 674:every possible magnetic "pull" coming from the material or substantial form side of nature. In itsRays, 676:and for which men lived and died was the material world, material comfort, material possessions andRays, 676:which men lived and died was the material world, material comfort, material possessions andRays, 676:died was the material world, material comfort, material possessions and material enterprises; toRays, 676:material comfort, material possessions and material enterprises; to this the labor movement todayRays, 676:All, therefore, remains within the area of material control and interest. The solar plexus centerRays, 676:case of the intelligentsia - it is desire for material well-being, for territorial possessions andRays, 676:and for planned governmental and economic material decisions which control and motivate theRays, 680:even though they may succeed from the angle of material gain; from the spiritual angle, they areRays, 688:must be so purified and so insensitive to the material attractions of the three worlds that thereRays, 696:by the initiate as he renounces all that is of a material nature and becomes a permanent and (if IRays, 697:will, renounces all, and turns his back upon the material world, finally and for ever. He hasRays, 697:the "blood of the heart" - out of the world of material phenomena, because he has freed himselfRays, 700:He is separated off from that which is natural, material, transmitted and handicapping, trammelingRays, 700:time when the soul finally "dies" to all that is material and physical, just as the human beingRays, 701:experience he fights against that which is material; under the law of our planet (and, if you onlyRays, 702:have each and all renounced that which is material; They have been lifted out of the three worldsRays, 710:a pathway for himself from the dense material world into the spiritual. These higher spiritualRays, 731:its repudiation and renouncing of all that is material. This is followed by the death orRays, 731:and only because men love unduly that which is material and hate to lose contact with the formRays, 741:race of men succeed in renouncing their present material objectives and so prepare the way for aRays, 742:the tide will turn, and whether the reactionary, material and selfish forces which have controlled
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