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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEAN

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Psychology2, 747:so that we can find time for the task; it will mean the cultivation of that spiritual sensitivityPsychology2, 747:they owe allegiance or loyalty. This does not mean endorsing all policies and lines of activityPsychology2, 747:undertaken by such governments but it does mean the refraining from all that could causeRays, 26:If they meant exactly what they appear to mean, there would be no need for me to be giving hints asRays, 36:have all taken the same initiation. By this I mean that the necessary initiation of all the membersRays, 40:ended. I would have you realize what this can mean in so far as possible to your presentRays, 44:The ordinary and easily-arrived-at significances mean little to the initiate mind. Let me brieflyRays, 59:which is at once its horror and its joy. I mean just that. The symbol or first expression of thisRays, 77:of humanity. New truths (and by that I mean truths which are new to the most advanced thinkers andRays, 82:its obvious significance. Superficially it can mean that when the initiate hears the Sound, heRays, 104:am that I am." Having said that, know you what I mean? It is the will-to-be which has found itselfRays, 121:names whereby these schools may call themselves mean but little. Many will proclaim themselves asRays, 147:Shamballa) is as yet totally unawakened? And I mean, totally. But the dim outlines of the generalRays, 155:can likewise have, if by purity of motive you mean single-hearted and one-pointed intent), deepRays, 208:proved failures. When I use the word "failure" I mean failure from [209] the angle of the plannedRays, 209:towards group fusion are absent. This is what we mean by sentiment, and this emotional reactionRays, 214:is to be cultivated and, my brothers, I do not mean silent thinking. I mean that certain lines ofRays, 214:my brothers, I do not mean silent thinking. I mean that certain lines of thought are refusedRays, 215:events. These are only indications of what I mean, but will suffice to show (if you duly meditate)Rays, 218:found on triadal levels. This may or may not mean the destruction of the group causal body and theRays, 218:and a group of disciples. It will undoubtedly mean, during the stages preliminary to that desirableRays, 243:of today. And when I say this, my brother, I mean just exactly that. This same ability to respondRays, 246:of all to indicate, and when I say indicate, I mean exactly that, and nothing more definite andRays, 246:and nothing more definite and clear. Does it mean anything to you when I say that the ceremonialRays, 256:is taking place increasingly. What does this mean? It signifies the fact that the members of theRays, 263:the word: Being. Having said that, what does it mean to you? Being, per se, can only be grasped byRays, 280:two words, Transfiguration and Transformation, mean something quite different than they mean to aRays, 280:mean something quite different than they mean to a disciple, whilst Transmutation is nowRays, 282:Perhaps I can convey to you something of what I mean by pointing out that the circle with the pointRays, 292:center in a pronouncedly occult way. By this I mean that the initiate, working as we have seen fromRays, 304:be gained by your effort to comprehend. What you mean when you speak of the abstract mind is notRays, 315:when given at the second initiation, does not mean the necessity to express the nature of the soul.Rays, 323:the subject is dangerously familiar. By that I mean that certain preconceived ideas are alreadyRays, 338:from the angle of the seven rays. By this I mean that disciples upon the different rays will allRays, 385:and largely potential. You will realize what I mean when I point out that many thousands of peopleRays, 390:seven Paths are not ray-conditioned. By that I mean that entering one or another of them is not inRays, 395:These ambiguous words of the Old Commentary mean that [396] His decision will (with one exception)Rays, 433:functioning unit, this superseding again what we mean when we use the erroneous phrase "the soul."Rays, 463:awareness; its state of nirvanic awareness can mean but little to the average disciple. MonadicRays, 498:as taught by the Hierarchy. This does not mean that past teaching is abrogated, but it is shiftedRays, 537:the man upon the physical plane. This does not mean that he is occupied with making his lowerRays, 551:these are the ones which will (in a vague sense) mean something to you, as you think and seek toRays, 589:polarization must be mental. But what does this mean? Let me give you some concise definitions ofRays, 598:be remembered that when I use the word "new" I mean that which is new in consciousness, for theRays, 602:anent ray energy and the higher initiations will mean little to many, but it will mean much to theRays, 602:will mean little to many, but it will mean much to the initiate-consciousness. The world initiatesRays, 607:is closely related to death. By death, I mean extraction from form conditions - physical, emotionalRays, 607:conditions - physical, emotional or mental; I mean cessation of contact (temporarily orRays, 607:with astral glamor and with mental illusion; I mean the rejection of Maya, the name of thatRays, 634:you may think boundaries and territories will mean but little. World citizenship will be the onlyRays, 646:angle, it is cyclic in its manifestation; here I mean from the angle of recognized manifestation -Rays, 677:misinterpretation and emotional continuity still mean something specific and undesirable to him. HeRays, 678:and more inclusive terms. The group begins to mean more to him than himself. What has happened,Rays, 685:you an indication (no more than that) of what I mean. Initiation I. - Birth. Freedom from theRays, 707:begin to work with more authority. This does not mean that they will assert their spiritualRays, 727:Hierarchy uses the word essential, He does not mean (as you oft do) that which is needed orRays, 751:Human Welfare and many similar terms; they mean, as yet, but little. Some day, however, they willRays, 752:Door where Evil dwells Just what do these words mean? More than I can tell you or put into words,Rays, 758:needs of humanity and - if invocation and prayer mean anything at all - the answer is certain andReappearance, 7:the result that the root word can be said to mean "Coming down with the approval of the higherReappearance, 11:of our spirit," we know and trust Them and They mean more to us than other divine Emergencies. TheyReappearance, 52:To be a citizen of the Kingdom of God does not mean that one must necessarily be a member of someReappearance, 54:men, this return to outer everyday activity will mean to the Christ as He faces it. How will HeReappearance, 86:before. This new birth is what esotericists mean when they speak of the first initiation. It willReappearance, 127:that of the renunciation (though this does not mean that the masses will by any means take theReappearance, 149:What does the orthodox theologian and churchman mean when he uses the words "a new heaven"? MaySoul, 20:are studying thought.' By this Watson does not mean to identify thought with the correlatedSoul, 22:to my students. I frankly do not know what they mean nor do I believe that anyone else can use themSoul, 45:of intellectuality... By intellectuality we mean the capacity of the mind to control itsSoul, 45:the personality qualities - emotions, whether we mean maternal instincts shared with all animals,Soul, 67:unexplained, a principle of life, and by life I mean a something which is not expressible in termsSoul, 70:of a man in contradistinction to his ability, we mean his vital soul; and when we say that thisSoul, 70:and when we say that this Being decides, we mean that all his utterances are penetrated withSoul, 114:for nerves. They also, it has been said, mean cranial nerves when they speak of Shiras, never usingSoul, 156:the form of meditation. Religion may of course mean a great deal more than meditation. At the sameTelepathy, 12:contact most easily modern living conditions. I mean by these words: where, literally speaking,Telepathy, 34:normally telepathic, and when I say normally I mean consciously. This bridging work must be carriedTelepathy, 80:kingdoms in nature you are not aware of what I mean, but that does not alter the law or movementsTelepathy, 124:interplanetary and extra-planetary; these terms mean little to [125] the average disciple and heTelepathy, 148:which substands all that is. Little as it may mean, and useless as it may appear, the table atTelepathy, 179:times of an expanding universe; what we really mean is an expanding consciousness, for this ethericTelepathy, 181:the tiniest atom of substance (whatever you may mean by that last term!). [182]
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