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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Psychology1, 179:world problems of government, of faith and of matter. Please note the distinction and significancePsychology1, 188:which are seeking to destroy and to attack, no matter how sincere their motive. Range yourself onPsychology1, 188:on the knowledge that we are each and all, no matter what our race, the children of the One Father,Psychology1, 199:intuition. This intuition is a quality of mental matter and of the "chitta" or mind stuff. Man isPsychology1, 203:unsatisfied with his highest attainments; no matter how great his knowledge, his mind is stillPsychology1, 211:would think far more of the manner than of the matter in his work, but would always be fluent bothPsychology1, 218:the atom and its internal organization remains a matter of investigation and of speculation andPsychology1, 224:of the minerals do not come under our subject matter. This is not a scientific treatise, as usuallyPsychology1, 227:is only one substance and one spirit, that "matter is spirit at the lowest point of its cyclicPsychology1, 227:point of its cyclic activity" and spirit is matter at its highest, then the ray of ceremonial orderPsychology1, 228:transmutation. From the standpoint of external matter, the mineral kingdom marks the densestPsychology1, 229:in the production of dense objective or solid matter - is the tangible result of the interplay ofPsychology1, 236:the body and the akasha, ascension out of matter (the three worlds) and power to travel in space isPsychology1, 236:the fluid conscious life. Ascension out of matter - animal kingdom the evolutionary goal of thePsychology1, 238:Life of that kingdom is functioning. This whole matter must not be viewed from the standpoint ofPsychology1, 238:life-quality and appearance. This whole matter is too intricate for real comprehension, and thePsychology1, 244:as he works out his destiny in form and through matter. The entire problem of magnetism is closelyPsychology1, 254:it is the tamasic nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood. The chitta orPsychology1, 254:aspect of both kingdoms. They are inherent in matter itself. But this third Ray of DivinePsychology1, 263:to life; they lift him out of the dark prison of matter into the light of day. These are the fivePsychology1, 268:and of varying ideas. It is obvious that the matter is a difficult one to approach. But why is itPsychology1, 270:of a rearrangement of men's ideas on this vital matter. The attitude of the unthinking savage toPsychology1, 274:can yet see the solution, or who can find - no matter how clear his brain or erudite his mind - thePsychology1, 277:(during manifestation) between spirit and matter, and between life and form. It is, in the lastPsychology1, 277:aspects or halves. These we can call spirit and matter, male and female, positive and negative; andPsychology1, 281:day all that is to be found clothed [281] with matter, and will thus eventually lead to thePsychology1, 283:[283] emergence of humanity out of the tomb of matter. The hidden divinity will be revealed.Psychology1, 285:pairs of opposites, - Father-Mother, spirit-matter; between positive and negative; between life andPsychology1, 288:can express itself and come to be. Spirit and matter met together, and the manifested universe camePsychology1, 290:the center between the eyebrows is the symbol of matter, of the negative feminine aspect. ConnectedPsychology1, 291:the light flashes out. Father-spirit and mother-matter unite and are at-one and the Christ is born.Psychology1, 304:much confusion in the minds of aspirants on this matter, and the injunction as to celibacy isPsychology1, 313:fullness. To man is given the task of raising matter up into heaven, and of glorifying rightly thePsychology1, 313:my powers or the power of any human pen, no matter how great a man's realization may be, or hisPsychology1, 314:the two aspects of father-mother, spirit-matter, and having nurtured the Christ child through aPsychology1, 321:body are governed by the Rays of Intelligence in matter and of Organizing Power. But in the midstPsychology1, 327:it is the mode par excellence whereby the matter aspect, or the whole personality, is "raised upPsychology1, 332:just as electrical science (the electricity of matter) is the basic achievement of the Piscean age.Psychology1, 336:potent and to the densest kind of attraction in matter, that of the mineral kingdom. Dense as itPsychology1, 340:not yet possible. All these ray vibrations, no matter which they may be, can eventually be reducedPsychology1, 353:God, which is the definite fusion of spirit and matter, through the evolution of the soul of man.Psychology1, 353:substance, and the recognition of the fact that matter is the outer garment of God. This willPsychology1, 353:The plan of God that humanity should control matter on the physical plane reaches a high point ofPsychology1, 360:energy is of the type which blends spirit and matter. The sixth ray activity led to the formationPsychology1, 369:perform the magical work of blending spirit and matter in order to produce the manifested formPsychology1, 369:attributed the discovery of the radioactivity of matter. The seventh ray expresses itself in thePsychology1, 371:seventh ray, which is its power to refine the matter out of which the forms are built. The animalPsychology1, 376:and concerns itself with the form or matter aspect. When these three function together, during thisPsychology1, 377:It caused that growing diversification of matter, clothing the life, which ultimately produced thePsychology1, 377:the Life aspect as it works in conjunction with matter. This second law is called (by those of usPsychology1, 377:proved too strong for the opposing forces of matter. Nothing then could stop the coming intoPsychology1, 377:tangible existence of the incarnating spirits. Matter capitulated to spirit, the divine desire andPsychology1, 380:great and basic ideas: the ideas of life, of matter and of evolution. The functioning of the Law ofPsychology1, 391:three major patterns which are imposed upon the matter aspect, whether it be that of a man, aPsychology1, 393:world. There is little that I can say anent this matter that can be checked and proved, for thePsychology1, 425:- the fluid conscious life. Ascension out of matter animal kingdom - the evolutionary goal of thePsychology1, 428:it is the tamasic nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood. The chitta orPsychology2energies and potencies, produce those forms in matter and substance, which constitute thePsychology2, 4:of divinity, the creator aspect. This works in matter and substance in order to create formsPsychology2, 4:of the soul in any form to master its vehicle, matter, and to express innate quality through thePsychology2, 5:developed, man arrives at a knowledge of matter, of substance and of outer creative activity. ThenPsychology2, 19:of the awakening man: The energy of matter itself, as it affects the consciousness of the innerPsychology2, 21:for they express the same truth. The quality of matter, built up into human form and indwelt by thePsychology2, 22:During the stage wherein it is the quality of matter which is the paramount influence, thatPsychology2, 22:concerned - appear sequentially, and qualify the matter aspect with its three major presentations:Psychology2, 29:of the soul. One marks the stage wherein form, matter, substance, time and space are controllingPsychology2, 31:all individual reactions to the activity of matter or to that state of being which we call egoic,Psychology2, 36:One "The Blessed One flies like an arrow into matter. He destroys (or ruptures) the way by which hePsychology2, 39:of it all. How can I work, immersed in deepest matter? Tell me the thing that I must do?' ThePsychology2, 48:objective and the subjective, between spirit and matter, and between the physical and thePsychology2, 50:and the dense physical body is established when Matter of the three lowest subplanes of thePsychology2, 51:soul, for it works towards the regeneration of matter and not towards the consummation of its ownPsychology2, 51:or ego comes about when its work of salvaging matter (through utilizing it and building it intoPsychology2, 51:the vehicles have been "occultly saved", and matter has thus been transformed, transmuted andPsychology2, 54:quality and vibratory activity of the atoms of matter which are attracted and held together. TheyPsychology2, 56:concerns the response, innate and inherent, of matter or substance, to the pattern. It might bePsychology2, 56:that the process of the inner conditioning of matter is mutable and in a state of continual flux.Psychology2, 57:present and future) that we are dealing with matter-substance and with forms which are alreadyPsychology2, 60:in the creative aspect of Divinity, the third or matter aspect, and are linked to an intelligentPsychology2, 60:are linked to an intelligent understanding of matter and to the power of the mind to dominatePsychology2, 61:after all, implies the creation of a form out of matter and the infusing of that form with a lifePsychology2, 65:correspondence in the human body to the cross of matter, spoken of in connection with Deity.Psychology2, 71:the meditation work) he starts working in mental matter and trains himself in the powers and usesPsychology2, 76:seen, this process of appropriation is a dual matter, or rather, it involves a dual activity - thatPsychology2, 85:of science, the adaptation of the laws governing matter and directing material energy to thePsychology2, 89:Cosmic Christ was crucified upon the cross of matter, and by that great sacrifice opportunity wasPsychology2, 93:for, from the angle of Deity, descent into matter, manifestation through form, the taking of aPsychology2, 93:and in dying, lived." Through their sacrifice, matter is lifted up into Heaven. It is this themePsychology2, 96:the involutionary arc, to progress down into matter, producing thus the immanence of God. It isPsychology2, 107:one. The goal is one. These are the points that matter. Thirdly, preserve ever in work the attitudePsychology2, 108:serve the Plan. They train Their disciples (no matter what their degree) to serve that Plan withPsychology2, 149:soul in all forms. It does not literally affect matter, except in so far as form is affected whenPsychology2, 159:the Probationary Path has a vision of this: (no matter how slight it may be), then the law ofPsychology2, 185:inner group of Thinkers, Who, working in mental matter, control from the subjective side of life,Psychology2, 207:with any aspiration of the form life, no matter how highly developed. They can and do use the formPsychology2, 210:This rapidity is, however, a different matter altogether, for many of the disciples today came intoPsychology2, 216:wise to distrust the obvious interpretation. The matter is abstruse. It is well to ponder on thePsychology2, 227:has been able to effect in conjunction with matter for the production of form. This emergingPsychology2, 232:out to us, and the synthesis of soul with matter also emphasized, thus completing the unificationPsychology2, 235:the innate, inherited psyche of the atoms of matter and substance which constitute his form nature.
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