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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIALIZATION

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Astrology, 158:we have expressed the densest point of concrete materialization of which the human soul is capable.Atom, 133:As we go down into matter, as we tend toward materialization, we have heterogeneity; as we workDiscipleship1, 287:the ideal can be seen undergoing the process of materialization. The blending, merging and fusingDiscipleship1, 625:on the astral plane at this time, close to materialization, and, secondly, by the recognition ofEducation, 134:period no individualization will culminate in materialization into physical bodies. Technically,Externalisation, 233:is practical to justify their hope or aid in the materialization of the desired ideal. There areExternalisation, 242:be to study the factors which are hindering its materialization. For this a broad tolerance and anExternalisation, 332:I refer to the vision itself and not to its materialization. Perhaps I can make my meaning clear ifExternalisation, 335:that is needed at the present crisis and for the materialization of the vision in due form onExternalisation, 504:event, its appearance on astral levels and its materialization on the physical plane. I would askExternalisation, 591:on earth in physical form, and the consequent materialization of the kingdom of God among men, isExternalisation, 680:the contribution each ashram has to make for its materialization on earth; to this must be added anFire, 522:of physical - Ether. Thought - Thought-forms - Materialization. Microcosm - Macrocosm. Planes ofFire, 620:and thus give body and form to concept. Third. Materialization upon the physical plane of theFire, 620:- reflection of the second aspect, the Son. Materialization proceeds through desire, and the formFire, 837:spiritual evil, but evil is the result of the materialization of Spirit. If you examine carefullyFire, 837:Evil is then purely and solely the result of the materialization of God. This is a great mystery.Fire, 925:is not the purpose of this treatise to trace the materialization of a form as it originates uponFire, 927:active, and the archetypal form is in process of materialization. The logoic septenary Word - TheFire, 933:obscure and exists in three divisions: [933] The materialization of the web. This is only perfectedFire, 1003:his ideas clearly enough to bring about ultimate materialization. Men are, as yet, too impure andGlamour, 56:embodied idea. These are the first steps towards materialization. Embodiment becomes possible. ThusGlamour, 57:the soul ray. These are the second steps towards materialization. The form of the embodiment isGlamour, 64:and therefore wrongly started on its way to materialization. It finds itself, for instance,Glamour, 96:person to the one who now seeks synthesis in the materialization of beauty upon the outer plane.Healing, 85:glands are in reality the externalization or materialization of the centers, major and minor. TheHealing, 443:caliber, but of the unpleasant phenomena of the materialization seance, of ectoplasm and the blindHealing, 711:healer and the esotericist views his problem of materialization of either physical health or money.Hercules, 73:over and over again the same old phenomena of materialization, spirit communication andInitiation, 121:that wise unity in purpose which results in the materialization of the higher ideals, and theIntellect, 241:or of a solar system, can be posited as the materialization of the thought of some thinker, or ofMagic, 131:In this sensing of the plan and its later materialization, human units are involved and men haveMagic, 302:but of [302] the unpleasant phenomena of the materialization seance, of ectoplasm, and the blindMagic, 368:on the physical plane. Remember this, that the materialization of any aspect of the vision on theMagic, 368:strive, and hold on, the joy is doubled when the materialization comes. The joy of contrast will beMagic, 530:to an intelligent climax that the mode of its materialization is grasped with such accuracy andMagic, 567:to a group or to a society; it may refer to the materialization of money or to the clothing orPsychology1, 187:activity of the world thinkers to bring it to materialization on the outer side. I charge them toPsychology1, 376:which imposes a certain rhythm, a definite materialization of energies, and a specific type ofPsychology1, 377:essential attributes demonstrated as the Law of Materialization, or (as it is sometimes called) thePsychology1, 379:Law of Capitulation - second race. The Law of Materialization - Lemurian race. The Law of HiddenPsychology2, 77:angles: The stage of concretization and materialization. The soul takes to itself what it needs andPsychology2, 78:intent: The stage of spiritualization and of de-materialization. The soul functions with thePsychology2, 192:of money. This, consequently, necessitates the materialization of things. They have a mostPsychology2, 242:Economy and is an expression of the Principle of Materialization. For man, it has to be studied,Psychology2, 244:and forces which must be creatively used in the materialization of the intuited Plan, based on thePsychology2, 245:of its structural outline and the plan for its materialization - these are the factors which governPsychology2, 469:thus take the first steps towards the physical materialization of the visioned plan. If this statePsychology2, 559:Intercourse. Speech. Mediatorship. d. Materialization. Invention. Creativity. e. Divination.Psychology2, 568:phenomena" of the astral plane. Where there is materialization of forms upon the physical plane youReappearance, 71:in visible Presence. He had to preside over the materialization of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and
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