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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Healing, 475:it begins to respond to the attractive pull of matter itself. This has been called the "earth" pullHealing, 475:the life and light of atomic substance - the matter of which all forms are made. It is to thisHealing, 476:restored. Restitution of [476] the commandeered matter of the form occupied by the soul during aHealing, 476:will be exceedingly brief, sometimes only for a matter of seconds. The physical elemental has lostHealing, 478:all reaction to the attractive pull of physical matter; he stands in his subtle bodies, ready forHealing, 486:case. A body constructed predominantly of astral matter is the basis of this idea. Few people areHealing, 486:the astral plane, clothed in a shell of astral matter and committed to a period of eliminationHealing, 488:practically smothered in an envelope of astral matter and is for a long time immersed in what weHealing, 497:in the mental vehicle to reverse the call, and matter then responds to the call of theHealing, 500:forward under natural process and the "karma of matter" is the initial governing force; this isHealing, 507:of the solar Angel then obliterates the light of matter. The "control" phase is conditioned by theHealing, 508:the majority of people are not personalities, no matter how glibly they may talk about theirHealing, 511:expression, has undertaken the task of redeeming matter, and of raising substance into Heaven!Healing, 511:(if I function as a soul at all), to raise my matter aspect, my three vehicles and the substanceHealing, 517:free from the lure or the faintest control of matter-form; the soul is, however, still responsiveHealing, 529:healer in the world at this time possesses, no matter what his claim may be. Again I say, this isHealing, 555:from the patient's soul - a very different matter and one which must be most carefully borne inHealing, 559:I seek to emphasize not [559] the level of matter or substance (a plane, as it is called), but theHealing, 565:which are inherent in the planetary substance or matter of the Earth itself. Forget not that theHealing, 565:that the physical body is constructed of such matter. This first clause of the fourth [566] lawHealing, 568:in the three worlds. The man, in his turn, no matter how low his position on the ladder ofHealing, 574:last analysis, true esoteric healing is a simple matter in comparison with the intricate andHealing, 583:has been impossible hitherto to give the subject-matter of this law because it is only today thatHealing, 584:or personality energy is in control; that is a matter very simply discovered. The life trend of theHealing, 589:physical plane and that, therefore, spirit is matter at its highest point of expression, and matterHealing, 589:matter at its highest point of expression, and matter is spirit at its lowest. Life differentiatesHealing, 598:it is identification with or of spirit and matter which is the secret of divine appearance; one ofHealing, 610:substance and forwarding the evolution of matter. As the Old Commentary expresses it: "the MotherHealing, 610:Commentary expresses it: "the Mother (substance-matter) is saved by the birth of her Son (theHealing, 610:is still no true balance between spirit and matter, though the point of balance has almost beenHealing, 614:conditions in the body. The physical body - no matter what its victims may believe and declare - isHealing, 637:is also composed of all grades and qualities of matter, from the very coarsest up to the veryHealing, 639:body of a man (or of any living form, for that matter), rendering it detached, coherent andHealing, 650:patient and are definitely working in etheric matter. Healers on the first, fourth and seventh raysHealing, 656:effect is not then so great, but that does not matter because it is not needed; the soul of theHealing, 659:has been completed, it will be safer matter than it is today. In the meantime, much good can beHealing, 660:and the mode or law whereby the latent hold of matter - impregnated by selfishness and by all thatHealing, 665:that imperfection is inherent in the nature of matter itself and constitutes an inheritance from aHealing, 665:also be stated that when the imperfection of matter is realized and corrected, and when theHealing, 677:healing. This is significant. The self-will (no matter of how high a quality) of the healer, andHealing, 679:the relation of soul to form or of spirit to matter; this one is given first for two reasons: ItHealing, 680:injunction, therefore, concerns the relation of matter and soul, and thus lays the foundation forHealing, 696:rays of this great cosmic ray. [696] No matter upon which ray the healer may be found, he mustHercules, 8:the overcoming of form and the subjugation of matter, a picture is given us of an unfolding divineHercules, 9:and the constant crucifixion upon the cross of matter. The characteristics of the man immersed inHercules, 9:man immersed in form life and under the rule of matter are fear, individualism, competition andHercules, 10:individual Christ, crucified upon the cross of matter, and incarnated in each human being, God,Hercules, 10:in each human being, God, incarnate in matter. This is the story of our solar system, the story ofHercules, 10:entire story of the relationship of spirit and matter, of life and form, and of soul and body.Hercules, 13:Perceiver. He is no longer identified with the matter aspect, but is the One who uses it as aHercules, 17:life in form, of soul in body, and of spirit and matter. This duality is the glory of humanity andHercules, 17:being has to solve. Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter meet together in man, and the work of theHercules, 18:but that he could strangle the serpent of matter and that the great illusion no longer had himHercules, 18:had him imprisoned. He slew the serpent of matter and the serpent of illusion. If the serpentHercules, 18:are depicted: one standing for the serpent of matter, another for the serpent of illusion, and theHercules, 24:of Hercules and in his steady accomplishment, no matter by what failure and difficulty he might beHercules, 30:in form and is living under the influence of the matter aspect follows necessarily the path ofHercules, 32:as the urge to take form, to become involved in matter; or it may reverse the process and focusHercules, 34:cosmic Thinker. The soul started its career in matter through the same process of thought. TheHercules, 35:the Enthroned Queen, the symbol always of matter. It is most interesting to note how in the circleHercules, 35:and Child and as we shall later see, mother-matter is the nurturer of the infant Christ, the VirginHercules, 35:infant, Christ, and then the woman, representing matter that has been dominated and controlled.Hercules, 36:his labors, is to demonstrate his power over matter and form, and so he has to recognize CassiopeiaHercules, 36:of the soul is the fish swimming in the ocean of matter, and Cetus, the sea monster, is the symbolHercules, 36:The Crux of the Test The conquest of matter and the overcoming of illusion loomed large beforeHercules, 42:poles, positive and negative; between spirit and matter; between the Self and the not-Self; betweenHercules, 42:that Life in operation, attracting spirit and matter and instituting the interplay between theHercules, 42:desire of the male for the female, the lure of matter for spirit: all these phrases can be piled upHercules, 45:aspect. The moon is the symbol, therefore, of matter and is seen in many of our churches, closelyHercules, 45:the Taurian influence, is the glorification of matter and subsequent illumination through itsHercules, 45:from shining forth in its full power, is the matter or form aspect. When that has been consecrated,Hercules, 46:representing form and the attractive pull of matter; the Pleiades, representing soul and the vastHercules, 47:of the soul in incarnation, and the story of matter, as it receives purification and glorificationHercules, 48:law of attraction and right use and control of matter. In this way matter is raised up into heaven,Hercules, 48:and right use and control of matter. In this way matter is raised up into heaven, figurativelyHercules, 49:and over-population will die out in the world. Matter will no longer be prostituted to selfishHercules, 52:positive spirit aspect and the negative mother-matter? Let the soul be single in its purpose andHercules, 52:in its purpose and freed from the thralldom of matter, and then right action and a right point ofHercules, 64:the great mystery of God incarnate in matter, and the crucifixion of the cosmic Christ upon theHercules, 64:of the cosmic Christ upon the cross of matter, is tied up with the relationship (presumed from mostHercules, 64:entity is functioning: Christ incarnate in matter, God working through form. Castor was regarded asHercules, 65:spirit aspect, and the other, the negative, matter aspect. The Coptic and the Hebrew names signifyHercules, 66:showing the tremendous power that the god of matter can assume, and also the potency of divinity.Hercules, 69:bound to the wheel of life, identified with the matter aspect, and ever the enemy of "The ComingHercules, 81:we are considering the involution of the soul in matter, or the evolution of the aspirant as heHercules, 83:instinct is the intuition. In the same way, as matter has to be lifted up into heaven, so instinctHercules, 87:the spiritual kingdom, birth out of the world of matter into the world of being. Involution,Hercules, 91:before our eyes of the story of the evolution of matter in form, of consciousness, of spirit and ofHercules, 100:In Aries, the soul took to itself that type of matter which would enable it to be in relation toHercules, 101:bringing together of the energies of soul and matter, and man became a living soul, for the twoHercules, 101:and of the balance achieved between spirit and matter. But it is the number wherein spirit does notHercules, 101:is the number wherein spirit does not dominate matter; it is the number of the aspirant whoseHercules, 101:aspirant whose objective it is to subordinate matter to the uses of spirit and, therefore, upsetHercules, 102:in full knowledge we are here. In order to raise matter into heaven, we have come into manifestedHercules, 102:thee," for in Leo, Father-spirit and Mother-matter meet in the individual and their union producesHercules, 104:the lion or kingly soul, and its relation to the matter or Mother aspect. It may, therefore,Hercules, 106:Leo and Virgo. In Scorpio, this serpent of matter or of illusion, with which the soul hasHercules, 106:individually. Hydra the serpent, represents the matter aspect, as it veils and hides the soul. TheHercules, 106:and ninety small. So we have again the number of matter, or of form-taking, and the number of whatHercules, 106:which he has distilled out of his experience in matter. It is the cup of obligation certain of the
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