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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATERIALIZE

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Astrology, 364:ideals, etc., which are sensed so that they materialize upon the physical plane. The seventh rayAtom, 145:and a dream which may, at some distant time, materialize. Group consciousness, again, willAutobiography, 151:which teach that fear, if indulged in, will materialize that which you fear. Personally, I do notAutobiography, 171:lines to bring humanity into the light and to materialize the kingdom of [172] God on earth, andBethlehem, 192:existed in the heavenly places. He caused it to materialize, thus becoming a fact to theBethlehem, 210:Church woke up to its true mission, which is to materialize the kingdom of God on earth, today,Bethlehem, 225:touched: first of all, He came to found, or to materialize upon the earth, the kingdom of God;Bethlehem, 262:are correct and constructive? How shall we materialize on earth that state of consciousness,Bethlehem, 274:How will this condition of God's kingdom materialize on earth? By the gradual and steady increaseDestiny, 22:far more affected by the methods employed to materialize the ideas and by the quality of theirDestiny, 30:bring order out of the present chaos. They must materialize those new and desirable conditionsDiscipleship1, 17:the difficult work in the outer world. They materialize the forms through which the Hierarchy canDiscipleship1, 31:requirements are all that any of you will see materialize in this present life time. Have youDiscipleship1, 35:if it embodies a purpose which can only materialize later when the Plan is further perfected, failsDiscipleship1, 45:of all the work undertaken would fail to materialize. An occult law would have been broken. Free,Discipleship1, 47:plans for future group activity. These plans can materialize if you can make the necessaryDiscipleship1, 145:compromise between the wonderful ideas which may materialize in a far distant future and theDiscipleship1, 285:objective upon the physical plane which will materialize in an equally definite achievement, soDiscipleship1, 327:exist, has militated against your power to materialize that which is desired upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 328:help has been urgent and your [328] capacity to materialize that which is needed has seemed to youDiscipleship1, 328:levels the ideas and methods of work which must materialize upon the physical plane. Hence the needDiscipleship1, 696:speaks and that which he seeks to create and to materialize (in line with the hierarchical Plan)Discipleship1, 731:with the distribution of the forces which will materialize it. Thus the entire activity of theDiscipleship2, 465:purposes, and of those matters which will not materialize until such time as the work done by me,Discipleship2, 667:vision and are cooperating with the Plan; thus materialize the vision and work at intelligentDiscipleship2, 725:which the disciples in my Ashram are pledged to materialize. It is their group duty, not from theEducation, 122:and the emerging ideas and - in group activity - materialize them. It is with this concept that theExternalisation, 23:love releases the form which will make the Plan materialize upon the physical plane. To these threeExternalisation, 30:In the past, a man had a vision and sought to materialize it with the aid of those whom he couldExternalisation, 72:the powerful energies that the Divine Plan can materialize, and the close of this century see theExternalisation, 103:are seen with clarity and must inevitably materialize. It involves also the holding of the innerExternalisation, 241:new mode of living hovers over humanity and will materialize when selfishness is defeated, rightExternalisation, 502:December 1919 Those thought-forms which will materialize as the religion of the New Age alreadyExternalisation, 516:which will make Their plans for humanity materialize. Through us, They choose to work for theExternalisation, 620:has a dream of seeing the Kingdom of [620] God materialize on earth, or who is conscious of theExternalisation, 629:Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materialize what they need? The answer is a simpleExternalisation, 639:Nevertheless, it is a dream which will some day materialize, after the creation and the functioningExternalisation, 661:skill in action which will permit these plans to materialize correctly. Within the second rayExternalisation, 675:forces will there be organized to hasten and materialize the plans of the Christ for the new andExternalisation, 689:the time has come when the Hierarchy can materialize and meet the enemy of good upon an evenFire, 816:other petals. The student must be careful not to materialize his concept too much and it mightFire, 925:for it reveals the method whereby all forms materialize upon the physical plane. It is not theFire, 927:effort he has to make to bring through and materialize, that which he has conceived and desired.Fire, 935:is made of atomic matter, and when He wishes to materialize it on the dense physical plane, HeFire, 966:energy, is awake, it becomes possible for him to materialize and activate the desired form which,Fire, 967:begin to build the form for his idea, and thus materialize the plan of his Ego. The amount ofFire, 969:Any idea of enough strength will inevitably materialize in dense physical matter, but the man workHealing, 95:as worry over non-accomplishment, the failure to materialize the plans, etc. The life becomesHealing, 366:scaffolding which will enable them properly to materialize their vision, through right thoughtHealing, 637:and nature pure enough; He cannot, therefore, materialize or make an appearance, as can the BuddhaHealing, 662:point. They have a vision but know not how to materialize it and make it true, for they favor notInitiation, 117:for incredulity to the man who [117] seeks to materialize them unduly. The thought of an immortalMagic, 94:through into manifestation and thus cause to materialize as a group activity on the physical plane.Magic, 160:purpose and planned work for the Master fail to materialize because, as the thought-form passesMagic, 180:this development. Later will come the power to materialize thought-forms. People will come intoMagic, 186:plan of the Hierarchy, and can be influenced to materialize those endeavors which are planned toMagic, 269:work and all created thought-forms (whether they materialize as an organization, a religion, aMagic, 367:is your grasp after it, yet it will begin to materialize. Seldom at first will you find that youMagic, 516:then adjusted so that those plans can properly materialize. This of course delineates a mechanism,Magic, 567:now with caution. Many good plans fail to materialize and the reason lies right here. A plan is,Magic, 567:interested. Many fine ideas equally fail to materialize or have no persistent living existence "inMagic, 625:servers, and the gathering out of those who can materialize the plan and bring to birth the new ageMeditation, 97:of little value. A dreamer whose dreams never materialize, a builder who stores up material whichMeditation, 324:watch and await the hour when the ideal will materialize. Psychology1, 267:The creative work will proceed and the Plan materialize. Man's work for the animal kingdom is toPsychology1, 359:ray fostered the vision. The seventh ray will materialize that which was visioned. The sixth rayPsychology1, 362:the recognition of the wider issues which will materialize as the new world religion which willPsychology2, 13:working, but which they are as yet unable to materialize, owing to the inadequacy of theirPsychology2, 144:and the beautiful, that the idea which should materialize in some form on earth can shift from thePsychology2, 191:an interesting function, but one which will not materialize for a long while, or not until the workPsychology2, 224:- to be desired and fought for. In order to materialize these ideals, the trend to organize comesPsychology2, 240:when the kingdom of God, or of souls, begins to materialize on earth. This principle of continuancePsychology2, 360:with the distant objective, with that which may materialize in some dim and distant future, and hePsychology2, 444:for immense schemes which can never really materialize. In this analysis I have not considered thePsychology2, 474:forms employed down the ages in the attempt to materialize certain realities; the tentative andPsychology2, 647:on earth, to inaugurate the New Age, and to materialize the kingdom of God on the physical plane.Psychology2, 651:their interest and are eager to see the Plan materialize in proper form on earth. The diverse needsPsychology2, 656:important objective of the Plan, which will materialize later when world conditions are bettered,Psychology2, 671:systems of governments and of control which will materialize their interpretations of the ideal.Psychology2, 735:done and the plans of the Hierarchy cannot then materialize. Should that not eventuate within thePsychology2, 750:laying of careful plans so that they may indeed materialize. The correct distribution of your timePsychology2, 751:attentive to the effort that will make His work materialize on earth and enable Him to consummateRays, 183:through which the plans of the Hierarchy can materialize, the souls of all forms can be subjectedRays, 329:and reflective attitude, and with a refusal to materialize the presented concepts, as is so easy aRays, 452:awareness) is the ancient habit of humanity to materialize [453] all knowledge. Everything manRays, 751:everywhere, and the factual reality will materialize some day. The first step is the wholesomeReappearance, 38:attentive to the effort that will make His work materialize on Earth [39] and enable Him toReappearance, 167:has a dream [167] of seeing the Kingdom of God materialize on earth, or who is conscious of theReappearance, 178:Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materialize what they need? The answer is a simpleTelepathy, 26:Upon a beam of light can the energy of the mind materialize. This is one of the most important
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