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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAYA

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Glamour, 118:(and under this term I include the various maya and illusions) to which the ray types predisposeGlamour, 125:the dissipater of glamor and the master of maya. This is the initial revelation, and it is when heGlamour, 127:sources of glamor and illusion and the lure of maya until the moment arrives when again he standsGlamour, 128:opposite - Illumination. The contrast between Maya and its opposite - Inspiration. The contrastGlamour, 148:- The Causes of Glamor c. The Contrast between Maya and Inspiration Here we come definitely intoGlamour, 148:and in a peculiar manner the realm of force. Maya is predominantly (for the individual) theGlamour, 148:the Probationary Path, are under the control of maya, for a man succumbs to maya when he isGlamour, 148:under the control of maya, for a man succumbs to maya when he is controlled by any other force orGlamour, 148:him, right forces. Herein lies the problem of maya. Such forces, however, when they control a man,Glamour, 149:is under the influence of the densest form of maya, and the forces of his nature are concentratedGlamour, 149:will meet with gratification. All this is maya in its emotional form, and it is not the same thingGlamour, 149:are seated in the solar plexus. In the case of maya, they are seated in the sacral center. GlamorGlamour, 149:sacral center. Glamor is subtle and emotional. Maya is tangible and etheric. [150] Such are theGlamour, 150:and etheric. [150] Such are the forces of maya which actuate, motivate and energize the life of theGlamour, 161:aspects of world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, and their powerfulGlamour, 162:has been for ages) battling illusion, glamor and maya. Advanced thinkers, those upon theGlamour, 163:of glamor. Japan is manifesting the force of maya - the crudest form of material force. Italy,Glamour, 163:dissipate glamor and devitalize the prevalent maya. This they are doing by the increased clearGlamour, 165:as by a wind, of the attractive power of maya or substance. This will release untold thousands onGlamour, 170:of the teaching anent glamor, illusion and maya because the whole world problem has reached aGlamour, 171:ways in which illusion, glamor and the power of maya can be brought to an end in the life of theGlamour, 172:of Indifference. By means of this technique, maya is ended; for the control of the purified astralGlamour, 240:men succumb; we shall now consider the world of maya in which we, physically, live and move andGlamour, 240:Behind these words of illusion, glamor and maya, lies TRUTH. This truth is the clear consciousnessGlamour, 241:aspect of illusion, to which we give the name Maya, and to the technique which can overcome it. WeGlamour, 241:to the Science of the Breath. What then is maya? This, my brother, is not easy to define because itGlamour, 242:creation and with the outer appearance is maya. It must be remembered that individual maya is aGlamour, 242:is maya. It must be remembered that individual maya is a fractional part of the world of energiesGlamour, 242:the Lord of the World is not identified with the maya which He has created, and which has itsGlamour, 242:of the "prisoners of the planet." To that Maya, HE is supremely indifferent and it is this divineGlamour, 243:discovery will be made that the form is only maya and can be disregarded, that forces can beGlamour, 244:which he employs. He moves in the world of maya, free from all illusion, unhindered by glamor andGlamour, 245:statement you have the clue to the ending of maya. The above remarks are preliminary to our studyGlamour, 252:assumes direction of his life expression, maya or the world of etheric energies becomesGlamour, 258:World Problem - The Ending of Glamor Glamor and maya are then increased and for the life in whichGlamour, 258:he is completely enmeshed by the glamor and maya which he is constantly establishing andGlamour, 259:the aspirant of all remaining glamors and maya, and perfecting an instrument whereby the music ofGlamour, 261:directed by: The vital body and the forces of maya; or by inspiration, emanating from points ofGlamour, 262:away from the world of illusion, glamor and maya and into the realm of the soul, in the world ofGlamour, 263:body without being in any way affected by maya or by the concentration of diverse forces of whichGlamour, 263:be sidetracked by uncontrolled forces and by the maya which these produce. This he ascertains notGlamour, 263:and arrested by etheric force or by the veils of maya. He works consequently from a point ofGlamour, 264:complete indifference or non-identification with maya. Where the initiate is concerned, the processGlamour, 264:The dissipation of glamor. The overcoming of maya. It sounds fairly simple and easy ofGlamour, 270:lost all power to veil and when the forces of maya can no longer hinder. Discrimination, dispassionGlamour, 271:considered the problem of glamor, illusion and maya from the angle of average man. The latter isHealing, 423:The glamors of one's own distress, the maya of the past, distort ever one's point of view. Only theHercules, 48:which the great illusion can exert over him. Maya, or the great illusion, and sex are but twoHercules, 213:Mars. Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let Maya flourish and let deception rule"; from the angleInitiation, 198:notes which awaken vibration within the halls of Maya. The disciple who seeks to enter within theInitiation, 203:whereby that Army works within the veils of Maya. This rule refers to the work of occultInitiation, 211:through the nethermost hell, down into densest maya, and ends within the latent fire, the moltenInitiation, 221:of planetary activity and its seven races. Maya Sanskrit, "Illusion." Of the principle of form orMagic, 48:life. This is the great deception; and the Maya of His Presence." - So runs the Old Commentary oftMagic, 75:rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away. Kama and heart are close allied;Magic, 223:and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya." No glamor, no illusion can long hold the manMagic, 379:much later period was to be found in the ancient Maya institutions, and the basic worship of theMagic, 442:food be sought. Scorpio - And the Word said: Let Maya flourish and deception rule. Libra - And theMagic, 612:the agency of the combination, the enveloping maya is produced. There is, in reality, no such thingMagic, 614:of God and brings about his release. It is this maya itself which [615] serves to guide him intoMeditation, 356:of planetary activity and its seven races. Maya Sanskrit, "Illusion." Of the principle of form orPatanjali, 21:are concerned with the dissipation of planetary maya. Patanjali, 68:spiritual perception, is the very apotheosis of maya or illusion. Symbolic vision. This is aPatanjali, 104:is but illusion. He has pierced the great Maya and passed behind it into the light which producesPatanjali, 106:the consideration of the world or of the great maya is that a Cause, self-persisting andPatanjali, 106:and self-existing, must be back of that maya. Only the man, however, who can pass behind all formsPatanjali, 110:of knowledge of the three worlds, the realm of maya and of illusion, can be contacted at will byPatanjali, 153:are. The means of perception reveal the great maya or world of illusion which is composed of formsPatanjali, 161:standpoint) this world of effects, this great maya of illusion, 2. The presented idea. The thoughtPatanjali, 169:the seer, the soul, is submerged in the great maya or illusion. He is imprisoned by his own thoughtPatanjali, 171:of spirit and not with those of the great maya or world of forms. This distinction is at firstPatanjali, 172:to extract the life from out of the forms of maya. A moment of great portent must take placePatanjali, 194:associates ever with the three worlds: [194] Maya or illusion, having reference to the world ofPatanjali, 216:to the lure of the great world of illusion, the maya of the senses, or to the voice of the ego,Patanjali, 272:usually recognized as reality. This is the great maya or illusion and can only be dissipated whenPatanjali, 398:is no longer sought after, and liberation from maya or illusion takes place. Psychology2, 37:The thought reached forth: 'Behind this veil of maya I stand, a Blessed One, but unrevealed. MyPsychology2, 40:objectives, Submergence in illusion, glamor, and maya, [41] leading to: The manipulation of energyPsychology2, 116:is only in the three worlds of illusion and of maya that we think in terms of souls and bodies.Psychology2, 189:type of energy which will break up the existing maya or illusion and dissipate the ancientPsychology2, 311:point in the process of "devitalizing" the world maya, as far as humanity is concerned. Much forcePsychology2, 311:their lives. They are busy with the problems of maya. Hence today we find an increasing emphasisPsychology2, 471:Psychology The second is the revelation of the maya of the senses. This maya is a generic termPsychology2, 471:the revelation of the maya of the senses. This maya is a generic term covering three aspects of thePsychology2, 471:three phenomenal effects: Illusion, Glamor and Maya. These three phrases have for long been bandiedPsychology2, 471:has its root in human pride and satisfaction. Maya is oft regarded as being of the same nature asPsychology2, 471:asked to regard the entire world phenomena as maya and to believe that its existence is simply anPsychology2, 472:is illusion on the astral plane. The Problem of Maya is really the same as above, plus the intensePsychology2, 473:majority of people who function astrally always. Maya is vital in character and is a quality ofPsychology2, 700:It is only in the three worlds of illusion and maya that we [701] think in terms of souls andRays, 21:notes which awaken vibration within the halls of Maya. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the groupRays, 22:rules whereby the Army works within the veils of maya. For Disciples and Initiates: The rules forRays, 22:The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and have been used. Let the group widen allRays, 52:the sound that is the source of glamor and of maya; it is the great beguiling and deceptive energy,Rays, 136:notes which awaken vibration within the halls of Maya. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the groupRays, 179:rules whereby the Army works within the veils of maya. These particular devas in "their serriedRays, 179:They are therefore active in the realm of maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understandRays, 181:illusion) on the Path of the Higher Evolution. Maya is the conditioning factor on etheric levels,Rays, 181:is to compel men "to wander in the fields of maya, to drown in the sea of glamor, and to respond toRays, 181:Rule X The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and have been used. Let the group
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