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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Fire, 198:the Law of Economy man hears. Sound permeates matter and is the basis of its subsequentFire, 199:of separation: Involution. The separation of matter, or the one becoming the many. The senses areFire, 199:is perfected by the Self for the utilization of matter. This is under the Law of Economy. EvolutionFire, 199:the Probationary Path. The merging of Spirit and matter, and the utilization of the senses in aFire, 199:on the Path. Again the separation of spirit from matter, its identification with the One, and theFire, 201:that takes place when the illusory nature of matter is in process of realization. Discrimination isFire, 202:must also be borne in mind when considering the matter: That the senses have been dealt with inFire, 205:point of fire latent in every individual atom of matter. This process proceeds in all three bodies,Fire, 205:action of the fire of mind, while the fire of matter holds the form together in ordered sequence.Fire, 205:in ordered sequence. So the interdependence of matter, mind and Spirit can be seen and demonstratesFire, 209:consciously to build, to manipulate thought matter for the perfecting of the plans of the Logos, toFire, 212:do with the centers which are force vortices in matter and which (though channels [213] forFire, 213:to be' finds expression) demonstrate as activity matter. They are the centers of existence, andFire, 213:dissociate the two poles of Spirit and matter, so one cannot, in initiation apply the Rod withoutFire, 213:The Rods are charged with Fohat which is fire of matter plus electric fire, hence their effect. TheFire, 213:More has been here imparted on this matter than hitherto, though there are those who have heardFire, 214:DIVISION F - THE LAW OF ECONOMY I. Its Effect in Matter This law is the law governing the matterFire, 214:in Matter This law is the law governing the matter aspect of manifestation, and is the lawFire, 214:by that method in the distribution of matter which we call the Law of Economy. It is the lawFire, 214:the law governing the scattering of the atoms of matter and their dissociation from one another,Fire, 215:rotary action. This Law of Economy causes matter always to follow the line of least resistance, andFire, 215:is the basis of the separative action of atomic matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole ofFire, 215:separative action of atomic matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole of spirit. The secondFire, 215:this aspect are directed to the attracting of matter to Spirit, and the gradual approximation ofFire, 215:law governing the Spirit, the opposite pole of matter. The first Aspect, or the will to exist, isFire, 215:that eventually comes into play after spirit and matter are blending, and adapting themselves eachFire, 215:essence in contradistinction to the synthesis of matter and Spirit. It demonstrates as: [216]Fire, 216:Now we will touch but briefly upon the law of matter, that of Economy. This is the law that liesFire, 216:It led to a sevenfold differentiation in the matter of the system. Just as the Law of AttractionFire, 216:The seven planes, or the seven grades of matter. The seven Heavenly Men, the seven DivineFire, 216:by the aid of knowledge through the medium of matter. Fire, 216:govern its effects on the different grades of matter. As said before, this is the Law swept intoFire, 217:which is the intelligence aspect dominant in matter. Hence the mystery hidden in [218] theFire, 218:note, give the key to the true inwardness of matter and also to its control, - this control beingFire, 218:finds expression in the manipulation of matter and its welding into form f or the use of Spirit.Fire, 218:and a further liberation from the trammels of matter. When the sense of hearing on all planes isFire, 218:with Those Who utter the words. As the sound of matter or of Brahma peals forth in his ears on allFire, 219:or the source from which he came. Mind is not, matter is not, and naught is left but the SelfFire, 219:of the laws comes into sway, - first the law of matter, then the law of groups, to be succeeded byFire, 219:dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. By knowledge of this law theFire, 219:that radiation on any other atom. Every atom of matter can be studied in four aspects, and isFire, 220:liberation. They have to learn to manipulate matter, and to work with energy or force in matterFire, 220:matter, and to work with energy or force in matter under this law; they have to utilize matter andFire, 220:in matter under this law; they have to utilize matter and energy in order to achieve the liberationFire, 223:studied that pole of manifestation called matter. The subject we are now entering upon concernsFire, 224:space, therefore, the evolution of spirit and matter. If the above three fundamentals are studied,Fire, 224:For the sake of an intelligent following of this matter, it might be wise first to lay down aFire, 225:of Spirit, the Square the Potentiality of Matter; the Vertical Straight Line the Potency of Spirit,Fire, 225:of Spirit, and the Horizontal the Potency of Matter. Next comes the Pentagram , the Pentad, theFire, 225:the descent of Spirit to inform and evolve Matter, which essentially proceeds from the same source;Fire, 227:they are the two factors of spirit and matter, of purusha and prakriti. There is at times aFire, 227:of consciousness" with the terms "Spirit and matter." They are related, but clarity of view wouldFire, 227:is more correct to utilize the words, Spirit and matter. When these two are interrelated duringFire, 227:of male and female, of Spirit (father) and matter (mother). In terms of the physical, this unionFire, 228:fire (Spirit) and fire by friction (energized matter) solar fire is produced. This solar fire willFire, 228:For a clearer comprehension of this abstract matter, we might consider the microcosm, or manFire, 228:poles of Spirit (the Father in Heaven) and of matter (the Mother). The result of this union is anFire, 228:the bushel," or deeply hidden by a veil of matter, but in due process of evolution it will shineFire, 229:is the radiant result of the union of Spirit and Matter, and may be considered as the totality ofFire, 229:of the union of the Monad, or Spirit, and matter. Just as the body egoic of man (that which isFire, 230:are considered as existing in etheric matter. As above, so below, is the occult law. Therefore, theFire, 231:of evolution is simply that of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the formerFire, 231:period wherein the Self over-shadows the matter aspect until the period wherein that Higher SelfFire, 231:the fusion of the two poles of Spirit and matter is fully brought about; and the light (fire) andFire, 232:the central fire, solar fire. Blend Spirit and matter so that a body is produced that willFire, 235:Thus we have: THE LOGOS Father-Spirit - Mother-Matter. producing: The Son or the Grand Man of theFire, 237:what is the exact relationship involved. 96 94 "Matter, it must be remembered, is that totality ofFire, 237:the Primordial Ray. - S. D., I, 100, 108, 155. Matter is fecundated by the Primordial Ray ofFire, 237:298. The life of the third Logos - the atom of matter. The life of the second Logos - groups ofFire, 240:the union of the two; he is the meeting place of matter or active intelligent substance, and ofFire, 240:express an analogous thought? The fire latent in matter - itself a product of an earlierFire, 241:we have the thought of the Ray striking through matter, for the action of electric fire is everFire, 241:The one Ray "electric fire" drops into matter. This is the systemic marriage of the Father and theFire, 242:triangle thus: Spirit - Father. The Son or man. Matter - Mother. The evolution of the Son, or theFire, 242:point or the battleground between Spirit and matter, and is therefore, from that veryFire, 244:Active Intelligence. Spirit Consciousness Matter. Father Son Mother. Monad Ego Personality. TheFire, 247:- S. D., I, 298. Wherever there is an atom of matter, there is life. - S. D., I, 245, 269, 279. TheFire, 247:be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphere of matter with a nucleus [248] of life at the center.Fire, 248:which forms the middle point between Spirit and matter. A man contains within himselfFire, 248:as a sphere (or spheres) of differentiated matter, vibrating to a certain measure, tinctured by aFire, 253:is a secondary law for man. It governs the matter of his vehicles. The Law of Synthesis is steadilyFire, 256:as we know, was to discriminate or choose the matter he needed for manifestation. That choice wasFire, 259:phenomena - the effect of fohatic impulse on matter - is fraught with peril, and the missing linkFire, 263:themselves through the lower kinds of mental matter are so changed by it into slower vibrationsFire, 263:vibrations that are responded to by astral matter that the two bodies are continually vibratingFire, 269:God - Form aspect. 3. The aether 3. The heat of matter - Activity aspect. 4. The air 4. TheFire, 272:The dense cosmic physical body is composed of matter of the three lower planes of the solar system,Fire, 274:karma, which is really the law that governs the matter of the solar system, and which commenced itsFire, 275:is entirely the result of the activity of matter, and of the Will or Spirit. It is produced by theFire, 275:It is produced by the interaction of active matter and molding Spirit. Every form holds hid a Life.Fire, 275:life latent in other forms. When Spirit and matter sound the same note evolution will cease. WhenFire, 275:note sounded by Spirit is stronger than that of matter and form, we have Spirit repelling form.Fire, 275:production of harmony; first, the basic note of matter, then the note of Spirit graduallyFire, 276:In lesser cycles, Spirit temporarily attracts matter. The tendency of Spirit is to merge and blendFire, 281:idea of consciousness, and its utilization of matter. Space, for the Logos, is literally the formFire, 281:and hence are busy with the work of repulsing matter, and with the withdrawal of [282] Spirit fromFire, 282:deepest involution. Third. Both are trammeled by matter, and are developing consciousness (egoicFire, 282:his environment his instrument and manipulate matter. On cosmic levels the Logos does likewise.Fire, 283:both attraction and repulsion. Attraction of matter to Spirit and the building of a form for theFire, 284:force of the Ego gathers, at each rebirth, matter within the particular sphere or scheme within
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