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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIAL

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Rays, 742:years will finally control. This reactionary and material spirit taints every department of humanRays, 746:of human living, the spiritual and the material aims are making their presence and theirRays, 746:spiritual or intelligent conviction. There is a material, selfish aspect to Democracy (rampantRays, 746:spiritual aspect, little sought after; there are material and spiritual aspects to Communism, butRays, 747:hierarchy can renounce or relinquish its material and political aims and present the love of God inRays, 749:will inevitably follow man's renunciation of the material values. The prevalent spirit ofRays, 753:of years has been controlled by that which is material; it has thus constructed the "broad and easyRays, 753:humanity, and by the prostitution of religion to material ends and narrow theological and mentalRays, 758:help for those they love; they have given a material interpretation to their basic needs. TheRays, 768:and in its turn it burns out the lower gross material. E'en as the Path is neared, clearer theReappearance, 20:He taught: Cease to identify yourselves with material things or with your desires; gain a properReappearance, 29:Christ in every heart, out of the world of material values into the world of spiritualReappearance, 64:clerical pomp, its spurious authority, [64] its material riches and its presentation of a deadReappearance, 106:upon the undesirable, the ephemeral and the material was the cause of all despair, all hatred andReappearance, 113:be fulfiled; because of the tremendously material intention (esoterically speaking) of all forms atReappearance, 127:is the antechamber to the new age) is how few material things are really necessary to life andReappearance, 132:the misuse of desire - desire for that which is material and transitory. The United Nations need toReappearance, 141:of the human mind, of the emphasis upon material things which ages of competitive activity haveReappearance, 143:and expectations are not couched in terms of material betterment only, but in terms of a spiritualReappearance, 166:hindrances (many of them financial and based on material greed, on ancient tradition and nationalReappearance, 173:minority) the money is deflected into the material aspects of the work, into the multiplying andReappearance, 178:metaphysical schools are focused on making a material demonstration, and so great is their emphasisSoul, 24:activity, is all the functioning of physical, material cells, and that without such structure thereSoul, 30:and, after diligent study of the available material, to survey the field and report on it. Such aSoul, 57:substance would be found denser than any known material. Inherent in substance, and a perpetualSoul, 61:tendency to perceive that everything in the material universe consists; matter itself being in allSoul, 61:must in some sense be far denser than any known material substance... "Matter therefore isSoul, 65:are likely to prove to be the cosmic building material... There is the great bulk ofSoul, 65:which fills all space and in which everything material occurs. A duality runs through the scheme ofSoul, 65:is that every sensible object has both a material and an etheric counterpart. One side only are weSoul, 67:in the first instance the universe was purely material. It was chaos, deadness and blankness,Soul, 68:giving it form and power, is something not material, possessed of its own spontaneity and life; andSoul, 75:that the spiritual soul is united to the semi-material vital soul, and between them they animateSoul, 76:by the intellect. The union with the mortal, material and physical body was only a minor incidentSoul, 81:consciousness and also giving form to the raw material. We have already seen that the consciousnessSoul, 83:prakriti... Every ego possesses within the gross material body, which suffers dissolution at death,Soul, 88:from the soul in animals. He assumed beside the material soul in man, a divine non-corporeal soulSoul, 88:directly implanted by God, which united with the material soul." - Hollander, Bernard, M.D., InSoul, 94:of the Oriental books gives us a picture of a material world which is brought into being andSoul, 96:the existence of Ether, we know that [96] 'material' bodies immersed in it can change their placesSoul, 97:Just as Akasha is the infinite omnipresent material of this universe, so is this Prana the infiniteSoul, 98:merely a form of energy used by the Ego in its material manifestation. When the Ego leaves theSoul, 104:is immutable. Mind, though an inner organ, is material, and is other than the atman. All energy inSoul, 106:center or nucleus for the life of [106] the material form is located at the base of the spine, thatSoul, 114:noted that the Yoga Nadis are not the ordinary material nerves, but subtler lines of directionSoul, 117:matter (Mahabhuta) infused by Prana. Its material has been worked up so as to constitute a suitableSoul, 119:the diaphragm govern the physical life of the material form and the animal psychic life, found bothSoul, 122:The glands are only outer symbols, the visible, material aspect of a far greater and more intricateSoul, 126:And so with other "miracles," is not the material world [127] controlled by subtler forces andSoul, 127:acquire dominance over the merely physical and material? Such is the agelong belief of India - thatSoul, 141:and from them can be deduced the status of the material aspect, the mechanism through which theSoul, 148:attempts to decipher the meaning of this ultra-material substance. It furnishes the most reliableSoul, 150:as keeping airplanes aloft without engines or material support, and stepping out of a window intoSoul, 151:crossing the borderline separating things material from things spiritual. Once we realize that theTelepathy, 25:its negative quality which Attracts the needed material with which to clothe the idea, the thoughtTelepathy, 28:on the inherent power of love to attract the material or the substance, and thus to "clothe" in theTelepathy, 57:This is the basis of all the success of desire (material or otherwise), aspiration, prayer andTelepathy, 95:his innate receptivity, and which provides the material for teaching and the "fount of knowledge"Telepathy, 121:manner; they are the substantial energies of material expression and their origin concerns a greatTelepathy, 121:a great mystery. These two lines of energy - material energy and the energy of consciousness - whenTelepathy, 151:a word) which take the general form of the dense material or tangible form with which they may beTelepathy, 170:which are dedicated to divine and not to material living, and are clear, pure and radiant; theirTelepathy, 176:matter. Forget not that the etheric body is a material and substantial body, and is therefore anTelepathy, 177:or idea in the mind of some thinker - creates a material form. This tangible substance is composedTelepathy, 182:as Being, as responsive consciousness, and as material appearance. That One Life knows itself (ifTelepathy, 188:medium of that type of substance which we call "material"; men work with outer forms, with theTelepathy, 188:outer forms, with the tangible elements and with material factors. The "units" in the other CentersTelepathy, 189:Esoterically speaking, the word "matter" or material is given to all forms in the three worlds; and
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