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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Magic, 113:the man is on the Path; when second subplane matter predominates then he takes initiation, and whenMagic, 113:then he takes initiation, and when he has matter only of atomic substance, he becomes a Master.Magic, 118:ensue. The lower activity of personal life, no matter how good or how worthy, must eventually beMagic, 126:to be given of the use of mental [126] matter, and the building of that matter into thought forms.Magic, 126:of mental [126] matter, and the building of that matter into thought forms. These rules concernMagic, 130:utilization of certain atoms, the employment of matter of the higher subplanes and the ability toMagic, 140:acts as a disturber, a loosener of the coarse matter of the body of thought, of emotion, and of theMagic, 140:medium, and gathers in particles of pure matter to fill the places of those earlier thrown out.Magic, 142:the original sound or word sets in vibration the matter of which all forms are made and initiatesMagic, 145:reverberated amidst varying wheels of uncreated matter; and lo, the sun and all the lesser wheelsMagic, 146:to sound and light) produces response in matter, and therefore attracts or calls together the atomsMagic, 152:of learning to be a conscious creator in mental matter and so produce results in the phenomenalMagic, 160:mental form must go and so gather to itself the matter of the astral plane which will enable it toMagic, 162:and meditation, is a potently dangerous matter. This must never be forgotten. There are forms ofMagic, 162:forms of thought, unencumbered by much desire matter, which, failing to pass downward, poison theMagic, 164:to think, to formulate, and to build in mental matter. He simply pours his life into the form andMagic, 165:cooperation with his purposes and ideas, no matter how hard he tries. All that he can do is toMagic, 176:must endeavor to remain free from depression, no matter what occurs; liberated from discouragement;Magic, 179:that only those in whose bodies atomic subplane matter is found can work this way. Safety andMagic, 180:consciousness and necessitates the use of atomic matter, thus opening up a wide range ofMagic, 182:be acquired as to the nature of thought and of matter, and this must be followed experimentally byMagic, 182:of vibration, and bodies built of the finest matter. The attainment of this will involveMagic, 186:the egoic standpoint one life is but a short matter and soon gone and that by study, intelligentMagic, 192:between the eyebrows, then the personality, the matter aspect, reaches its apotheosis and theMagic, 199:expression of force and its apparent effect in matter. The five centers with their forty-eightMagic, 204:specific objective. 4. Meditation. Upon this matter we will not enlarge as it has formed the basisMagic, 214:by the intelligent will, drive out physical matter. It is the agent of the soul in the purificatoryMagic, 214:is but the physical counterpart (for etheric matter is physical) of inner correspondences. ThroughMagic, 214:of the old forms, of shaking out of the bodies matter of an undesirable nature and of breaking downMagic, 219:interest. Psychologists are giving the entire matter much consideration, and though at present theMagic, 220:swept into activity by the force inherent in the matter of the three worlds, independently of theMagic, 220:man is a victim of his own form energies and the matter aspect of all manifestation. In the otherMagic, 222:in the world is busy working in astral matter, and the potency of human desire and of world desireMagic, 222:leads to the most concrete effects of astral matter. Individual desire, national desire, racialMagic, 225:interaction is between the soul and its vehicle, matter, but there are many lesser dualities whichMagic, 225:result of a certain selfish use of the forces of matter. Heat and cold, as we understand the term,Magic, 226:is the plane of active experience in and through matter. It is the plane of externalization and,Magic, 228:life of his soul, he realizes the attraction of matter and of form, and is forced to recognize theMagic, 229:involutionary and involves him in deepest matter; the other leads him out of the body nature, andMagic, 236:to itself a triple form, constituted of the matter of all three planes, and vitalized through theMagic, 237:their power and the battle between the forces of matter and the force of the soul is violentlyMagic, 237:Hierarchy, able to create and to wield mental matter, and so work out the purposes of the UniversalMagic, 240:he learns his lesson) to work in the forces of matter, and with the forms which hold all souls inMagic, 240:that true death is immersion in form, and that matter is but a part of the divine whole. TheMagic, 241:as the attractive force between spirit and matter; spiritually speaking, it is demonstrated as theMagic, 242:which is another manifestation of the energy of matter and hence has a triple problem with which heMagic, 246:"whether in the body or out of the body" is a matter of no moment. The act of service to beMagic, 247:standing as the intermediary between Spirit and matter, Life and form, the monad and theMagic, 250:be, but the times are so critical that it is a matter to be deplored if any time is lost in futileMagic, 262:that vehicle of physical, astral and mental matter that provides the means of contact in the threeMagic, 262:of the mind and the manipulation of thought-matter and in transmutation of emotion comes theMagic, 265:In these days you will need to ponder on this matter of the form, for with the entering in of a newMagic, 267:man creates: The left hand path concerns the matter aspect and the life poured into the form servesMagic, 267:The form created is constituted of mental matter, of astral matter and of physical substance. ItMagic, 267:is constituted of mental matter, of astral matter and of physical substance. It lacks the soulMagic, 267:is the path of progress for substance or matter. It is not the path of progress for the soulMagic, 267:and yet preserves the integrity of substance-matter and their Unity within the One Life. All formsMagic, 268:the left hand path and so increase the power of matter and its hold over sentient souls. It mightMagic, 268:anything that tends to increase the power of matter and add to the potent energy of form-substanceMagic, 269:humanity out of form into life, and away from matter into consciousness. In an ashram of one of theMagic, 269:of Men know the distinction which exists between matter and substance, the lesson of this epochMagic, 269:Other lessons will be left but this one passes. Matter and substance together work out the way ofMagic, 276:Its right placement within the womb of matter is the objective of the Hierarchy, with all theMagic, 279:is the correct building of forms in mental matter remembering that "as a man thinketh so is he";Magic, 280:or a disciple, when a man cannot work in mental matter, control his use of thought, watch theMagic, 281:Path. These are the forces inherent in matter itself; they deal with the body nature and might beMagic, 283:the etheric medium as a form or aspect of matter and as relatively tangible as the outer objectiveMagic, 285:the centers. This vital life of the universe of matter enters into the human organism through theMagic, 288:Silent" is the ultimate dharma or destiny of the matter aspect, of the animal nature in itsMagic, 298:Fear has its roots in the warp and woof of matter itself, and is par excellence, a formulation orMagic, 298:conveying little. It is inherent in the fact of matter itself and in the play of the pairs ofMagic, 298:in the play of the pairs of opposites - soul and matter. The sentient souls [299] of animals and ofMagic, 299:fear of the animal. To concretize the matter more clearly would not help. Of what use is it to beMagic, 299:to be told that fear is a quality of evil (or of matter) which colors fundamentally orMagic, 300:types. I speak about Death as one who knows the matter from both the outer world experience and theMagic, 301:I refer not here to the work of clairvoyants no matter how poor, nor to the taking possession ofMagic, 315:the other. They work with this type of sentient matter without the least understanding of theMagic, 331:realized by many, their work with what they call matter, and their investigations of the atom areMagic, 332:fundamental concept as to the nature of matter will mark the new age. Within the next twenty-fiveMagic, 332:or type of energy, distinguished from that of matter itself. The atom has been recognized as anMagic, 334:vision or the power to see the next grade of matter with the strictly physical eye. IncreasinglyMagic, 336:in substance, understanding the nature of matter, seeing always in terms of light and comprehendingMagic, 340:of thought which emphasize the dominance of matter and trace all phenomena, objective andMagic, 340:objective and subjective, to the activity of matter. Through the wrestling of those holdingMagic, 340:larger case, spirit "mounts on the shoulders of matter" back to its original position, plus theMagic, 341:earlier said: First, hold not on to the form no matter what it be. All forms are but experiments,Magic, 342:involved in connection with some particular matter produce a violent vibration in the astral body.Magic, 345:body, you clothe your fear reactions with mental matter, highly vitalized, which causes a powerfulMagic, 349:that the personality is only temporary, and what matter if it suffer? Some good gained for theMagic, 352:on and up with Him in a similar manner. The matter is abstruse and largely one of the secrets ofMagic, 367:bring through and how build afterwards? [367] No matter how small or unimportant an individualMagic, 368:your thought-form of the vision is clothed in matter of the mental and astral planes. Happy theMagic, 368:up with their thought sweeps the mental plane matter into activity; thinkers seize hold of theMagic, 371:destructible. Its destruction then becomes the matter of greatest concern and usefulness, and itMagic, 372:in other directions: Being of physical plane matter, literally, etheric consciousness is the nextMagic, 372:to see etherically and to cognize etheric matter. It is the field of exploration immediately aheadMagic, 372:to adhere to wide generalities until the whole matter has taken clear shape in your mind. Magic, 374:next physical plane of consciousness. Etheric matter is even now becoming visible to some, and willMagic, 378:Shamballa is spoken of as existing in physical matter and as occupying a definite location inMagic, 378:a definite location in space, the physical matter referred to is etheric, the Lord of the World and
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