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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTERS

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Astrology, 25:Think this out. As we work and study over these matters, let us bear in mind always the fact thatAstrology, 110:and renunciation. Before taking up these matters in connection with Pisces, there are one or twoAstrology, 265:has, therefore, a definite bearing on these matters and the nine united potencies play their partAstrology, 288:will increasingly appear. I am hinting at matters of spiritual and esoteric importance because thisAstrology, 443:emerge even at this time from a study of these matters, provided the student of esotericism restsAstrology, 505:to do more than touch very briefly upon such matters. Atomrepetition, as each lecture briefly reviews the matters covered in the preceding addresses. AsAtom, 6:the first time approach the consideration of the matters here discussed, the occasional repetitionAtom, 101:we were to come down and consider more practical matters than absolute consciousness. Atom, 126:pursued, and which means investigation of those matters which concern the group, for instance. ButAtom, 158:of the life to all that is around, that really matters; and, above all, the effect that we areAutobiography, 10:The good, as well as the bad, are a total which matters and which warrants remembrance. The firstAutobiography, 18:failed me. When I became interested in esoteric matters and gave up being an orthodox,Autobiography, 72:my prophesies don't interest you. But these matters interest me and all people who love theirAutobiography, 98:I got so ill that the two men eventually took matters into their own bands, and cabled to my peopleAutobiography, 120:is strictly material, that the all-mighty dollar matters more to him than the ethical values andAutobiography, 180:married and had a vast experience of men and matters. She was one of the few people to whom I couldAutobiography, 182:whilst reading a book on spiritual or occult matters and that it did not mean I burnt the clothes.Autobiography, 182:myself away to so many people on such trivial matters. I replied to her by telling her that I didAutobiography, 285:the case in occult schools. We regard these matters as entirely his own affair and concern, and weAutobiography, 285:he will make his own adjustments in these matters. We know that the soul imposes its ownBethlehem, 37:Whether we accept this fact or question it matters not, as far as the results are concerned, for asBethlehem, 115:all wrestle in some form and in some measure. It matters not whether we do so from the promptingsBethlehem, 190:the world. G. R. S. Mead, an authority on these matters, remarks that: "The claim of these GnosticsBethlehem, 246:white robes, singing and talking upon religious matters. We have outgrown these ideas, and to themBethlehem, 252:forth before our eyes, it is that Whole which matters to us, and we lose sight of our personalBethlehem, 262:of Christ and His teaching, we could so expedite matters that the kingdom and its laws may holdBethlehem, 267:and the expression of love are strictly personal matters. Love can remain indefinitely a theory orDestiny, 21:I have dealt somewhat in detail with these matters; the gist of them has, however, been embodied inDestiny, 76:aspects of the Leo influences. France, as yet, matters to herself more than humanity matters andDestiny, 76:as yet, matters to herself more than humanity matters and the question is: Can she achieve theDestiny, 118:protection of the physical form and allied matters. In later days, we have the appearance ofDiscipleship1, 55:with a deep craving for solitude but that matters not. It is the penalty he must pay for theDiscipleship1, 57:of pain or distress in the emotional body matters in the very least. These reactions are simplyDiscipleship1, 78:importance; but for the servers of the race, it matters much. Lose not time, therefore, in undueDiscipleship1, 84:A disciple is trained in certain important [84] matters and not in his relation to a Master. TheseDiscipleship1, 114:with you, my brother, and two practical matters which I have in my mind to say to you. I would haveDiscipleship1, 191:attracted attention where your words on occult matters would have fallen on deaf ears. Herein isDiscipleship1, 200:in the group. I would ask you to ponder on these matters. I have said that I would deal with theDiscipleship1, 225:surrounded by the surging crowds of humanity, it matters not. The lessons of divine indifference,Discipleship1, 252:yours is), whether it is teaching physical plane matters or giving esoteric instruction, theDiscipleship1, 283:members. I have noted your attention to these matters. The things which concern the soul are forDiscipleship1, 301:is all a part of the environing illusion. What matters it if each knows the weaknesses of hisDiscipleship1, 326:I cannot impress upon you too strongly two matters, my brother: First that your closest work in theDiscipleship1, 336:much in order to be loved by people. This matters not at all in the case of the average person forDiscipleship1, 390:plane man, and the Presence. It might elucidate matters if we considered for a moment what realityDiscipleship1, 436:it is not where you are but what you are that matters and which is of importance. From the quietDiscipleship1, 437:truth and your power to achieve light on many matters. The one point you should remember is thatDiscipleship1, 450:the solutions. That is much to have achieved. Matters in the world today are in great confusion,Discipleship1, 455:term it the conscious treading of the Path. It matters not the name. For you, it is the steadyDiscipleship1, 481:stand repeated. I waste not time over such matters. You have the power to go on whether commendedDiscipleship1, 497:of values will protect you. I point out these matters so that you can, with promptness andDiscipleship1, 505:the habit of a lifetime. As you know, nothing matters but the soul. Nothing counts in the long runDiscipleship1, 572:mental. For you, one pointedness both in soul matters and personality relationships is the line ofDiscipleship1, 585:vibration of a second ray group at this time. It matters not what group you choose but it doesDiscipleship1, 635:have been assigned. Will you ponder upon these matters and during the coming months free yourselfDiscipleship1, 659:which call your emotional reactions into play on matters and subjects which, in this day of worldDiscipleship1, 710:do not know it, being so preoccupied with outer matters, with form life and objective things. LetDiscipleship1, 719:world today that (before I proceed with other matters) I would like to touch upon the nature of theDiscipleship1, 766:upon the Probationary Path could study such matters with relative impunity because he would notDiscipleship2, 88:only the freedom of the human soul. The teaching matters, not the source or the form. Let meDiscipleship2, 109:of the Ashrams. I would have you think on these matters and prepare yourselves for a better andDiscipleship2, 165:and leaders in all groups who are handling world matters; as a prayer for the inflow of love andDiscipleship2, 166:world affairs and not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguished by his lack ofDiscipleship2, 170:prayer or aspiration, meditation - it matters not what word you use - by means of these threeDiscipleship2, 177:[177] has been occupied with many vital matters and also with the effort to render futile a seriesDiscipleship2, 195:evolution. I would ask you to ponder on these matters, because out of the practice of groupDiscipleship2, 203:of the unseen source of their inspiration. This matters not, for - if their motive is pure, theirDiscipleship2, 232:who - for many lives - will not be interested in matters esoteric. The reform of the churches ofDiscipleship2, 311:he has learnt, grasped and appropriated. It matters not, in this case, what word you use. It shouldDiscipleship2, 323:There is much vague and loose thinking on these matters. Over the years I have given you manyDiscipleship2, 323:I seek greatly to widen your conception of these matters and to [324] give you an entirely newDiscipleship2, 336:having been granted from Shamballa, certain matters came up for consideration. Most of them wouldDiscipleship2, 353:individual initiation. [353] These are difficult matters to make clear, my brothers, but I mayDiscipleship2, 438:was necessary for me, however, to speak of these matters, even if they sound to you to be butDiscipleship2, 446:as a soul. These are two very different matters, my brother. How can you, as a disciple, decideDiscipleship2, 465:the deeper incentives and purposes, and of those matters which will not materialize until such timeDiscipleship2, 570:I - in love - seek to make clear to you. Nothing matters these days (when the bulk of humanity isDiscipleship2, 575:all instruction that you may later give on these matters to make this point [576] adequately clear.Discipleship2, 614:jealousy. This you will naturally deny, and this matters not if you will attempt to establishDiscipleship2, 644:and chosen associates tend to complicate matters and you are, therefore, today facing your majorDiscipleship2, 664:your personality it has been frustrated. Which matters, my brother? Perhaps neither matters fromDiscipleship2, 664:Which matters, my brother? Perhaps neither matters from the angle of the initiate vision and theDiscipleship2, 691:analytical mind will know what to do with these matters. I would suggest, for the process to beDiscipleship2, 698:values to a higher sphere and know that nothing matters connected with the earthly role of life,Discipleship2, 718:and intricate the simplest of physical plane matters. You are apt to make important, things whichDiscipleship2, 724:to you. Seldom do I deal with physical plane matters, and I deal with this matter of a "center ofDiscipleship2, 728:retained upon the mental plane and dedicated to matters far too big for you in this incarnation andEducation, xii:The word "spiritual" does not refer to religious matters, so-called. All activity which drives theEducation, 31:man. These distinctions and unifications are matters of form, [32] symbols in speech, and are usedEducation, 74:him the needed time - busy with non-essential matters, compared to the important and essentialEducation, 96:is associated in the minds of men with religious matters. But that relates only to theme. TheEducation, 103:an infinitesimal part, is the sole factor that matters. This is a definite step forward in theExternalisation, 157:forward will prove effective. Would it clarify matters for you if I state that: Integration is aExternalisation, 225:ask you to consider your own position in these matters. Does the story of Easter and of the livingExternalisation, 339:federation, international understanding - it matters not. It is the theme of betterment, ofExternalisation, 365:others feel that peace is the only thing that matters and that it should be followed by a longExternalisation, 381:of the war, then the one thing that really matters is for man to play his part, to mobilize hisExternalisation, 399:do through their own clear thinking on current matters, by the cultivation of a receptive spirit,Externalisation, 445:come. Even those who have no knowledge of occult matters or of human fate or of the effective
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