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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Fire, 1234:lies behind every form without exception and no matter which group of creators is responsible forFire, 1234:manipulate. To train people to work in mental matter is to train them to create; to teach people toFire, 1244:the true abstraction or the Absolute. Spirit and matter are never dissociated during manifestation;Fire, 1244:for them - that which is neither Spirit nor matter, that which will be regarded as non-existent byFire, 1248:the elemental formative energy, manipulating matter of every density and vibration. Great waves ofFire, 1258:of evolution, that light on this abstruse matter will come. There is (in connection with ourFire, 1262:- a constellation which exists only in etheric matter. It is consequently ignored by astronomers,Glamour, 5:upon the subject of Intuition. It is too vast a matter, and too abstruse. All I can do is to putGlamour, 14:itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter and becomes the cause of theGlamour, 16:therefore, to discuss and study this important matter growing out of the need of the present timeGlamour, 20:Scientist that there is no such thing as matter. We are asked to regard the entire world phenomenaGlamour, 22:of greater practicality and only deal with the matter as far as it concerns humanity. PlanetaryGlamour, 24:I would like you to organize your minds on the matter, using definitions as a guide to yourGlamour, 37:devious science of the intelligence inherent in matter prevents oft the entrance of the true wisdomGlamour, 58:of a destructive nature, owing to the type of matter of which they are formed. Others areGlamour, 64:is contacted, but is wrongly clothed in mental matter and therefore wrongly started on its way toGlamour, 74:between soul and form, between spirit and matter. That which will meet a need that is vital andGlamour, 79:produced the pairs of opposites - spirit and matter - and also produced the middle way which isGlamour, 85:the world of prana and from the latent force of matter itself. These sweep a man into wrongGlamour, 86:of the personality and the ancient energies of matter itself, brought over as latent seeds from anGlamour, 87:Through these, the control of the life of matter, the lowest expression of the third aspect ofGlamour, 94:and is not really inherent in the substance or matter. The dweller in the body perceives wrongly:Glamour, 118:and control is a foregone conclusion, no matter how great the glamor or how fierce the strife.Glamour, 128:a very long, cycle of expression; it is not matter that controls, for the reason that gross matterGlamour, 128:matter that controls, for the reason that gross matter is always controlled by the forces which areGlamour, 133:been formulated as ideals, clothed in mental matter, nourished by the vitality of those who haveGlamour, 142:very ancient cannot be immediately dispelled no matter how good the intention or how accurate mayGlamour, 142:If you pay this intelligent attention to the matter and no more, refusing to be distressed or to beGlamour, 145:will be able to work effectively on this matter if you feel any sense of separateness; thisGlamour, 161:It is difficult to write clearly about this matter because we are in the midst of its mostGlamour, 168:of the human spirit from the thralldom of matter; it will produce, also, the dispelling of illusionGlamour, 172:energies of the etheric body from the control of matter or force-substance, and bringing men inGlamour, 172:is "divine indifference" to the call or pull of matter, then inspiration becomes possible. ThisGlamour, 172:Yoga in its most practical form and the use of matter with complete impersonality. The goal of thisGlamour, 196:body and is, therefore, guided by the light of matter. Later, he discovers the light of the soul.Glamour, 196:forth as a Light bearer, the purified light of matter and the light of the soul being blended andGlamour, 205:and variously revealing; there is: The light of matter itself, found in every atom of substance.Glamour, 206:lower self reveals to man the world of form, of matter, of instinct, of desire and of mind; theGlamour, 208:attempt to focus the light of the mind and of matter in the mental vehicle. This signifies aGlamour, 208:signifies a bringing together of the light of matter and substance (dense material and ethericGlamour, 209:light is a reflection of either the light of matter or of the mind. This process of focusing isGlamour, 209:He develops the ability to draw on the light of matter itself (physical matter and mentalGlamour, 209:to draw on the light of matter itself (physical matter and mental substance) and thus he generatesGlamour, 210:capacity to draw [210] upon the light energy of matter itself and to focus it so powerfully andGlamour, 210:in focusing on and using solely the light of matter; to the lesser light of matter is added theGlamour, 210:the light of matter; to the lesser light of matter is added the light of the soul and then theseGlamour, 210:The third stage is that in which the light of matter, the light of the mind and the light of theGlamour, 215:focusing the light of the mind and the light of matter in the mental vehicle. This is done by aGlamour, 215:in time brings about the fusion of the light of matter, the light of the mind and the light of theGlamour, 219:light. The unification of the dual light of matter and the light of the soul, creating thus theGlamour, 220:pure emotion and feeling, clothed in pure astral matter, for there is no such thing. They are theGlamour, 230:the heart and the two shoulders is the sign of matter. It signifies in reality the third Aspect.Glamour, 230:of the Risen Christ) will supersede the Cross of matter and of the Mother aspect. Its likeness toGlamour, 230:Stages: Focusing the dual personality light of matter and of mind. Meditation on soul contact andGlamour, 232:act of naming it. I am going into detail on this matter because the work is a new venture and I amGlamour, 235:stages of focusing: Focusing the dual light of matter and mind in the mental body. Focusing,Glamour, 238:preparatory stages: Focusing the dual light of matter and mind. Meditation on soul contact andGlamour, 254:can teach breathing exercises. It is largely a matter of periodic inbreathing and exhalation, timedGlamour, 261:the antahkarana is built - that bridge in mental matter which will eventually link the monad andHealing, 12:objective realities. Consequently, spirit and matter are not freely related to each other. This isHealing, 14:of form integrity is a vital principle in matter, and the tendency to self-perpetuation of the lifeHealing, 14:governs the relation of spirit and matter, of life and form as long as the Deity Himself wills toHealing, 26:of the inexperienced academic psychologist, no matter how prominent he may be. He may, however,Healing, 49:out into manifestation is a relatively simple matter. In the astral vehicle of expression thereHealing, 64:of Disease I have somewhat elaborated this matter as it is of use for you to know such facts andHealing, 71:the disease are upon him), "There is nothing the matter. Pay no attention. Get up and go about yourHealing, 86:any system of occult healing, and the technical matter to be covered is, in the last analysis, lessHealing, 87:cases, lead to insanity. I have elaborated this matter somewhat because the relation of the ethericHealing, 88:how intricate and complex [88] this whole matter is - so complex that it will only be trulyHealing, 94:they share with all their fellowmen. Such force-matter is colored with the results of ancient wrongHealing, 102:and that it is a substance as real as dense matter. That substance can be used to drive outHealing, 110:physician. The average metaphysician, no matter by what label he calls himself, has a closed mind;Healing, 112:might so call them) which are indigenous to the matter of which humanity has chosen to constructHealing, 112:of manifestation, and thus creating a type of matter which is consecrated to the task of formingHealing, 112:of some statements I have earlier made on this matter. Ninety per cent of the causes of disease areHealing, 118:whole Science of Integration is involved in this matter. This science, if properly understood, willHealing, 129:of the relationship between spirit and matter into form. It is concerned therefore today, as itHealing, 143:reality the manifestation of the four aspects of matter in its lowest or purely physicalHealing, 143:each is a combination of certain aspects of matter and substance - the matter being the relativelyHealing, 143:of certain aspects of matter and substance - the matter being the relatively static aspect, and theHealing, 143:we, as yet, know nothing. The four aspects of matter produce the correspondence also to the fourHealing, 144:initiation into the creative third aspect, the matter aspect and the world of intelligent activity.Healing, 144:These four attributes and the three aspects of matter, plus their dual activity, are theHealing, 149:hand path and the left hand path, of the way of matter and the way of spirit. They constituteHealing, 158:which are the result of the union of spirit and matter, of the Father aspect and the Mother aspect.Healing, 171:second initiation. It would be too intricate a matter to discuss, as well as carrying with itHealing, 176:now the case. I cannot enlarge further upon this matter as the theme is too big. I can, however,Healing, 177:sacral center is therefore closely related to matter, and there is a flow of energy between threeHealing, 177:create a great triangle of force, concerned with matter, with substance, form-building, creation,Healing, 181:referred to, and is established where spirit and matter meet and where matter, the Virgin Mary -Healing, 181:where spirit and matter meet and where matter, the Virgin Mary - under the influence of the HolyHealing, 181:as it feeds and directs the life principle in matter and form. Just as we are told that the lifeHealing, 182:but shall give practically no explanatory matter with them. This basic center is the point where,Healing, 182:where, under the evolutionary law, spirit and matter meet, and life is related to form. It isHealing, 182:undergoes two transformations: The serpent of matter lies coiled. This serpent is transformed intoHealing, 184:is the one along which the energy which feeds matter is poured. Another is related to the path ofHealing, 186:the lowest of the three fires, the fire of matter, fire by friction; this produces a prematureHealing, 197:system which corresponds to the form or matter aspect. These three - the nadis, the nervous systemHealing, 197:the physical substance which underlies dense matter. When the centers are awakened throughout theHealing, 203:of the body, to the physical tissue and to all matter not included in the organs mentioned above,
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