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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIALITY

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Astrology, 159:remaining summit. That which is of the densest materiality and which is the consummation of earthlyAstrology, 160:for a major initiation. This the Forces of Materiality and of Obstruction (as they are sometimesAstrology, 161:humanity (under the control of the Lords of Materiality) and the Hierarchy (under the control ofAstrology, 216:era for the fundamental but not permanent [216] materiality of science - a materiality which isAstrology, 216:not permanent [216] materiality of science - a materiality which is rapidly lessening as Mars nearsAstrology, 223:is Taurus-Scorpio, indicating that desire for materiality is finally superseded by desire for theAstrology, 317:Fishes indicate the man from whom the symbol of materiality has been taken by the removal of halfAstrology, 381:- will. Man - the disciple - the initiate. Materiality - duality - divinity. Form - Soul - Spirit.Destiny, 34:within the family of nations to the materiality of the individual. The problem of sex which willDestiny, 35:forces were largely controlled by the Lords of Materiality (those whom the ignorant and theDestiny, 45:forces. This development, however, the forces of materiality will prevent if possible because theDestiny, 60:life, impelling it to sex [60] expression and to materiality but to a materiality which is veryDestiny, 60:sex [60] expression and to materiality but to a materiality which is very different from that ofDestiny, 60:of the national ideology. Hence also the materiality of several important sections of her populaceFire, 190:on the physical plane finds its point of deepest materiality and of most concrete demonstration.Fire, 640:escape from idiotic Atheism based on lethal materiality, and the still more idiotic anthropomorphicGlamour, 73:which hold humanity in thrall are: The glamor of materiality. The glamor of sentiment. The glamorGlamour, 74:for you a little more in detail. The Glamor of Materiality is the cause of all the present worldGlamour, 74:who are advancing upward out of the fogs of materiality are now sufficient in numbers to do someGlamour, 75:the judge or the scornful. Today the glamor of materiality is lessening perceptibly. The peoples ofGlamour, 75:many forms may still hold sway but the glamor of materiality will be gone. It is the first destinedGlamour, 76:gold (symbolic way of speaking of the glamor of materiality) are turning their desire to theirGlamour, 122:in the higher sense. RAY V The glamor of materiality, or over-emphasis of form. The glamor of theHealing, 305:system the emphasis was laid upon intelligent materiality; the goal of the highest initiate was toHealing, 305:considering - the seven aspects of intelligent materiality; it is here that disease has its seatHercules, 178:that impede the progress of spiritual life; the materiality that holds us down; the lower psychicMagic, 314:as that which we have undergone in the line of materiality! The final stages of all signs produceMagic, 316:and [316] the work of drawing downwards towards materiality is carried forward. This we know well,Magic, 481:lest they tread unthinkingly the way towards materiality. A gradual and steady growth in groupMagic, 482:and consciously working on the side of materiality or (if you prefer so to express it) on the sidePatanjali, 385:into manifestation upon the plane of materiality. It is the will-to-be and desire for existencePatanjali, 390:product of the deepest ignorance, of the densest materiality, or of deliberate choice. Where it isPatanjali, 390:type of karma is no longer known. Where dense materiality produces what we call wrong action, thePatanjali, 392:of karma have direct reference to: The plane of materiality - the physical plane. The plane of thePsychology1, 342:The great thought form which man's greed and materiality have built, down the ages, is beingPsychology2, 339:and dominant factor. The stage of dense materiality, of lower desire and of physical urge is inRays, 236:reactionary, blind in its selfishness and materiality, and which is implemented to retain the oldRays, 572:will more truly express the Real; ugliness and materiality will give place to beauty and reality.Soul, 56:The key word "substance" with its suggestion of materiality is a misnomer. It is helpful however,
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