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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANING

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Astrology, 53:This is of course pictorially expressed, but the meaning is clear. However, as man nears the PathAstrology, 56:triple in construction and this has a clear meaning to the esotericist. Virgo is a triple sign.Astrology, 122:the sign of mediatorship. Mediumship in its true meaning is expressive of the mass consciousness -Astrology, 131:in that sign, what is the esoteric and spiritual meaning? Simply, that after the stage ofAstrology, 131:in the three worlds) it comes to an end and its meaning and illuminating aspects between soul andAstrology, 170:place of a spiritual attitude, yet the symbolic meaning is eternally true. When the man born inAstrology, 175:as an archer on a white horse and a study of the meaning of this symbolism will reveal a great dealAstrology, 181:In Capricorn, the initiate learns to realize the meaning of the growing light which greets hisAstrology, 193:wheel and upon the reversed wheel. Their meaning and significance are so obvious that there is noAstrology, 193:of this final injunction to the disciple carry meaning to the heart and mind. Astrology, 208:angle he is meticulously watched; he learns the meaning of the word "example"; he is pilloried byAstrology, 213:the undesirable effect of the activities of well-meaning disciples upon the work which theyAstrology, 239:given you these words, their very scope and meaning make it hard for you to understand. Astrology, 250:when you study them with care and the meaning of Libra will become definitely formulated in yourAstrology, 262:but their implications and their esoteric meaning are abstruse and oft difficult to those who haveAstrology, 284:Again, the keynotes of this sign convey their meaning clearly and there is no need for me toAstrology, 291:apparent and man accustomed to it before the meaning behind the form could be revealed. Astrology, 292:the theme of the unfoldment of consciousness, of meaning and of significances and of the responseAstrology, 312:with the world of causes, has about its inner meaning much indefiniteness [313] and an apparentlyAstrology, 313:the initiated disciple who can fathom the true meaning of these zodiacal influences as they pulsateAstrology, 315:manifested Crosses"; He was allowed to know the meaning of life as it expressed itself in theAstrology, 315:supposed. Hercules comprehended the true meaning of the Mutable Cross and, with full knowledge,Astrology, 315:comprehended, through complete illumination, the meaning of both the Mutable and the Fixed Crosses,Astrology, 336:are somewhat familiar; it has also its esoteric meaning and import and this is as yet an untriedAstrology, 343:- the crowd exists." This sign can carry deep meaning to all. You are in process of incarnation;Astrology, 361:from its present self-centered policy, its well-meaning evasion of responsibility and its innateAstrology, 370:four-dimensional consciousness and know the true meaning of the Biblical phrase: the "wheel turningAstrology, 370:right angles to itself. The obviousness of the meaning of the two Words for this sign requires fromAstrology, 407:most of our time, however, to an analysis of the meaning and interrelation of the twelve signs ofAstrology, 412:the point of development where the world of true meaning is open to them and where the scope ofAstrology, 419:facilitate our comprehension of the underlying meaning and truths. [420] All triangles studied willAstrology, 467:identification with the seen Vision, the true meaning of being. This threefold process can also beAstrology, 474:the process of self-initiation into the world of meaning and of reality. They constitute theAstrology, 478:the stage of initiation is reached that the true meaning will emerge. In the meantime, I haveAstrology, 478:three aspects, he will not be able to grasp the meaning of this subjective astrological science. OnAstrology, 480:only two which are. When the disciple grasps the meaning behind this triplicity, he will be readyAstrology, 499:veils and hides the inner realm of beauty and of meaning, of quality and of spiritualAstrology, 541:in a manner not hitherto possible. Hence the meaning back of my reiterated statement that theAstrology, 561:In the study of the Crosses, the true meaning of their influence will only appear as you begin toAstrology, 563:words which will convey clearly the intended meaning. There has been no real attempt as yet on theAstrology, 570:with a full response from those good and well-meaning people whose focus is predominantly astralAstrology, 572:difference of attitude between the mass of well-meaning people in the world, and the correctlyAstrology, 584:muddled but massed opposition of the well-meaning people of the world who talk vaguely andAstrology, 618:by the changes. This may serve to make my meaning clear. It knows Itself as the transfiguring will.Atom, 24:synthetic existence. Let me see if I can make my meaning clear. The stage of atomic energy isAtom, 27:we think and why we think it, to find out the meaning of group consciousness through the study ofAtom, 55:This thought is also brought out if the root meaning of the word 'manifestation' is carefullyAtom, 55:studied. It comes from two Latin words, meaning "to touch or handle by the hand" (manus, the hand,Atom, 57:word was God." Let us consider for a minute the meaning of the expression. Its literal translationAtom, 57:for instance, but nevertheless the root meaning of the word embodies this idea perfectly. [58] ItAtom, 62:and the point of origin achieved. This is the meaning of evolution and here lies the secret of theAtom, 114:and not our masters, then we shall know the true meaning of meditation. When a man has made hisAtom, 116:will sweep us to the portal of initiation. The meaning of the word "initiation" is "to go into." ItAtom, 127:word I very much dislike, as it conveys no real meaning to our minds) or the plane of the emotionalAutobiography, 2:ceases to learn, when one fails to extract the meaning out of events, schools of thought andAutobiography, 22:consciously the age old search for the world of meaning which must be found, if any answer to theAutobiography, 40:the inner spiritual planes and in the world of meaning which were a part of life itself, perhapsAutobiography, 51:and of how they are only able to approximate the meaning of the original text. Only during the pastAutobiography, 52:occurring in occult books is the word "Path," meaning the Way back to our Source, to God, and toAutobiography, 64:II I wrote to my people asking if I might go - meaning to go anyway, but wanting to do thingsAutobiography, 89:in spite of all the bunk talked by nice, well meaning devotees. The Master is a busy executive andAutobiography, 127:diapers and cutting bread and butter. I knew the meaning of complete despair. The only comfortAutobiography, 133:word in spite of its beautiful connotation and meaning. It stands in the public mind for so muchAutobiography, 156:(who is famous for her remarks with a double meaning). I had washed [157] my hair one day inAutobiography, 161:because great and basic truths had come to have meaning to me and I was not alone because FosterAutobiography, 169:which started in 1939, many pacifists and well meaning, though unthinking, people among theAutobiography, 230:though only a few people as yet realize its true meaning. The position taken by the spiritualAutobiography, 231:horoscopes will prove inaccurate and have no meaning at all. If a person is undeveloped then theAutobiography, 247:to me occasionally for reassurance as to meaning. Then followed A Treatise on White Magic. This wasAutobiography, 260:is present - the viewer becomes aware of the meaning and can transcribe it. [261] 4. BringingAutobiography, 268:never a freak or a crank. That of the world of meaning. The disciple is taught the why and theAutobiography, 269:as a beginner and as simply an aspirant - well-meaning and with good intention. It indicates thatAutobiography, 277:of all spiritual phenomena. He learns the meaning of illumination with its seven stages, and beginsAutobiography, 279:the possibility of his dwelling in the world of meaning. He will then recognize the relation of allAutobiography, 283:entire life will be taking on fuller and richer meaning. It is the world of meaning that we areAutobiography, 283:on fuller and richer meaning. It is the world of meaning that we are trying to penetrate. You willBethlehem, 6:of the faith, and have sadly forgotten the inner meaning which carries life and salvation to theBethlehem, 8:by the symbol and by the outer form, whilst the meaning has remained obscured and failsBethlehem, 8:of shifting levels from the letter to the inner meaning in the matter of spiritual attitudes can beBethlehem, 8:and last, a symbol; for the essence of life is meaning. But every symbol which is the ultimateBethlehem, 8:form can ever be an ultimate expression; every meaning, when it has been penetrated, becomesBethlehem, 8:the old phenomenon takes on a new and different meaning. Thus, Catholicism, Protestantism,Bethlehem, 9:it is an attempt to penetrate to that deeper meaning underlying the great events in the life ofBethlehem, 9:that it has also a practical significance and meaning for the civilized man today, then there willBethlehem, 10:of a similar happening in a more subtle world of meaning. For this we must prepare. We have seenBethlehem, 12:will attempt to deal. If this more intensive meaning can be found, and if the drama of the GospelsBethlehem, 13:of God into fruition on earth. It is their inner meaning and our individual relation to them thatBethlehem, 23:enables the initiate to sing and to know the meaning of the words: "Oh death, where is thy sting?Bethlehem, 28:entering more definitely into the world of true meaning and of value, we shall see the mysteriesBethlehem, 28:lead man into the world of spiritual being, true meaning and essential values. This world is theBethlehem, 29:be born in the "House of Bread" (which is the meaning of the word "Bethlehem"). The implications ofBethlehem, 35:who have achieved can we ourselves learn the meaning of achievement. Only by our living divinelyBethlehem, 44:being initiates. Neither is the initiate a well-meaning devotee. He is a man who has added a soundBethlehem, 45:ever given to the new Initiates. Such is the meaning of the words of Jesus, that a man must becomeBethlehem, 56:of the initiations upon His words and their meaning. We have taken our stand upon the physicalBethlehem, 63:the joyous old pagan Yule - a word apparently meaning a 'jollification' - gave it a merry characterBethlehem, 65:the episode itself and unveil some of its hidden meaning. In the study of the Bible story, I haveBethlehem, 70:in the plans of God Himself. This would give meaning to life; it is only when we apprehend meaningBethlehem, 70:meaning to life; it is only when we apprehend meaning and appreciate it that we can understand theBethlehem, 73:through difficulty surmounted. As we study the meaning of these three gifts brought by the
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