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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEAN

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Externalisation, 428:I use the expression "the Forces of Light" I mean those enlightened nations upon whom the light ofExternalisation, 481:the attainment of complete peace, but it will mean the end of all aggressive fighting and allExternalisation, 524:Hierarchical Adjustment and Alignment What do I mean by the use of the word "adjustment" inExternalisation, 535:chain of Hierarchy has been complete; by this I mean that the planetary rainbow bridge uniting theExternalisation, 549:to Glory to God. Analyzed, these words simply mean that goodwill will result in right humanExternalisation, 553:represent the Christ in every land. This can mean either the soul or the personality ray of theExternalisation, 575:in the air might be interpreted literally to mean that at the right time He will come by plane fromExternalisation, 576:the words [576] "every eye shall see Him" might mean that, by the time He comes, television willExternalisation, 605:To be a citizen of the Kingdom of God does not mean that one must necessarily be a member of someExternalisation, 606:this return to outer everyday activity, will mean to the Christ as He faces it. How will He feelExternalisation, 613:and every aspirant should take? These questions mean one thing to one person and another thing toExternalisation, 634:implement it through love - no matter what they mean by that vague term. Thus a nucleus of a greatExternalisation, 673:events, as expressions of directed energies, mean little to us, except in so far as they may affectExternalisation, 678:the work of the Triangles. By that I do not mean that it will be a center of the Triangle work, butExternalisation, 680:two words. Similarity of objective. By that I mean an apprehension and appreciation of theFire, 296:the planets is better ascertained (and by this I mean their negative or positive interplay), thenFire, 364:found at some time in each scheme. This does not mean that every human unit passes a period ofFire, 598:and approximate that principle. By mutation I mean the fact that there is a constant changing andFire, 863:to have a magnetic effect upon others. By this I mean he will begin to influence that which isFire, 863:- the hidden center in each one. I do not mean by this the physical or magnetic effect that manyFire, 877:that the words "knowledge, love and sacrifice" mean much more occultly than the apparentFire, 976:dense physical form if desired. This does not mean that the individual thought forms of every manFire, 1014:gather the desired etheric substance. By this I mean the form has now achieved a vitality andFire, 1094:We use the term "motion," but what do we really mean? Simply and literally, the manifestation ofFire, 1150:accepted disciple of some standing. It does not mean that karma is set aside, but only that certainFire, 1182:"the heart of the Sun" must be understood to mean more than a locality situated in the interiorFire, 1190:to reveal whether the blending of the note will mean that our scheme will absorb that whichFire, 1251:of rhythm. These words will, of course, mean nothing to the uniniated but to some it will conveyGlamour, 3:Illumination. By illumination I do not mean the light in the head. That is incidental andGlamour, 7:also study of its sectional forms - by which I mean its arrangements, for instance, of cubes,Glamour, 15:hitherto anent the subject of glamor, and it may mean much of value if we undertake theGlamour, 22:the "imperfect Gods." Does that sentence really mean aught to you? But little, I fear. We mustGlamour, 69:activity of his best self. By that phrase, I mean the soul and the aspirational personality.Glamour, 71:we call racial glamor, using the word race to mean the human race. This constitutes a very ancientGlamour, 81:intuition become normally possible. By that I mean that the intuition will then be as easilyGlamour, 84:no personal responsibility involved. By that I mean, where it is not the place or the duty of theGlamour, 85:that when we use the term "deception," we mean deception from the angle of the soul. The aspirantGlamour, 86:plane. On the physical plane (and by that I mean upon the etheric levels of the physical planeGlamour, 107:the more advanced people. To understand what I mean by this statement, I would call your attentionGlamour, 248:is his focus of identification. [248] By that I mean: Is his major use of energy to be found uponGlamour, 255:rightly given to the oriental. What exactly do I mean when I make this statement? I mean that inGlamour, 255:exactly do I mean when I make this statement? I mean that in the East, the will factor (the qualityHealing, 10:occult thinkers of the time: What do they really mean? The affirmations of many schools of healingHealing, 65:me if I say that the true overcoming may mean an acceptance of the Way of Death as the way out,Healing, 185:and place until such [185] time when these terms mean little to him and he knows more. These threeHealing, 267:that of the Negro will not. This will mean concession and compromise on the part of the orthodoxHealing, 326:When you say a weak vital body I presume you mean one which is loosely coordinated with theHealing, 327:of vitality. This is, I presume, what you mean. You need to remember, however, that where there isHealing, 343:me list them for you so that you will see what I mean, and for clarity in replying. Several ofHealing, 347:reaction. We use the words, but they really mean "detached and isolated identification." Does thatHealing, 352:the fact that success in healing may not always mean release from disease and the so-calledHealing, 352:plan of the soul for the person. Success might mean the correction of wrong inner attitudes, ofHealing, 352:time leave the physical body as it was. It might mean the placing of the patient (through wiseHealing, 362:various ways in which the phrase can be used can mean quite a number of differing things. It canHealing, 362:mean quite a number of differing things. It can mean: The feminine aspect in manifestation,Healing, 371:in part, but if this is true, what does it mean to you and from whence comes the impact? If I giveHealing, 379:I can expand the idea. She can explain what I mean if you ask her to do so. But even if she had aHealing, 379:come the new idea and possibilities. Does it mean anything to you when I say that electricity andHealing, 385:belief in the law of immediate Karma. By that I mean an ability on the part of the patient or ofHealing, 397:or the permanent existence of what we usually mean when we speak of the "I" remains as yet in theHealing, 454:happens the man becomes unconscious. By this we mean that his consciousness or sense of awarenessHealing, 454:he is a part of nature itself, and by nature we mean the body of the one Life in Whom "we live andHealing, 507:soul with the personality. This also is what we mean when speaking of the integration of these two;Healing, 530:of the average human being (and by that I mean his nervous system, plus the nadis which underlieHealing, 546:by the spiritual will of man. What does this mean? It means that only when truly large numbers ofHealing, 553:the etheric body of the patient. This does not mean the imposition of the energy of the will upon aHealing, 554:or at least above the diaphragm; this does not mean that all the areas of the body below theHealing, 603:in whichever center he chooses. This does not mean that all the centers are awakened and trulyHealing, 603:and truly functioning. It should, however, mean (if he is to heal at all) that he is not confinedHealing, 615:and Humanity; the etheric plane (and by this I mean the cosmic, planetary and individual ethericHealing, 680:much more than that. It can be interpreted to mean the entire relation of soul and personality, andHealing, 681:When this happens the personality (and by this I mean the physical, astral and mental man) willHealing, 702:related to his mind, the thinking apparatus. I mean not five hours of consecutive mental controlHealing, 706:the fifth and focus on the seventh. These words mean not what doth at sight appear. The third, theHercules, 132:This description of shortcomings does not mean that human goodness is overlooked; without aHercules, 136:it with ease, with elegance. "By elegance we mean that quality which the mathematician has in mindHercules, 151:[151] what to do with what I had. That does not mean that all I have to do is sit back and let theHercules, 151:me along until at some time I achieve. It does mean that at this time I am on the battlefield,Hercules, 152:fulfiled his function. Death in astrology may mean many things. Perhaps it may mean that we areHercules, 152:astrology may mean many things. Perhaps it may mean that we are going to die. That is oneHercules, 152:Scorpio, the Sign of Magic Magic does not mean doing curious things: true magic is the expressionHercules, 168:casting of pearls before swine. What does that mean? It has been said that gossip is "spiritualHercules, 177:you are of no use in heaven or hell. What do I mean by "pure"? We use the word largely in itsHercules, 185:training grounds for ambitious people. I do not mean to be unkind, but my experience with theHercules, 192:for the future. Inclusive consciousness does not mean humanly conscious; it is more, you mustHercules, 193:that since the war, life and energy have come to mean something more than they did before? When youHercules, 201:a potent thinker as the Christ, whatever we may mean by that word, is en rapport with worldInitiation, 9:or of the probationary Path, what do we mean? We use the words so glibly, without due considerationInitiation, 210:from below. Explain more clearly what you mean, and how that Cross becomes the Way. The arms thatIntellect, 49:of a man in contradistinction to his ability, we mean his vital soul; and when we say this BeingIntellect, 49:soul; and when we say this Being decides, we mean that all his utterances are penetrated withIntellect, 55:has its roots in dualism. And what some people mean when they speak of 'a psychology without aIntellect, 81:Yoga, or of Union and of liberation, but they mean the same thing. They mean that the mind and theIntellect, 81:liberation, but they mean the same thing. They mean that the mind and the soul (the Christ withinIntellect, 98:"This 'detachment from self ', what does it mean?" "First of all, clearly, it is detachment fromIntellect, 121:as a "physical category" and that "we should mean by it the nervous processes which find expressionIntellect, 181:find God. It is relatively unimportant what we mean in detail by that little word of three letters.Intellect, 184:roughly speaking, with what the Tantras mean by [185] the... State of the Animal-Man... State ofIntellect, 217:really quiet and free from intrusion. I do not mean quiet in the sense of freedom from noise, forIntellect, 232:and not a bit spiritual." What they really mean is something like this: "I am too lazy to use my
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