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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Atom, 78:a second factor which we call substance or matter, and utilizing a third factor, which we call theAtom, 79:and held within his sphere of influence the matter of his various bodies, mental, emotional, andAtom, 83:is that being in whom highest spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence." Man isAtom, 83:for all the three lines of evolution, spirit, matter, and linking intellect; he is shown to be theAtom, 84:essentially intelligent energy; next, atomic matter, in all its varying activity forming theAtom, 85:own sphere of influence, the work of the atom of matter; he demonstrates, nevertheless, not in oneAtom, 86:that the truth about the fall of the spirit into matter is conveyed by means of a picture to theAtom, 86:is a twofold one. You have the descent into matter of the entity, of the central life, and theAtom, 87:and then you [87] have the working up, out of matter, of that life or spirit, plus all that hasAtom, 87:the utilization of form. By experimenting with matter, by dwelling within the form, by theAtom, 97:we considered first the substance, or atomic matter prior to its building up into a form, or theAtom, 98:will or power. Today we are stepping out of the matter aspect of manifestation with which we haveAtom, 102:range of thought. We have seen that in atomic matter the only thing that we can safely predicate isAtom, 111:of work, is one-pointedly centered upon the matter he has on hand, and who keeps his attentionAtom, 120:venturing into what are the subtler planes of matter, and therefore into the realms of theAtom, 120:beyond the sphere of what has been called "solid matter," into such realms as are inferred when weAtom, 126:stages are equally right. We can look at this matter from another angle: it is quite possible forAtom, 130:of thought we have embodied all that concerns matter, the substance aspect of manifestation; itAtom, 131:long we shall harness the energy of atomic matter for every conceivable purpose, for heating, forAtom, 132:the development of the ability to see in subtler matter. Everywhere there are children being bornAtom, 132:to etheric vision, which is seeing in the finer matter of the physical plane, or in that which isAtom, 133:is toward synthesis. As we go down into matter, as we tend toward materialization, we haveAtom, 137:out of the many. One is the conscious control of matter. The majority of us control our physicalAtom, 155:the Occidental. They taught the radioactivity of matter thousands of years ago, and so perhaps,Atom, 156:developed, and which we might call electrical matter. Then there is the Great Bear. There is muchAtom, 156:system, and their energy that which animates all matter, they may perhaps [157] represent theAtom, 158:then apprehended them. Facts, after all, do not matter; the facts of the last century are not factsAtom, 158:and wonder how we could have looked upon matter as we did. It is the development of the life, andAutobiography, 3:- down the years - have remained my friends, no matter what I did to them. I have had many suchAutobiography, 7:therefore, that as a life story mine does not matter much. As a means, however, of proving certainAutobiography, 14:is awake and serving, it becomes a very vital matter and also a rather private one. Gemini peopleAutobiography, 14:for which I have been responsible. Anyway, no matter what my rising sign, I am a true GeminiAutobiography, 18:that I had a deep love for Christ and that no matter what doctrine I might renounce she knew IAutobiography, 20:promoted from the sock stage. Clothes always matter, apparently, no matter what the age or theAutobiography, 20:stage. Clothes always matter, apparently, no matter what the age or the circumstance! I used to ownAutobiography, 30:all her jewelry and destroyed it but that - as a matter of discipline for herself and in order toAutobiography, 46:I am a first class sailor and I love the sea no matter how rough. I cannot remember any personalAutobiography, 55:his home and gradually leading up to the serious matter of his soul. I, therefore, was quite readyAutobiography, 64:Him, because it is not one of the things which matter. Autobiography, 66:Whether these men had a good time is another matter, but they were unfailingly nice to me. One ofAutobiography, 69:no sense of relative values. Things that did not matter much seemed to be quite appalling, andAutobiography, 71:goodwill and international understanding will matter more. Religious differences [72] and sectarianAutobiography, 74:in my mind is: was I too terrified to bring the matter up or was I just clever? The episodeAutobiography, 89:with Miss Schofield and there the whole matter between me and Walter Evans came to a show-down. ItAutobiography, 90:of the worst kind and with the culminating matter of this love affair. I had no ability to sitAutobiography, 90:make good. How I failed in the past does not matter, but today I must not fail. I've always beenAutobiography, 95:I should not get married, provided the whole matter was handled with discretion. The situationAutobiography, 97:for two hours and she told me to leave the matter to her, that she would think over and pray overAutobiography, 98:know also what she [98] was doing. The whole matter, however, was kept exceedingly quiet as regardsAutobiography, 104:in the Episcopal Church that did not seem to matter. We could manage on his stipend and my smallAutobiography, 107:Forgive this tirade, but I feel strongly on the matter, as you see. This colored woman, Mrs.Autobiography, 127:busy lives what happened to me and I used to matter to lots of people. I seemed to have reached theAutobiography, 138:discovered how little I knew. I know that no matter what the class learned I learned a great deal. Autobiography, 142:do not think and the orthodox theologian, no matter what he says, can always get a following. WithAutobiography, 145:And that has been my experience everywhere. No matter what the race or nation, basically we are allAutobiography, 147:knack of seeing why people are what they are; no matter what their faults it doesn't alter myAutobiography, 151:be rich, for neither poverty nor riches really matter? Who am I that I should have perfect healthAutobiography, 152:a popularity with other personalities will not matter to me at all. I am bringing this up mostAutobiography, 157:were constantly being outraged. The truth of the matter was that the management of the TheosophicalAutobiography, 161:I ask myself why I attempt to deal with the matter at all and why I simply do not continue myAutobiography, 163:and went home and entirely forgot all about the matter. I never gave it another thought and did notAutobiography, 166:get in touch with my Master, K.H., and talk the matter over with Him. After thinking it over for aAutobiography, 180:and yet was so permeated with "It" that no matter where we were the postman, the milkman and theAutobiography, 182:that the comfort of one's family was a trivial matter and that I had always had in my mind the workAutobiography, 204:to pick up the threads of a close friendship no matter how long it has been since we last saw them.Autobiography, 205:We served cake and punch, tea and coffee, and no matter who they were everybody had to "muck in"Autobiography, 206:drifted in and out of every free lecture, no matter what the subject was, and never reallyAutobiography, 208:as I would like to talk about the people who matter the most to me. I feel this particularly inAutobiography, 210:said, "Let us now talk about the things that matter." We spent about an hour talking about thingsAutobiography, 213:on the physical plane relating substance and matter, energy and force in order to create formsAutobiography, 217:decision but promised her we would think the matter over most carefully and would let her know soonAutobiography, 237:of God develop. It also concerns the fire of matter producing that attraction and repulsion whichAutobiography, 245:that telepathic rapport was a proven thing and a matter of scientific interest, that she was notAutobiography, 247:senior students of the Arcane School as reading matter only. It is the first book ever given outAutobiography, 250:on glamor has been given as some of the reading matter for another section. In the Arcane School,Autobiography, 260:of complete reproduction in dense physical matter. Mrs. Bailey has also been shown seven greatAutobiography, 272:given out for they teach little that is new, no matter how they dress it up in grades and mystery.Autobiography, 278:He studies the nature of the spirit, soul and matter, usually calling them life, consciousness andAutobiography, 286:should take it and use it in the environment (no matter what it is) which evokes their interest orAutobiography, 291:School stands ready to help any man or woman, no matter what their religious views, their politicalAutobiography, 294:asked to consider; they are urged to think this matter through. The Arcane School, for instance,Bethlehem, 8:from the letter to the inner meaning in the matter of spiritual attitudes can be clearly set forthBethlehem, 10:said, the religion of religions. What does it matter if within [11] Christianity, supposedly soBethlehem, 20:be known, the divinity of God is but a limited matter. What the new formulation of truth will be,Bethlehem, 34:Christ, and out from the darkness of the womb of matter the Christ child can enter into the lightBethlehem, 41:So much peculiar and unsound teaching on the matter is being given out at this time, and so wide isBethlehem, 50:of an international consciousness. No matter by what line we trace the growth of the Plan, we comeBethlehem, 62:one celebrating in June, the other in July. The matter was finally settled by Pope Julius in 337Bethlehem, 67:of the ancient wisdom, stands [67] for virgin matter, for the substance which nurtures andBethlehem, 67:In the last analysis, it is through form and matter that God stands revealed. That is the story ofBethlehem, 67:That is the story of the divine incarnation. Matter, over-shadowed by the Holy Ghost, the thirdBethlehem, 67:the symbol of the stage in human life at which matter and form are dominant and triumphant; whenBethlehem, 67:the Woman bearing the Christ Child is seen. Here matter begins to reveal its true function, whichBethlehem, 67:there is Andromeda, the Woman chained, or matter brought into subservience to the soul. The Soul orBethlehem, 67:soul. The Soul or the Christ now rules. First, matter dominant, enthroned and triumphant. ThenBethlehem, 67:matter dominant, enthroned and triumphant. Then matter, the custodian of hidden divinity, beautyBethlehem, 67:ready to bring them to the birth. Finally, matter as the servant of that which has been born, theBethlehem, 68:Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, or Matter informed by Deity, and therefore typifiedBethlehem, 70:to us in the realm of consciousness really does matter in the cosmic scheme. We know that it doesBethlehem, 70:the cosmic scheme. We know that it does not much matter what happens to the body. It is what
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