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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANING

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Discipleship2, 186:action; it will give him the key to the real meaning of the Eternal Now - the synthesis of Past,Discipleship2, 187:to evoke your abstract mind and their obvious meaning and significance was not intended to form aDiscipleship2, 195:the teaching on the significance and the meaning of the antahkarana - which is the first creationDiscipleship2, 214:of the group will come to an understanding of my meaning. It might profit us if I briefly statedDiscipleship2, 255:he is living increasingly in the world of meaning, so the initiate-disciple develops an attitude toDiscipleship2, 255:(necessarily), interpreted in the world of meaning but to them he brings a different light to bearDiscipleship2, 258:or purpose of Deity takes on an entirely fresh meaning. The inexperienced neophyte is constantlyDiscipleship2, 258:other way but the enlightened will comprehend my meaning. The interpreters of the Gospel and manyDiscipleship2, 271:tell you, for you would be unable to grasp its meaning; it is related to the spiritual conditionDiscipleship2, 273:flag to convey to you a hint as to the esoteric meaning of this very simple but most potent form.Discipleship2, 274:My difficulty in explaining the higher meaning of the external simplicity of these phrases isDiscipleship2, 275:the nature of this symbol and the quality of its meaning, plus the potency of the force whichDiscipleship2, 276:the third we shall find expresses the true [276] meaning of the words "from death to Immortality."Discipleship2, 276:to understand and have an apparently obvious meaning; but they [277] are concerned with service andDiscipleship2, 282:the initiatory process he works in the world of meaning. After the third initiation he worksDiscipleship2, 282:endeavoring to grasp the purpose of the world of meaning and to apply the knowledge gained to hisDiscipleship2, 282:utilizes the potencies of these three worlds of meaning, cause and being to implement the purposeDiscipleship2, 283:upon the far more factual realities of meaning, cause and being. The old and outworn presentationsDiscipleship2, 283:on Initiation - Part IV The Formulas The idea of meaning, cause and being underlies the symbologyDiscipleship2, 283:writings into such form that they can convey meaning through language. This difficulty is well-nighDiscipleship2, 283:received. All that I can do is to give you a meaning (as far as I myself can understand and you canDiscipleship2, 284:but if you will have in mind the thought of meaning as light on life, of cause as the breath ofDiscipleship2, 285:which will come to you from the world of meaning, producing a practical application, from the worldDiscipleship2, 302:out God's will. Do these words convey any true meaning to you? You will note that all of these fourDiscipleship2, 304:As I told you in my last Instruction, the meaning and even the format of these formulas are soDiscipleship2, 304:the occult student the symbolism of the world of meaning. Behind the mathematics and theDiscipleship2, 304:pointed out - express significance, intention, meaning. With three of the formulas we have spent aDiscipleship2, 305:of the next formula and a consideration of its meaning: Formula IV - Lead us from chaos to Beauty.Discipleship2, 307:the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The meaning which the facts and the format veil andDiscipleship2, 314:These words signify far more than their obvious meaning, and I would like somewhat to elucidate.Discipleship2, 319:necessity to withdraw and search for the true meaning until he found it; then, and only then, couldDiscipleship2, 319:later, he must learn and profit from its meaning. The hints given at this stage are related to theDiscipleship2, 319:each phrase, release your intuition and seek for meaning and significance related to theDiscipleship2, 320:relationship and what you feel is the inner meaning which they are intended to convey. Discipleship2, 320:and ground the thinking aspirant in the world of meaning because it is in that world that he mustDiscipleship2, 320:directions in time and space, for the world of meaning is the antechamber to the "Circle ofDiscipleship2, 321:an obvious relation but the esoteric and subtle meaning which the intuition will reveal and thatDiscipleship2, 341:quite obvious, and should be; however, its meaning, as it concerns the life, work and activities ofDiscipleship2, 344:these important creative processes. To grasp the meaning of these mysterious presentations, theDiscipleship2, 348:spiral - the esoteric correspondence or higher meaning of the words: "As a man thinketh in hisDiscipleship2, 354:the theme of a book, and the search for their meaning will take all that you have of mental andDiscipleship2, 354:by the Masters of the Wisdom. But the deeper meaning (for which you must search) is not so easilyDiscipleship2, 355:which I will indicate to you will concern the meaning which it has for the accepted disciple, andDiscipleship2, 355:has for the accepted disciple, and therefore its meaning for those of you who read these words. TheDiscipleship2, 356:and therefore on all the rays, delved into meaning and arrived at revelation. I have given youDiscipleship2, 363:had reference to the more universal and general meaning. We can therefore sum up what has beenDiscipleship2, 363:patterns. They are related to the world of meaning and are the esoteric symbols to be found behindDiscipleship2, 365:of the world of effects and the world of meaning. Then relation to the world of causes. The natureDiscipleship2, 370:and initiatory individual recognition; the meaning is, however, far greater than appears, and is inDiscipleship2, 394:and gain practical experience; he must learn the meaning of both success and failure, and theDiscipleship2, 404:of significances, and not from the world of meaning; they cast light, if truly interpreted and inDiscipleship2, 404:interpreted and in due time, upon that world of meaning, thereby redeeming and liberating the formsDiscipleship2, 405:those who labor for redemption in the world of meaning. Again you see how all this comes under theDiscipleship2, 411:it was, and had then to proceed to discover its meaning and to find the significance of itsDiscipleship2, 416:formulated by a first ray aspirant may have no meaning or instruction for an aspirant upon theDiscipleship2, 420:capacity to move with ease in the world of meaning (the major task which confronts all of you atDiscipleship2, 420:to enable the initiate to live in the world of meaning; the objective of the next four initiationsDiscipleship2, 420:under consideration; each of them veils a deeper meaning and can convey a vital esotericDiscipleship2, 421:must answer before you can pass on to a deeper meaning and significance. Ability to see theDiscipleship2, 423:to range in an extra-planetary fashion. The meaning of all this may be only theoretical, as far asDiscipleship2, 423:hides in its heart and at the very center of its meaning the germ of an expanding realization. KeepDiscipleship2, 431:perception and are using words without meaning. Discipleship2, 460:knowledge is so real that you will apprehend my meaning without further extended elucidation. YouDiscipleship2, 469:that I cannot express even its dimmest meaning to you because I myself do not know. It lies too farDiscipleship2, 469:Christ and the Buddha begin dimly to sense its meaning. Therefore I cannot answer your questionDiscipleship2, 472:a reality, and he begins to learn its true meaning. All these four types of difficulties areDiscipleship2, 487:and also an intensified effort to work out the meaning of these words with your fellowmen. ThatDiscipleship2, 512:above. I wonder, my brother, if I am making my meaning clear. It is not clear to A.A.B. who isDiscipleship2, 519:more exoteric significances, whilst the inner meaning must be drawn forth by you in deep andDiscipleship2, 530:spiritual life if understanding and a search for meaning begins to parallel your reaction to loveDiscipleship2, 537:With the average person who is kind, well-meaning and endowed with a normal sense ofDiscipleship2, 548:in their application or that they do not carry a meaning of very real import to the disciple forDiscipleship2, 551:thinking should be concerned with the occult meaning of silence, of voiceless interludes and of theDiscipleship2, 551:or in refutation. Today you know better the meaning of occult obedience and the acceptance of theDiscipleship2, 556:behavior. This injunction is not the same in meaning as the injunction "as a man thinketh in hisDiscipleship2, 609:you were told to move forward in my Ashram. The meaning is that in the great interlockingDiscipleship2, 616:learn yourself always to live in the world of meaning. Last year you passed through a terrific testDiscipleship2, 622:Light of the next one above, and is not this the meaning of culture, education, refinement,Discipleship2, 633:day. Yet he also knows that he has to master the meaning of the paradoxical statement with whichDiscipleship2, 634:symbolic pillars the "pillars of propriety," meaning that each pillar passed indicates theDiscipleship2, 650:with the life aspect, then one can know the true meaning of unity, then one is released from painDiscipleship2, 662:the vision and the plan. They form the world of meaning. To understand impels the heart detached.Discipleship2, 663:two major happenings? Again, you have learnt the meaning of pain, and again divine indifference isDiscipleship2, 678:which could be considered to have an occult meaning or implication. Yet, my brother, in the yearsDiscipleship2, 690:far as you can - from the angle of the world of meaning and in relation to your attitude toDiscipleship2, 707:inspiration, and how will you make the world of meaning and the spiritual realities real andDiscipleship2, 712:- and here you must endeavor to understand my meaning without any elaboration from me - you mustDiscipleship2, 737:you and I beg you to strive to understand my meaning. I would ask you (in order to help you to seeDiscipleship2, 756:come across and read your papers, to grasp my meaning. Two factors of interest emerge here. InDiscipleship2, 759:the words "Brother of mine" take on a deeper meaning. They [760] might indicate a steady movingEducation, 16:held in elementary education, though their true meaning is divorced from reality and the rightEducation, 16:of unfolding the human mentality to the world of meaning, and not to the world of objectiveEducation, 17:is to grasp the relation of the world of meaning to the world of expression; we shall attempt toEducation, 17:(which expresses itself through the world of meaning) can be entered and understood by theEducation, 17:as we work and study together; such words as meaning, quality, value - all of which stand revealedEducation, 27:into the world of subjective realities and of meaning. This "Path of Return," by means of which theEducation, 42:the objective of those who comprehend the true meaning of culture. In [43] the last analysis, andEducation, 43:world. The man of culture relates the world of meaning to the world of appearances and regards themEducation, 48:of appearances and the world of values and of meaning in his consciousness. He should begin toEducation, 49:and should deal more directly with the world of meaning. International problems - economic, social,
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