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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Soul, 24:what you will. Thought is not the functioning of matter. The materialists on the other hand, whileSoul, 29:through the medium of the mechanism? Cannot matter reach upwards towards mind and Soul and Spirit -Soul, 32:then, inevitably, to physics as the science of matter in motion." - Leary, Daniel B., ModernSoul, 37:- Ibid., pp. 11, 12. In regard to this matter of temperament, Dr. Hocking remarks: "There is notSoul, 49:simply inhibition of the adrenal medulla. As a matter of fact the mechanism of courage is moreSoul, 51:mental concepts, are accounted for in terms of matter. To the glands and to the nervous system, andSoul, 52:or groups of questions, the one primarily a matter of the individual, and the second all-embracing.Soul, 54:is analogous to the ether of the modern world. Matter is energy or spirit in its densest form, andSoul, 54:or spirit in its densest form, and spirit is matter in its most sublimated aspect. Second: As allSoul, 56:is, yet in another sense it is denser even than matter. If we could conceive of an agent outside ofSoul, 57:is activity or spirit, and substance form or matter. Life is the father and begets, substance isSoul, 57:or a Christ, all are outgrowths of energy. Matter is energy in its densest or lowest form; spiritSoul, 57:same Energy in highest or most subtle form. So matter is spirit descending and debased; spirit,Soul, 57:descending and debased; spirit, conversely, is matter ascending and glorified. [58] Soul, 60:debated. As to the parts which are occupied by matter, that is by a substance which appeals to theSoul, 60:said to be an investigation of the properties of matter. But from time to time attention has beenSoul, 60:portions of space from which sensible matter is absent; and this also has physical properties, ofSoul, 61:everything in the material universe consists; matter itself being in all probability one of itsSoul, 61:called gravitational force between one piece of matter and another, and for the still moreSoul, 61:waves of radiation between one piece of matter and another however small and distant they be...Soul, 61:are not likely to be expressible in terms of matter; but, as we have no better clue, we mustSoul, 61:ether as representing things which, if it were matter, would be called by those names. What theseSoul, 61:if, as is now regarded as very probable, atomic matter is a structure in ether, there is everySoul, 61:far denser than any known material substance... "Matter therefore is comparatively a gossamerSoul, 62:the marvelous power of cohering and dissipating matter, of combining it, dividing it, thrusting itSoul, 63:but whether there be or be not in the world any matter that exactly answers to the descriptionsSoul, 63:link between the worlds of intellect and matter being that of organized vitality, occupying theSoul, 63:to us, movements among the molecules of matter are originated of such a character as apparently toSoul, 63:laws which regulate the movements of inanimate matter, or in other words, giving rise to movementsSoul, 64:of a body - which is as essential as the matter itself? "We do not usually attend to the etherSoul, 64:for its appreciation, we only directly apprehend matter. Matter we apprehend clearly when youngSoul, 64:appreciation, we only directly apprehend matter. Matter we apprehend clearly when young children,Soul, 64:energy, the substance in which the atoms of matter are embedded. Not only is there a matter body,Soul, 64:of matter are embedded. Not only is there a matter body, there is also an ether body: the two areSoul, 64:of the ether. Light is to ether as sound is to matter... Subject to all the laws of [65] time andSoul, 65:and tenacity and every other static property of matter, the ether is just beginning to take itsSoul, 65:A duality runs through the scheme of physics - matter and ether - . "All kinetic energy belongs toSoul, 65:- . "All kinetic energy belongs to what we call matter, whether in the atomic or the corpuscularSoul, 65:to and fro from one to the other - from ether to matter or vice versa - and in this passage is allSoul, 65:the nature of our sense organs, which tell us of matter and do not tell us of ether. Yet one is asSoul, 65:always, for there are plenty of regions without matter - though there is no region without ether;Soul, 66:probably subserves psychical purposes, just as matter does. Professors Tait and Balfour StewartSoul, 66:functions." - Lodge, Sir Oliver, Ether, Matter and the Soul, Hibbert Journal, January, 1919. Soul, 66:of doing so. It is invisible, permeates all matter and pervades all space by wave motion, withoutSoul, 67:therefore, builds solar systems as it does matter, with coordination and intelligence, and endowsSoul, 67:this vital force, of the 'livingness' animating matter and shows the relationship between life andSoul, 67:a something which is not expressible in terms of matter. At first blind and stumbling, a purelySoul, 67:and energy, so that beginning as a world of 'matter' it may end as a world of 'mind,' or 'spirit.'Soul, 67:With this object it works in and through matter, infusing and permeating matter with its ownSoul, 67:in and through matter, infusing and permeating matter with its own principle of energy and life. ToSoul, 67:with its own principle of energy and life. To matter so infused we give the name of a livingSoul, 68:living organism is formed of a substratum of matter which has been animated by life, much as aSoul, 68:of life which has been insulated in a piece of matter. "The life force is far from beingSoul, 68:from being all-powerful. It is limited by the matter which it seeks to overcome, and its methodsSoul, 68:stages." - Joad, C. E. M., B. A., Mind and Matter, pp. 178, 179. Will Durant, doubtless the mostSoul, 68:philosophical subjects, says: "The more we study matter the less we see it as fundamental, the moreSoul, 68:outward sign of life and mind... In the heart of matter, giving it form and power, is something notSoul, 68:that we know... Life is first, and within; matter, coeval with it in time and inextricable from itSoul, 68:to it in essence, in logic, and in significance; matter is the form and visibility of life... "TheSoul, 68:product of the life; the weight and solidity of matter are the result and expression ofSoul, 69:lies a subjective form constituted of etheric matter and acting as a conductor of the lifeSoul, 75:medium between essential spirit and tangible matter. Pythagoras, who did so much in his day to linkSoul, 76:body, belonging to a higher degree of being than matter. Tertullian divided the soul into twoSoul, 77:higher nature uses the lower as its vehicle. In matter resides the vital power; in the vital dwellsSoul, 79:energy; whereupon the 'body' ceases to be merely matter and is conceived of as being 'animated'."Soul, 80:is a late philosophical reservation. As a matter of fact, what primitive man understands by 'soul'Soul, 81:Form of Existence, manifesting in what is called Matter; or what, incorrectly separating them, weSoul, 81:separating them, we name Spirit, Soul and Matter in man. Matter is the Vehicle for theSoul, 81:them, we name Spirit, Soul and Matter in man. Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation [82] ofSoul, 84:the truth as formulated in the East, that matter is spirit or energy in its lowest manifestation,Soul, 84:in its lowest manifestation, and spirit is matter in its highest expression. In between these twoSoul, 86:transmitted for attention and accumulation. As a matter of fact, the so-called anterior ventricleSoul, 88:the difference between the gray and white matter of the brain and to describe the five ventricles,Soul, 88:"taught that the soul was the subtlest form of matter, a very delicate substance, enclosed withinSoul, 94:Finer Forces lists four states of subtle matter: Prana or life matter Psychic matter Mental matterSoul, 94:four states of subtle matter: Prana or life matter Psychic matter Mental matter Spiritual matterSoul, 94:of subtle matter: Prana or life matter Psychic matter Mental matter Spiritual matter and it becomesSoul, 94:Prana or life matter Psychic matter Mental matter Spiritual matter and it becomes apparent thatSoul, 94:matter Psychic matter Mental matter Spiritual matter and it becomes apparent that these four areSoul, 94:Serpent Power give the Oriental teaching about matter and ether. "Recent scientific research hasSoul, 94:this original substance cannot be scientific 'matter' - that is, that which has mass, weight, andSoul, 94:is, that which has mass, weight, and inertia. Matter has been dematerialized and reduced, accordingSoul, 95:to something which differs profoundly from 'matter' as known by the senses. This ultimate substanceSoul, 95:follows. There is no such thing as scientific 'Matter.' If there seems to be such, this is due toSoul, 95:called 'ether,' which is not scientific 'matter.' The motions of this substance give rise from theSoul, 95:the realistic point of view to the notion of 'matter.' Matter is thus at base one, notwithstandingSoul, 95:point of view to the notion of 'matter.' Matter is thus at base one, notwithstanding the diversitySoul, 95:and the differences in the various kinds of matter depend on the various movements of the ultimateSoul, 95:unity of base, it is possible that one form of matter may pass into another." - Avalon,Arthur (SirSoul, 95:"In the first place, it is now admitted that 'matter,' even with the addition of all possibleSoul, 95:It is said, however, that this Ether is not 'matter,' but differs profoundly from it, and that itSoul, 95:description of it, to borrow comparisons from 'matter' in its ordinary physical sense, which aloneSoul, 96:other Tattvas and their derivatives exist. With 'Matter' and Ether as its materials, Western purelySoul, 96:still are, to laugh at the idea of Maya. Was not matter solid, permanent and real enough? ButSoul, 96:what a friend of mine calls the 'crust' of solid matter (Parthivabhuta). This whilst it lasts isSoul, 98:Spirit in every soul, around which clusters matter and energy. Prana is merely a form of energySoul, 99:is an effect of the union of spirit or life, and matter or substance, and demonstrates as theSoul, 99:with the human form, is the force latent in matter itself; it is the integral life of the atom,Soul, 104:is prana, which is intermediate between mind and matter. "Hindu philosophy regards Prana and notSoul, 104:Purusha (Spirit aspect - A.A.B.) and acting on matter." "All the energy of animals is nervous
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