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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTER

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Soul, 105:which is intermediate between spirit and matter, and brings them into relation with each other." -Soul, 106:of the two lower energies, those of matter and those of the sentient mental nature, to the highestSoul, 106:mechanism to the highest state of perfection. Matter has been raised into heaven, and hence theSoul, 106:teaching that the Kundalini fire, the energy of matter (sometimes called the mother) has eventuallySoul, 109:prana which is the life principle and energizes matter and produces form. The vital body alsoSoul, 110:If we study the workings of the impregnation of matter by Divine Energy, sometimes spoken of as theSoul, 110:the Self into the limits of objectivity called matter, certain qualities are imparted to matterSoul, 110:called matter, certain qualities are imparted to matter developing into what are called tattvas.Soul, 116:which is the introspective subject matter of psychology, must not, however, be confused with thatSoul, 117:living brain is constituted of gross sensible matter (Mahabhuta) infused by Prana. Its material hasSoul, 124:thus, through a blending of the energy latent in matter itself and stored up in the center at theSoul, 130:that we have only succeeded in pushing the whole matter back into the realms of the unseen and theSoul, 138:containing a very large proportion of etheric matter, and thus being easily affected by the coarserSoul, 138:of the various centers reveals states of subtler matter than the physical. It is mainly, however,Soul, 140:blending of spiritual energy and the force in matter itself through the attractive energy of theSoul, 140:center or by conscious action on the force of matter. The soul energy of the sacral center must beSoul, 143:fact, now recognized by science, that light is matter, and matter is light. When the soul isSoul, 143:recognized by science, that light is matter, and matter is light. When the soul is functioning andSoul, 143:Bazzoni says: "We have seen that all forms of matter on the earth are made up of 92 different kindsSoul, 143:bodies which we see about us and indeed for that matter, our own bodies. Now, any one of these 92Soul, 151:new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life and spirit. Through that race and throughSoul, 152:intelligently applied to the perfecting of the matter aspect. Spirit, soul and body - a divineSoul, 157:of cases and of testimony, light on this matter may appear. When the transfer is normal and notSoul, 158:of Psychology, W. B. Pillsbury, Ph.D. Mind and Matter, C. E. M. Joad, B.A. Modern Psychology,Telepathy, 3:inner group of Thinkers Who, working in mental matter, control from the subjective side of life theTelepathy, 3:are sufficiently heavy to affect physical plane matter and thus make possible the building ofTelepathy, 3:between disciples on the physical plane. No matter where they may find themselves, this group ofTelepathy, 49:intelligences and as creators in mental matter. It is all related to this Science of ImpressionTelepathy, 55:and unenlightened. I am seeking to make the matter as simple as I can, for much of the abstractTelepathy, 85:reactions, and telepathy is a personality matter depending upon contact between mind and mind. TheTelepathy, 88:this stage non-existent. This will not greatly matter, because when the disciple begins to realizeTelepathy, 91:technique which all disciples have to learn (no matter which of the Seven Paths they may eventuallyTelepathy, 104:of the impression, which is a far more difficult matter. The subject who is impressed must know theTelepathy, 106:in its entirety is involved in this important matter of correct interpretation. In this aspect ofTelepathy, 114:the thought currents or impressions (from no matter what source) must pass in order to make anTelepathy, 140:The etheric body exists in subtle etheric matter, and factually there is no true gap; there isTelepathy, 140:of occultism. The demonstration that light and matter are synonymous terms is also a scientificTelepathy, 142:in all circumstances is essential and in this matter science gives a desirable lead, even though itTelepathy, 145:can control the physical body from any plane, no matter how high, except in this manner. AccordingTelepathy, 146:dense physical body. They exist only in etheric matter and in the etheric so-called aura, outsideTelepathy, 147:what is called "attracted response" from dense matter, and thus the seven major sets of endocrineTelepathy, 148:planetary life - or elsewhere for that matter, even beyond our planetary ring-pass-not. The conceptTelepathy, 155:brought into contact with, or is related to, the matter of which the manifested worlds are made -Telepathy, 173:thus aiding in the liberation from substance or matter of the one to be aided. It is high time thatTelepathy, 176:the quality - hitherto rampant - of objective matter. Forget not that the etheric body is aTelepathy, 188:other Centers work with substance and not with matter. This is an interesting and vitalTelepathy, 188:and it works from there, impressing mental matter. Shamballa works on the levels of the threeTelepathy, 189:in it "units of energy" who can work both with matter and with substance. There is here a mostTelepathy, 189:seldom grasped. Esoterically speaking, the word "matter" or material is given to all forms in theTelepathy, 189:and that of which all thought-forms are made is matter from the spiritual angle, yet so it is;Telepathy, 189:understood - is in reality cosmic etheric matter, or that of which the four higher planes of ourTelepathy, 189:first or lowest cosmic ether) must be clothed in matter of the abstract levels of the mental plane;Telepathy, 189:the mental plane; then they must be clothed in matter of the concrete mental plane; later, withTelepathy, 189:of the concrete mental plane; later, with desire matter, and finally (if they live so long) theyTelepathy, 192:- and they are the same for each and all, no matter what his ray or his point in evolution may be:
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