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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MATTERS

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Psychology2, 631:of humanity have been hard put to it to keep matters as quiet as they are. What have we got in thePsychology2, 634:large middle class. We are dealing with basic matters, with the groupings which are founded onPsychology2, 708:are the result of wrong polarization? On these matters we may not here enlarge as the theme is tooRays, 119:does as the common sense and so dealing with all matters in the three worlds, and as the spiritualRays, 120:[120] mind at the same time, dealing with all matters connected with the soul, with light andRays, 152:The last seven rules concern various significant matters which, step by step, are revealed to theRays, 207:perforce be noted here, even if dealing with matters incomprehensible to the reader; initiationRays, 246:that all that I can do in these abstruse matters is to indicate what you can do, as an individual,Rays, 285:a certain major planetary initiation. With these matters we are not concerned. With them, only aRays, 364:the word "spiritual" refers neither to religious matters (so-called) nor to the Path ofRays, 366:We have dealt in the foregoing pages with deep matters and have touched upon topics too high forRays, 438:more perfected form. But the relativity of these matters does not really concern us, and theRays, 448:These distinctions and unifications are matters of form, [449] symbols in speech, and are used toRays, 495:building of the antahkarana. Reflect upon these matters and proceed with the work. (In some TalksRays, 500:a complete dedication to humanitarian effort; it matters not. I would call your attention to thatRays, 513:of nature to nature, of form to spirit which matters, remembering ever that that which is foundRays, 722:energy forces which will creatively change matters on Earth. They thereby prove two things: TheirReappearance, 15:it might profit us if we considered these matters and so gained a better perspective. The world toReappearance, 32:and leaders in all groups who are handling world matters; as a prayer for the inflow of love andReappearance, 33:world affairs and not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguished by his lack ofReappearance, 60:no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may callReappearance, 172:of wealthy men or by the great labor unions matters not. Little of it is spent in the betterment ofSoul, 64:between the living and the dead, is, in matters of pure science, in the front rank of this age. HeSoul, 138:A large field for investigation in these matters lies open to all psychical investigators, and whenTelepathy, 58:innate sensitivity. Let us, as we discuss these matters, avoid that much overworked wordTelepathy, 71:are dealing here with most difficult and complex matters, inherent in the initiate consciousnessTelepathy, 127:only the penetrating intuition can make these matters clearer to your avid and active intelligence.Telepathy, 157:directive instinct which, when turned to higher matters, eventually opens the door to the higherTelepathy, 171:and about their coloring and quality. If these matters interest you, you can search in the standard
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