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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIALISM

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Glamour, 161:of greed and selfishness, of aggression and materialism, has been focused in a triplicity ofGlamour, 162:Path of Initiation have reached a point where materialism and spirituality, the Dweller on theGlamour, 163:the Forces of Light and the potency of evil or materialism. The work being done by those who seeGlamour, 164:in the distinction between: Spirituality and materialism, pointing to the differing goals of theGlamour, 165:this release is the proving that the power of materialism is broken by the complete defeat of theHealing, 305:the mind principle and to evidence a definite materialism. In these so distant aeons that markedHercules, 186:that we are entering into the Aquarian age where materialism, as we know it, will have completelyHercules, 188:how to let go, in order that the Piscean age of materialism and of authority, possession andMagic, 84:of mind; when the attitude is one of concrete materialism, of concentration upon form, and a desireMagic, 134:might be expressed as a swinging from the rank materialism of the past into a growing and profoundPatanjali, 357:impeded by the mental forms of separateness and materialism. When these meshes are sundered, theseProblems, 91:It is a civilization at present founded on materialism and one [92] which has signally failed toProblems, 124:which He presented. Theology, dogma, doctrine, materialism, politics and money have created a vastProblems, 133:each human heart; they interiorly repudiate the materialism in their environment and see littleProblems, 137:revelation will surely bring? Can the materialism for which the churches have stood and theProblems, 172:a member of the family of nations; it is materialism and fear, plus a lack of spiritual interest,Problems, 174:they are not the leaders) and who repudiate the materialism which has ruined the churches; therePsychology1, 174:the mistakes and cruelty, and behind the rank materialism, there lie great ideals, - the supply ofPsychology1, 368:grouped circles. It fell also into the snare of materialism, and the outer form has for centuriesPsychology2, 42:to material activity, Detailed analysis, Intense materialism and temporarily the negation of Deity,Psychology2, 238:wandered back into the dark cave of a pronounced materialism, of phenomenalism, and must likewisePsychology2, 316:in Consciousness sought to avoid the error of materialism and to voice a real vision of the truth,Psychology2, 632:the higher values, and to end the reign of materialism. It is, after all, the goal which all trueRays, 14:we can call spirit and matter, spirituality and materialism, or life and death. These words are, inRays, 79:666 is regarded as the number of the Beast or of materialism, the number of the [80] dominance ofRays, 80:The third aspect expresses itself through pure materialism, and hence the three sixes. In anRays, 109:consolidation of the forces of evil or of materialism on Earth. I am not speaking lightly, but amRays, 350:way which leads ever deeper into matter and materialism, into darkness and "black power"; the otherRays, 554:decision; They consciously struck a blow at the materialism which was binding humanity andRays, 594:- a science sadly debased and corrupted by materialism and human greed, but a science which (whenRays, 606:manifestation, and thus inaugurated the Age of Materialism. This age has wrought itself out throughRays, 606:and aggression. During the present century, this materialism led to the world war which was inRays, 606:thus leading to a collective renunciation of materialism, particularly in its grosser and physicalRays, 607:effect which overwhelms a man who is immersed in materialism of any kind, and is therefore overcomeRays, 608:right and wrong or between spirituality and materialism, but crises of decision based uponRays, 614:release millions of men from the thralldom of materialism. This moment in human history willRays, 627:a separative attitude, a selfish planning and a materialism which penetrates deep into the massRays, 638:the human spirit, out of the tomb of materialism into the clear light of spiritual perception. ForRays, 665:process goes on all the time, undermining the materialism of the race of men, revealing more andRays, 701:he "descends into hell" which is the hell of materialism and of physical plane life, and thereRays, 705:of the Wisdom and Lords of Compassion emerge: materialism, cruelty and a spiritual conservatism, soRays, 706:work - He chose a Jewish body, but their materialism and their repudiation of spiritual opportunityRays, 737:with evil in himself, after the struggle with materialism and with evil in the human family, andRays, 746:its adherents know them not, and only a ruthless materialism is conveyed to them. There is againRays, 747:and spiritual side; all of them are tainted with materialism; one of them is wickedly totalitarianRays, 747:drive mankind deeper into the pit or prison of materialism. The intense political interest of theRays, 747:interest of the Catholic Church, plus its gross materialism, acts as a great handicap to the steadyRays, 748:States can equally [748] renounce its gross materialism, it can give a lead to the world alongRays, 748:a sense of values, and being drawn away from materialism through great privation; it is hoped thatRays, 748:it is hoped that she will consciously renounce materialism. I would like to remind you here thatReappearance, 35:be frustrated by human free will and evil - pure materialism and selfishness; the divine purposeReappearance, 101:of mankind from the imprisoning cave of materialism. Thus He will "see of the travail of His soulReappearance, 110:between a true spirituality and an habitual materialism. The major effect of His appearance willReappearance, 118:forward from the grossest forms of unthinking materialism to a spiritual perfection and anReappearance, 122:Mystery which they long have lost through their materialism. Masonry has also lost the trueReappearance, 129:mass education of mankind in the Piscean Age. Materialism as a mass principle will be rejected andSoul, 11:emerged from the darkness of nineteenth century materialism, we do speak of the psychic counterpartSoul, 14:'mind' to 'matter,' and issues in the disguised materialism of Spencer and the behaviorism ofSoul, 81:of the consciousness, differs from both materialism and conscientialism in this, that it does not
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