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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Fire, 535:All the permanent atoms concern physical matter and manifestation. The highest permanent atom ofFire, 537:The Throat center - The Personality - Activity - Matter. It will, therefore, be apparent that justFire, 538:The Son - Soul. Love-Wisdom. Duality. Mother - Matter. The Trinity. and their united manifestationFire, 538:Lotus Solar Fire is dual. It is the fire of matter or substance and the fire of mind blended. ThisFire, 542:respond to the stimulation. When the fire of matter, or "fire by friction," becomes sufficientlyFire, 544:follow their own course. Before taking up this matter, however, I want to gather together someFire, 544:some threads of thought in connection with the matter just dealt with. If we have carefullyFire, 550:to create, it will be wise for us to take up the matter in some detail. This section is notFire, 550:anent the devas; I only seek to deal with the matter in its practical application to man, and toFire, 550:Function It will be noted that in studying this matter we have not started with that which is mostFire, 550:is most apparent, the exoteric form in mental matter, but with the inner life or Idea within theFire, 552:from the systemic mental planes and in mental matter. We have to note that, in the case of theFire, 552:the cosmic physical plane, viewing it as all the matter of that plane which exists [553] outsideFire, 553:work of concretion. All magicians who work with matter and who are occupied with form-buildingFire, 554:The work of man as he builds in mental thought matter and constructs forms extraneous to himself,Fire, 556:His thought forms will be constructed of mental matter, chosen specifically because it vibrates toFire, 556:has its fullest expression as yet in physical matter. The "raison d'ętre" is that - for man - allFire, 557:liberation from the trammels of physical matter, the whole objective system will come to beFire, 557:concept, clothed in a veil or sheath of subtler matter than the physical, and the logoic body willFire, 557:as the product of will and desire, and physical matter in any of its grades will not enter into itsFire, 558:and only the third aspect, the inherent life of matter itself, remains gradually to dissipate alsoFire, 559:and the laws of creative thought are a matter of public knowledge and discussion; it will coincideFire, 560:be generally recognized at that time that Spirit-matter are two aspects of the one Unity, and theFire, 561:to make as clear as may be, this very complex matter. The ideas involved are: The Factor ofFire, 564:of the currents, and energies set up in subtler matter, by the great Builders. The [following]Fire, 567:along the following lines: In what type of matter do I usually formulate thoughts? What is theFire, 567:With what specific purpose do I use mental matter? Do I work in mental matter consciously orFire, 567:do I use mental matter? Do I work in mental matter consciously or unconsciously? Do I vitalize myFire, 568:holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet;Fire, 568:a center in the planet; and that holds the matter of all physical plane bodies, and that of theFire, 571:does not involve loss of identity, though the matter is too abstruse to express more adequately. ItFire, 573:for He is learning to manipulate the matter of the cosmic mental plane on concrete levels, in theFire, 574:of the atomic subplane sets in motion the matter of that plane. It is the key measure. We might sumFire, 575:the same correspondence here as we did in the matter of the Rays, for we shall find that the linesFire, 575:merely the human), of fivefold atomic subplane matter, then we have completed the round ofFire, 576:therefore necessarily, the building in of finer matter into the vehicles, both deva and human. InFire, 576:two lowest, the physical and the astral, only matter of the five higher subplanes, of theirFire, 576:The mental body is the first in which we find matter of all the subplanes. The aim of evolution forFire, 577:the primal gathering together of molecular matter, beneath the atomic subplane. It is the basis ofFire, 578:their vehicles when composed of second subplane matter. After initiation, the causal body is foundFire, 578:of Monads have to control atomic and molecular matter as well and this is done by the utilizationFire, 580:the gathering together and the segregation of matter; on the evolutionary path it controls theFire, 580:building of forms. It has been stated that the matter of the lowest subplane forms the basis of aFire, 582:midway between the third and second subplane matter which composes his physical body. When thisFire, 582:It is through activity (or the adaptation of matter to need), that the form comes into being;Fire, 583:it. The analogy will be found to hold good no matter from what angle the subject may be studied. InFire, 584:the placing of the permanent atoms, but this matter is very abstruse, and the time has not yet comeFire, 589:Aspect until it has touched the lowest point in matter, and then rises again up the side on ourFire, 589:darker and more veiled as it descends into matter, until at the lowest point we might almost failFire, 589:others in that it is in no way clouded by the matter through which it passes, but retains itsFire, 591:of many lives, the causal body; it fixes the matter inhering in that body, placed there by the manFire, 596:in each Son of God. 85 Why do we consider this matter of the devas of the middle system (as weFire, 597:of a finer kind. One is the synthesis of matter, and the other the synthesis of life. This lawFire, 598:that stand for the dual synthesis of Spirit and matter. There is constant rotation in the Rays andFire, 602:and the Sun in His glory; He is the fire of matter and the fire of mind blended and fused; He isFire, 602:are apt to consider Him only as the fire of matter and omit to note that He is Himself the sumtotalFire, 603:Only as He is recognized as Fohat, the energy of matter, as Wisdom, the nature of the Ego and itsFire, 604:slumbering in the molecules of so-called 'inert matter' is incognisable. All is Life, and everyFire, 604:in the Universe... wherever there is an atom of matter, a particle or a molecule, even in its mostFire, 604:Life is the one form of existence manifesting in matter. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestingFire, 604:the one form of existence manifesting in matter. Matter is the vehicle for the manifesting of soul.Fire, 604:Life of the 3rd Logos - animating atoms of matter. Life of the 2nd Logos - animating the forms, orFire, 607:Third Activity. Fire by Friction Activity in Matter. Atomic Vitality. Energy. The seven Fires. TheFire, 610:periods: First. The period wherein the fire of matter (the heat of mother) hides, nourishes andFire, 611:own sheaths are aspects of Agni as the fire of matter. As he ascertains the nature ofFire, 616:and in their cohorts are the substance of matter (considering substance as that which lies back ofFire, 616:substance as that which lies back of matter). They are that which produces concretion and whichFire, 616:the etheric body of the Logos, formed of the matter of the four higher planes of the system. FromFire, 617:Spirit, or force over-shadowing and fecundating matter, whilst the negative or lesser BuildersFire, 618:negative substance aspect, the Mother aspect or matter, was perfected. The lower Pitris dominated.Fire, 619:and the kingdoms of nature or the form (no matter what form it may be) nourish the germ of thatFire, 620:First. Knowledge of how to build in mental matter in the three worlds, and how to employ the devasFire, 620:of the union of Father-Spirit-Will and Mother-Matter-Energy. This is the work of the Logos, andFire, 625:with the God-aspect, and not with the [625] matter-aspect. Here lies the occult reason why man isFire, 627:sense of the waters of space, or the waters of matter. He is regarded also as the Ruler of theFire, 631:that we are now concerned, or with the study of matter as it is affected and built into formFire, 632:of thought-forms, which he builds of mental matter and vitalizes by desire, and which he holdsFire, 632:as to the stage of evolution of our Logos. This matter is of real difficulty, for the subject isFire, 633:us get our ideas as clear as possible on this matter; in the following tabulation, the status ofFire, 633:These are the devas who construct, and build in matter of the densest kind in connection withFire, 636:again into seven groups which form the matter of each subplane, viewing that matter as the body ofFire, 636:form the matter of each subplane, viewing that matter as the body of manifestation of one of theFire, 636:subplane. They are the sumtotal of the atomic matter of the physical plane. Group B. on the second,Fire, 637:Thus in the dual force, or the aspects of matter itself, interacting the one upon the other,Fire, 638:has definitely admitted the existence of etheric matter as understood by the occultist, and untilFire, 639:case of man into his etheric body, composed of matter of the four higher subplanes of the systemicFire, 639:the past system, the conscious activity of dense matter. Hence there is consequently a profoundFire, 640:entity is Fire - S. D., I, 145, 146. The matter of the form is permeated with fire. - S. D., I,Fire, 641:It should be noted that in connection with the matter aspect there is less to be said than onFire, 643:Group B. Agnichaitans In taking up the matter of the second group of Agnichaitans - Group B - weFire, 644:Yet all three effects are felt in spirit-matter; all proceed under the law of vibration, and thisFire, 649:etheric center of our planetary Logos being in matter of the fourth cosmic ether (the buddhicFire, 650:the basic substance of manifestation, or Spirit-matter; with the negative or the mother aspect, inFire, 652:this stimulation of the spirillae affects the matter aspect, or deva substance. Man is literallyFire, 653:the appropriate equilibrium between Spirit and Matter - S. D., I, 132. Read also carefully: - S.Fire, 653:88. Man is therefore a compound of Spirit and matter. - S. D., II, 45. In man the intelligenceFire, 654:and of objectivity, for they are the life of matter itself and the intelligence animating the formsFire, 656:Himself a body out of deva substance or spirit-matter which is of the same nature as that of HisFire, 657:With the seven groups who constitute the atomic matter of that scheme which is the polar oppositeFire, 657:a transmission of life force through the atomic matter of our planes, circulating in deva
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