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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEAN

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Astrology, 17:has two definite connotations: It may mean the death of the physical body, which is inevitablyAstrology, 22:means but little to you today but it will mean much to those students who, in a few decades, willAstrology, 83:into incarnation in the sign Cancer. By this I mean that the very first human incarnation wasAstrology, 115:Until man is nearing the goal, these words mean but little though a study of the sign Pisces in theAstrology, 131:as the mass of humanity is concerned (by this I mean the birth of the human kingdom) and in PiscesAstrology, 237:refer to doctrinal or theological teaching. I mean the cultivation of those attitudes andAstrology, 239:of the Zodiacal Constellations Cosmically, they mean the activity of Deity when spirit and matterAstrology, 239:This is Creation, or Aries in activity. They mean also the objective appearing of the thought-formAstrology, 239:is Manifestation, or Cancer in activity. They mean again the working out of the plan under [240]Astrology, 240:This is Legislation, or Libra in activity. They mean, finally, the processes of initiation wherein,Astrology, 257:heavens, the constellations, signs and planets mean one thing to the Hierarchy and another thing toAstrology, 280:later elaborate but which at the present time mean little. There is another point in connectionAstrology, 313:the face of the waters" does it, in reality, mean anything specific to you? You might reply byAstrology, 383:where our planet is concerned. In saying this, I mean in this particular world cycle and at theAstrology, 398:into a wise cooperator with the Plan. By this I mean that, as man translates his ideals into wordsAstrology, 426:spiritual realities or of Life, whatever you may mean by that term. For our purposes, we couldAstrology, 490:the end of the Aquarian Age. By [490] this I mean, that these seven triangles of energy are todayAstrology, 524:hide the light" and this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East, andAstrology, 529:Let me here give you an instance of what I mean: the influences of New York, Washington, Chicago,Astrology, 545:only to delude and imprison. When I say this, I mean not the death of religion or of forms ofAstrology, 586:idea to many of you; to others of you it will mean little or nothing; others again may have faintAstrology, 600:fact in the Eternal Now. Does that statement mean much to you? I would surmise that it means butAstrology, 624:Humanity and the Hierarchy. By fusion, I mean their complete reciprocal at-one-ment. It willAtom, 20:stages. Let us for the minute consider what we mean by the words "evolutionary process." They areAtom, 23:they are used by one school of thought to mean one thing, and by another for something different.Atom, 39:forming the most diverse substances. Do you mean to say that they do this without intelligence?Atom, 43:reverence would say, Energy; yet they would both mean the same. Where the idealistic teacher wouldAtom, 107:which seems to awaken is that of sight. I do not mean by this that a baby cannot see, or that it isAtom, 110:Now when I use the word "meditation" I do not mean what is perhaps usually understood by that word,Atom, 132:eye. What will the development of this faculty mean? It will mean that science will have definitelyAtom, 132:the development of this faculty mean? It will mean that science will have definitely to readjustAtom, 135:I am not here speaking of mediumship, nor do I mean mediumistic ability. There is nothing moreAutobiography, 1:do not believe it in practice, God's practice I mean. I would like, among other things, to show howAutobiography, 2:to me and many thousands in the world. I do not mean a hypothetical reality (if we may use such aAutobiography, 3:That is evil. That, surely, is what hell must mean. The awfulness of hell (in which I do notAutobiography, 14:Leo, because I am very individual (by which they mean difficult and dominant) and also veryAutobiography, 22:be, first of all, a practicing mystic (or do I mean a practical mystic - perhaps both) and theAutobiography, 47:to an end. When I say "a clean break" I do not mean that I had severed all relations. I have alwaysAutobiography, 51:for there is no true equivalent for what we mean when we speak about "the mind." The wordAutobiography, 60:out my problem to me. "Yes," I said, "you mean the man I have been playing checkers with?" "Well,Autobiography, 100:terrible. When I say "humor" I don't think I mean a sense of fun but an ability to laugh at oneselfAutobiography, 149:a great virtue to kill a white woman. It would mean a knife in my heart. For forty-five minutes IAutobiography, 182:spiritual or occult matters and that it did not mean I burnt the clothes. I told them that theyAutobiography, 211:tell you that I also know the Tibetan would it mean anything to you?" "Yes, sir," I said, "it wouldAutobiography, 211:anything to you?" "Yes, sir," I said, "it would mean a great deal." "Well, now," replied the GrandAutobiography, 282:these foundational principles and see what they mean and how they are expressed through the ArcaneAutobiography, 295:the words of Christ and all the world Teachers mean anything) the three divine aspects - knowledge,Bethlehem, 38:- I use the term in the most general sense to mean the center of experience which as a microcosmBethlehem, 94:of the kingdom of God? What do these words mean? We have talked of the kingdom of Heaven in termsBethlehem, 120:or produce financial affluence; but it will mean a sweetening of the lower nature, a tendency toBethlehem, 124:of what obedience to the Higher Self must mean. The contests of the brothers is now concentratedBethlehem, 136:initiations which, in the last analysis, may mean the most to the seeker after truth, are the birthBethlehem, 136:and we know no others; but that does not mean that we shall not contact other aspects whenBethlehem, 167:utter the entirely new, the unique, this would mean nothing to other men. His social value dependsBethlehem, 201:- are interchangeable terms. What do these words mean? The real meaning of the word sin is veryBethlehem, 208:that the words in which it is couched are apt to mean little. The tale of Christ's triumphant entryBethlehem, 218:"Behold thy mother." What did these words mean? Below Christ stood the two people who meant theBethlehem, 231:into Heaven" - a symbolic phrase which can mean very little to any of us. The crucial initiationDestiny, 11:and of world anxiety and terror does not really mean that you are seeing the picture as it is inDestiny, 41:is white magic, do you really understand what I mean? I question it. Have you any true idea of whatDestiny, 98:the light," and this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East and thatDestiny, 103:Let me here give you an instance of what I mean: the influences of New York, Washington, Chicago,Destiny, 117:during any particular ray period. By this I mean that just as during the age which is now coming toDestiny, 135:and our reactions to circumstance. It will mean also that the influence of the first, third andDiscipleship1, 33:contact man - if I may use words which will mean something to your ears, versed as you are inDiscipleship1, 33:are in physical plane organization work; they mean little or nothing to us, versed as we are in theDiscipleship1, 47:sensitivity. What exactly is this? It does not mean primarily that you are a "sensitive soul" - theDiscipleship1, 60:at this stage of the group work; it will mean - if you can achieve success in this - that you willDiscipleship1, 60:therefore, for group work. Fusion. By this I mean the ability of the group to work as a unit. ThisDiscipleship1, 91:your own consciousness. Do you understand what I mean? Initiation might be defined at this point asDiscipleship1, 95:and not in the sense of true humility. By that I mean that you are so afraid of pride and bombastDiscipleship1, 98:the thought-life (do you realize what that would mean, my brothers?) and a forgetfulness of selfDiscipleship1, 99:your fellowmen. On the physical plane, it would mean the conditioning of all active, outer livingDiscipleship1, 115:confidently as an accepted disciple. What do I mean by that statement? [116] I mean that you shouldDiscipleship1, 116:What do I mean by that statement? [116] I mean that you should work in the realization that -Discipleship1, 136:is achieved. Strive not to understand what mean by this work as yet. There is much to do and muchDiscipleship1, 149:is your great problem and your immediate task. I mean not to infer that you are undisciplined. IDiscipleship1, 157:this group belongs. You will comprehend what I mean, brother of mine, when I repeat to you theDiscipleship1, 197:to these questions be brief but full. Yes, I mean exactly what I say, my brother, "brief but full"Discipleship1, 211:but subjectively ended. Do you understand what I mean, my brother? You have two handicaps and theyDiscipleship1, 256:six years and your life trend (and by this I mean your spiritual life trend) is now definitelyDiscipleship1, 261:devoted love and fluidic intent. By fluidic, I mean the willingness to do what the soul requires,Discipleship1, 293:condition. When I [293] say you are needed, I mean that old relationship and old joint experienceDiscipleship1, 340:involves your consciousness. By this I mean that there is little of the specific and the particularDiscipleship1, 347:improves. This improvement does not necessarily mean an easier type of pupil; it often means theDiscipleship1, 370:always understand and are inclusive. I do not mean theoretically but in fact. But your astral bodyDiscipleship1, 379:hindering qualities as possible - hindering, I mean, to group effectiveness and group cohesion. IfDiscipleship1, 382:radiation and an intelligent assessment (or do I mean appraisement, brother of mine?) of those youDiscipleship1, 420:which you most need at this time? By this I mean: What two things, dealt with at this time, wouldDiscipleship1, 421:of silence and joy, for these, rightly fostered, mean strength conserved and magnetic service.Discipleship1, 430:you ever bear in mind that insulation does not mean isolation and that indifference does notDiscipleship1, 433:as if the physical body did not exist. By that I mean that its limitations and the hindrances whichDiscipleship1, 444:a re-experiencing? [444] Do I understand what I mean when I regard myself as an Observer? What orDiscipleship1, 445:or divine ideas. Do I know anything of this? I mean, practically, in my daily life. What is theDiscipleship1, 454:you so constantly self-conscious (by that I mean conscious of the personality) that your veryDiscipleship1, 472:Cultivate happiness through understanding. I mean not jocoseness and jollity. Think lovingly of allDiscipleship1, 477:is not concerned with what you, as a person, may mean to them. Reflect on these words for they holdDiscipleship1, 502:days of saturated living (and this phrase will mean more to you than to your brothers) I would likeDiscipleship1, 533:will be for you the line of least resistance. I mean love, and not sentiment, my brother. The seedDiscipleship1, 537:accept them at their own valuation. When they mean nothing to you personally, you are indifferent.
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