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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Discipleship1, 289:and in the light of soul activity, but they do matter in time and space and temporarily, where yourDiscipleship1, 304:in this way and get into touch with them on the matter. By so doing you will help in establishing aDiscipleship1, 319:to link this up with my earlier comments on this matter. Your personality force is focused in yourDiscipleship1, 325:inner rectitude of attitude and the inner love matter more to him than the outer expression. ButDiscipleship1, 330:see if I can make myself clear to you for this matter is of importance. It would not have beenDiscipleship1, 330:for me earlier to have enlarged upon this matter as you would not have understood the truth of myDiscipleship1, 332:life direction is not clear to you, take the matter up with R. V. B. Your technical knowledge ofDiscipleship1, 333:personality ideas, ideals and desires (of no matter how high an order) and from all traces ofDiscipleship1, 336:sense of proportion will emerge. But it does matter in the case of those who are on the Path ofDiscipleship1, 345:to bring your second ray force to bear upon the matter of group integration. In doing this, youDiscipleship1, 354:meantime, gather all the information upon the matter that you can and put it in such form that itDiscipleship1, 379:group relations, you can most easily put the matter straight, for your second ray soul can come in,Discipleship1, 382:his work in this group most seriously and no matter what obstacles present themselves, he continuesDiscipleship1, 386:terms of reality and not in terms of form - no matter how high or purified. You may perhaps ask inDiscipleship1, 386:will grow as you detach yourself from forms, no matter how dear or how ancient the rhythm by whichDiscipleship1, 402:environment. Later we will go into this matter in greater detail. Your rays, therefore, are: TheDiscipleship1, 407:more than clearly enunciated occult truths, no matter how true or wonderful. Give them love andDiscipleship1, 413:fail to realize that perhaps it does not truly matter whether they are done or no. One of yourDiscipleship1, 419:when he simply continues to persevere, no matter how disinclined he may feel and no matter howDiscipleship1, 419:no matter how disinclined he may feel and no matter how acute may be the inner turmoil. You areDiscipleship1, 428:personal glamor and deep depression. No matter what has been eventuating in your personal life andDiscipleship1, 455:the group implications, as you did also in the matter of Dr. ... For you there has been the longDiscipleship1, 474:to go. Your part is to love without a change, no matter what occurs. Take her each day into theDiscipleship1, 475:rest of the year, when I will again take up the matter with you. It is to be done rapidly, withDiscipleship1, 476:true and spiritual sense and in serving them (no matter who or what they are), you will find yourDiscipleship1, 477:I am taking the time to write to you on this matter for it is of prime importance in your case.Discipleship1, 493:of preoccupation. I have confidence that no matter how hard the struggle, you will persist unto theDiscipleship1, 494:to take the needed steps. Having reasoned the matter out, then struggle not with the discoveredDiscipleship1, 497:work. You will make mistakes. They will not matter, provided you learn by studying them and areDiscipleship1, 525:Moon, you may find that we may have talked the matter out, the glamor may have dissipated, theDiscipleship1, 562:of status, however, is purely a personal matter; it should be faced and accepted and then followedDiscipleship1, 582:questions which it asks. I would not bring this matter to your notice if I did not realize thatDiscipleship1, 582:planet. Is there any greater or more important matter than to fulfil your task and carry it toDiscipleship1, 585:It matters not what group you choose but it does matter that in some second ray group you aidDiscipleship1, 590:The question of where your work lies is a matter for your own decision. Discipleship1, 631:and his way of truth, his logical tenacity (no matter what its disastrous effects on ChristianityDiscipleship1, 645:with the view of special service. It is no easy matter to interject one's vibration into a group,Discipleship1, 648:I make no new indicative reference because the matter lies between yourself and me. Give expressionDiscipleship1, 651:of the force which flows through you. Get this matter adjusted and your present sphere of serviceDiscipleship1, 651:will provide a fine training ground in the matter. Then your power to help will be greatlyDiscipleship1, 658:mankind) that none of these personality things matter and that a lot of them will fade out whenDiscipleship1, 662:you to face the issue and make good. Fight this matter out and fight it out alone. Learn to keepDiscipleship1, 663:a unit for some time, and the amount of reading matter which you have had to master and the rhythmDiscipleship1, 677:achieved. Pain is that upward struggle through matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos;Discipleship1, 686:the Plan. It is not obedience to the Master, no matter what many old style occult schools may say.Discipleship1, 687:is lacking, the passing of time will adjust the matter. This brings up the question of the vision,Discipleship1, 717:Much has been given out to the world anent this matter with almost undue emphasis uponDiscipleship1, 717:the standpoint of complete identification with matter (the mother), he becomes himself and seeksDiscipleship1, 719:of the man who has been immersed in the life of matter or form. He is now attempting to see the newDiscipleship1, 719:in this hour of world crisis. This is a matter of paramount importance to the world from the angleDiscipleship1, 720:and of substance, of karma and its vehicle, matter, are raging in the world at this time. Fire mustDiscipleship1, 739:to my fellow disciples and co-workers, no matter what their status? Have I preserved the neededDiscipleship1, 741:done as the need to warn aspirants anent this matter is great. The difficulty is enhanced by theDiscipleship1, 744:The disciple can now work with impersonality, no matter how his own personal nature may beDiscipleship1, 744:discipleship and the fact of the Master, no matter how active their service; yet - if they wereDiscipleship1, 746:and for the establishing of group purpose. No matter what the Master is doing or what hisDiscipleship1, 746:when there is a question in his mind. It is a matter of clear intuitive perception, the recognitionDiscipleship1, 752:deal of nonsense has been written anent the matter. The aura is usually spoken of in terms of colorDiscipleship1, 760:in the minds of many disciples upon this matter. Until a man is an initiate of high degree, heDiscipleship1, 765:not the same thing as the triumph of mind over matter or the theory of perfect health; it is aDiscipleship1, 777:that telepathic rapport was a proven thing and a matter of scientific interest, that she wasDiscipleship1, 779:senior students of the Arcane School as reading matter only. It is the first book ever given outDiscipleship1, 782:on glamor has been given as some of the reading matter for another section. No obedience isDiscipleship2, 8:not because of any special privilege in the matter, but because if a student's mind is in trueDiscipleship2, 12:rare indeed, not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the delicate sequence ofDiscipleship2, 15:moons, prior to that of May. I ask you, at no matter what hour the [16] full moon each month mayDiscipleship2, 16:am standing. My appearance and personality matter not. When you have visualized me thus standingDiscipleship2, 26:consciousness which can be carried forward, no matter what may be the outer activity or interests,Discipleship2, 40:Later I will give you some training on this matter, but you are not yet ready for it. The finalDiscipleship2, 65:spiritual will of the soul - a very different matter. The reorganization being planned at this timeDiscipleship2, 78:you remains an entirely private and individual matter, known only to the aspiring disciple andDiscipleship2, 84:appealed to the students for cooperation in some matter. Forget not that these instructions wereDiscipleship2, 85:your sole duty is to stand by. Mistakes do not matter if clarity of vision, spiritual persistenceDiscipleship2, 93:This sensitivity to undue stimulation is a matter easily rectified now; it does not constitute aDiscipleship2, 145:you will then write down the first thought (no matter what it is) that enters into your waitingDiscipleship2, 163:the discovery of how to transmute energy into matter and matter into energy. The spiritual energiesDiscipleship2, 163:of how to transmute energy into matter and matter into energy. The spiritual energies have,Discipleship2, 163:of spiritual purpose to the lowest aspect of matter, the atom; they have thus proved the truth ofDiscipleship2, 163:have thus proved the truth of the statement that matter is spirit at its lowest point and spirit isDiscipleship2, 163:is spirit at its lowest point and spirit is matter at its highest, and that the apparent duality isDiscipleship2, 163:the release of certain impressive energies in matter itself for the benefit of all created thingsDiscipleship2, 169:It is useful also to bear in mind that light and matter are synonymous terms scientifically, [170]Discipleship2, 170:which mankind wields familiarly, and to etheric matter. The Triangles of Goodwill are hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 170:work in substance (i.e., light) though not with matter; the work to be done by Triangle members isDiscipleship2, 189:all forms. The polar opposite to this, i.e., the matter in which this divine nature is expressed.Discipleship2, 190:but you can arrive at much greater light on the matter if you will definitely realize that yourDiscipleship2, 197:the Hierarchy to form a great serving group. No matter how high you may go in the scale of Being,Discipleship2, 221:a most potent energy; these aspirational men (no matter what may be their immediate aspiration) areDiscipleship2, 221:and by a recognition of the claims of Christ (no matter by what name he may be called in the EastDiscipleship2, 225:of the New Group of World Servers - no matter what their color, caste or church. Money does not yetDiscipleship2, 227:the reappearance of the Christ; realize that no matter by what name he may be called in the manyDiscipleship2, 256:types of experience which come his way. "It is a matter," I have elsewhere told you, "of interiorDiscipleship2, 258:manifestation into the basic duality of spirit-matter. It is the "dissolution of the intermediary,"Discipleship2, 266:Secret Doctrine, I.8o, where we find the words "Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of SoulDiscipleship2, 266:upon careful reflection how simple this matter is, exoterically considered, and how the key toDiscipleship2, 266:blends all types of consciousness, spirit and matter, into one living whole, the ultimate Reality.Discipleship2, 269:via the antahkarana. This is a very different matter; soul contact is necessarily present, but isDiscipleship2, 271:of consciousness will reveal - a very different matter and one which is as yet entirely meaninglessDiscipleship2, 278:of discarding the outgrown and unnecessary - no matter how good it may appear to be. In these threeDiscipleship2, 284:now attempt [284] to give you, it is no easy matter to find the words to express the underlying
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