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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Meditation, 157:the idealism is high, when the percentage of matter of the two higher subplanes is approachingMeditation, 157:his emotional body, driving out foreign or lower matter, and stabilizing his vibration. They willMeditation, 157:his vibration. They will build in emotional matter a body or form that he can use for certain work,Meditation, 158:and found the egoic note. Then he manipulates matter of his own ray, and works through his ownMeditation, 161:Forms in meditation are but forms in thought matter, so that it will be apparent to you that aMeditation, 161:beginning has been made. One more hint on this matter I give: Through the various centers of theMeditation, 162:results that may throw light on this obscure matter of healing through the subtle bodies. Meditation, 163:responds to a different key and note, and its matter is manipulated, and its current tapped, by theMeditation, 164:when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnel is formedMeditation, 166:world a waste of time. I have touched upon the matter because no book on meditation would beMeditation, 166:today is very great, for we have to take up the matter of the forms used in the Departments of theMeditation, 167:by these departments. The Manu manipulates matter and is occupied with the evolution of form,Meditation, 167:inconceivably great. Form - Life - Intelligence, Matter - Spirit - Mind, Prakriti - Purusha -Meditation, 168:approach the Ultimate. It is fundamentally a matter dealing with various states of consciousness,Meditation, 169:essential Life of that department (it is all a matter of terms) differ. The life within the formMeditation, 170:racial development, of working in and with the matter of all forms on all the planes of humanMeditation, 180:knowledge of law. I have touched on this matter as it lies back of all instruction along occultMeditation, 180:that vital fluid, those electrical rays (no matter what the terms used) right to the heart of theMeditation, 183:division on forms connected with fire. Today the matter imparted suffices. Meditation, 184:heat and is, for our chain, the point of densest matter, and of greatest physical heat, so theMeditation, 186:the base of the spine. Mantrams that work on the matter of the mental plane, on one or other of itsMeditation, 186:capacity to think, wield or manipulate mental matter, and, acting as a stimulant to the causalMeditation, 187:you a lot of information in very few words. The matter is much condensed. It has a specialMeditation, 190:and varied angles. In all our handling of the matter only enough has been communicated to arouseMeditation, 191:we can now take up the consideration of the matter from the collective standpoints. Some of theMeditation, 192:in Meditation Forms We will now take up the matter specifically from the standpoint of sound. InMeditation, 193:in actuality, for adjustments [193] in the matter of the three lower planes have to be made in thisMeditation, 193:first of all in the destruction of obstructing matter, and then in the construction of a funnel forMeditation, 193:of sound. That use is its projection in mental matter by means of one or other of the majorMeditation, 193:very thing. As evolution progresses, and the matter is more fully comprehended, meditation groupsMeditation, 195:the opening up of accurate information on this matter. We will presume that a congregation ofMeditation, 196:stream of force. It causes an adjustment of the matter of one of the various bodies or of all theMeditation, 197:has a peculiar and definite effect upon the matter of the two subtler vehicles. By this rhythmicMeditation, 197:to some one or other center in the body. The matter of the emotional and mental bodies is entirelyMeditation, 197:the emotional vehicle, and to the lowest type of matter in that vehicle. This results on theMeditation, 198:locality. The geometrical figures formed in the matter of the plane higher than the physical (whichMeditation, 199:studied; the eliminative effect on the matter of those bodies will be scientifically tabulated andMeditation, 199:undertaken. Another angle of the whole matter resolves itself into work in the world, and thoughMeditation, 201:of the Manu and His subordinates upon the matter in hand. So in the department of the BodhisattvaMeditation, 202:plane demonstration. The thought conveys much matter for consideration and for speculation and isMeditation, 204:universal storehouse. It is the manipulation of matter, and its adaptation to the interactingMeditation, 206:an ideal world, and built it up in thought matter. Then our objective universe flashed into being,Meditation, 209:those on the emotional plane, and as the finer matter of the other planes is contacted, the beauty,Meditation, 211:transmits itself; it is the reflection upon matter of the type of influence that is emanating fromMeditation, 211:the earth plane and are absorbed into dense matter. Not so is it in fact. The seven colors may beMeditation, 211:of least resistance from the heart of densest matter back again to the source. The bands of colorMeditation, 211:herein lies hid the key to the complexity of the matter. Some move at a swifter rate of vibrationMeditation, 212:be conveyed occularly of the complexity of the matter of the seven rays... Certain brief statementsMeditation, 218:2. Form Aspect 3. Intelligence Aspect Spirit Matter Mind Consciousness Vehicle Vitality SelfMeditation, 232:planes and on the lower. The resistance of matter to the downflow of force or life, and itsMeditation, 233:(which show forth as colors when they contact matter) move in their own ordered cycles. TheseMeditation, 237:thus shroud a virtue you have the key to the matter in hand. You will have noted two facts thatMeditation, 237:impartation of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration. Why have I not dealtMeditation, 237:for consideration. Why have I not dealt with the matter in greater detail, and why have I notMeditation, 239:the self and the not-self, between spirit and matter, manifesting as modes of expression wherebyMeditation, 239:linked these two pairs of opposites, spirit and matter, consciousness and form, the forms built ofMeditation, 239:consciousness and form, the forms built of matter by the aid of the intelligence are one afterMeditation, 241:knowledge is a dangerous thing". Unless the matter of healing with color is dealt with in correctMeditation, 241:and foretell for you somewhat the trend the matter will probably take. [242] Application of ColorMeditation, 248:of color in meditation. We have dealt with the matter in such a way that if the hints that areMeditation, 251:Culture. Supreme concentrated attention to the matter in hand makes them what they are, and in manyMeditation, 252:colors, and through sound. This suffices on this matter and at this juncture I have naught furtherMeditation, 262:meditation, or the manipulation of thought matter, and by work on the mental bodies of the race, isMeditation, 264:other definitions, and further elucidate the matter for you, but that imparted today suffices. TheMeditation, 265:of Probation. Much that might be said upon this matter has been covered in that earlier series IMeditation, 272:his taking initiation. Initiation is a technical matter and can be expressed in terms of esotericMeditation, 274:the bodies are composed of a certain grade of matter, when the aura has attained a certain hue andMeditation, 278:his nature. Being composed of emotion and mental matter it pulsates with every vibration of thoseMeditation, 288:I deal here only with one phase of the matter, and that is, the realization, in the physical brainMeditation, 299:Future Schools of Meditation In handling this matter we might, as is our usual custom, divide theMeditation, 299:as is our usual custom, divide the subject matter under different heads: The one fundamentalMeditation, 302:that the emphasis is laid on the fact that no matter what the offshoots, the basic school ofMeditation, 310:you that much which might be said by me on this matter must remain unsaid for lack of the abilityMeditation, 311:which the further work may be based. Mistakes matter not; nought but the fleeting personalitiesMeditation, 311:but the fleeting personalities suffer. What does matter is lack of aspiration, inability toMeditation, 311:Schools of Meditation The Location This is a matter of very real importance but differs accordingMeditation, 319:schools; they watch over the manipulation of matter by the pupil and his demonstration of the lawsMeditation, 329:and of sound. Synthesis The study of spirit-matter-mind. Study of numbers and of symbology. StudyMeditation, 334:generation. What then has to be done? The matter I now give contains nothing very unusual, but itMeditation, 334:definite requirements: The building in of matter of the higher subplanes and the elimination of theMeditation, 334:and the elimination of the lower and coarser matter. This is needed because it is impossible forMeditation, 335:you will have a body composed of atomic subplane matter... This may take several incarnations, butMeditation, 335:color, and disintegration of unwanted matter will be brought about by the use of an antagonisticMeditation, 339:the attainment of a certain proportion of atomic matter in the bodies. The four initiations, priorMeditation, 339:- At the first initiation one-fourth atomic matter, at the second one-half atomic matter, and so onMeditation, 339:atomic matter, at the second one-half atomic matter, and so on to the consummation. The intuitionMeditation, 340:the race. It involves the formulation of thought matter, and the capacity to define. It means theMeditation, 340:the ability to make thought forms out of thought matter, and to utilize those thought forms for theMeditation, 349:It is built by the aspirant himself in mental matter. Ashram The center to which the Master gathersMeditation, 351:constitution of man. [351] Atomic subplane The matter of the solar system is divided by theMeditation, 353:body. The dense physical body is formed [353] of matter of the lowest three subplanes of theMeditation, 356:of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter. Microcosm The little universe, or manMeditation, 357:form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter, or what, incorrectly separating them, weMeditation, 357:separating them, we name Spirit, Soul, and Matter in man. Matter is the vehicle for theMeditation, 357:them, we name Spirit, Soul, and Matter in man. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of SoulMeditation, 360:the Self and the Not-self, between spirit and matter. Wesak A festival which takes place in thePatanjaliflesh and the manifestation upon the plane of matter of the second aspect of divinity. This blazingPatanjali, 8:Lower self Life Consciousness Form Energy Force Matter The Presence The Angel of the Presence ThePatanjali, 10:them through the mutual interplay of spirit and matter. By the control of these substances and thePatanjali, 19:heart of every atom, whether it is the atom of matter as studied in the laboratory of the
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