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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANING

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Healing, 684:and phrases if we are to understand their true meaning. [685] Healing, 687:interpretation in time and space) begins to have meaning and significance according to his point inHealing, 690:spiritual expressions of life, the word "more" (meaning increased) must perforce give way to theHealing, 710:likewise disappear. The obvious and simplest meaning of the fifth ray mode of healing is that theHercules, 28: The Labors of Hercules - Labor I The Meaning of the Myth In combining this astrological andHercules, 29:tendencies. These we must understand if the meaning of the test is to emerge. Connected with eachHercules, 37:and much enthusiasm: so start all disciples. The meaning of the test is now surely plain. HerculesHercules, 41: The Labors of Hercules - Labor II The Meaning of the Labor In spite of all initial partialHercules, 43:outstanding figures, whose names were Brontes, meaning thunder, Steropes, meaning lightning, andHercules, 43:names were Brontes, meaning thunder, Steropes, meaning lightning, and Arges, meaning whirlingHercules, 43:thunder, Steropes, meaning lightning, and Arges, meaning whirling activity. When Hercules arrivedHercules, 47:souls into incarnation, where they learn the meaning of the words, "as a man sows, so shall heHercules, 50:The word "maze" comes from an old English word, meaning to bewilder, to confuse, to puzzle. TheHercules, 51:to the mainland. Use common sense. The ancient meaning of the word "common sense" was that thereHercules, 52:of the aspirant. A right understanding, of the meaning, of celibacy. The word means "single" andHercules, 52:of celibacy. The word means "single" and the meaning usually given to the word is, to refrain fromHercules, 64:were also called Apollo and Hercules: Apollo, meaning the Ruler, the Sun God; and Hercules, "theHercules, 69:bears the great burden of Atlas and learns the meaning of service. Lepus, the Hare, associated withHercules, 69:"the enemy of the Coming One", which is the meaning of the name of the brightest star, Arneb;Hercules, 69:star, Arneb; whilst three other stars have names meaning "the mad", "the bound", "the deceiver".Hercules, 71:the suggestion should he deem it wise. Many well-meaning occultists would lead one to believe thatHercules, 83: The Labors of Hercules - Labor IV - Part 1 Meaning of the Story Eurystheus, therefore, sentHercules, 83:The word "hind" comes from an old Gothic word, meaning "that which must be seized", in other words,Hercules, 109:stories have held the true significance of their meaning unfathomed for thousands of years, and itHercules, 109:this day and generation that the true esoteric meaning can possibly emerge. The interesting factHercules, 118:of virtue or of vice. But what is the root meaning of "vice"? "To render ineffective", and that forHercules, 118:The root of "virtue" is the Latin word vir meaning "strength", "man", as in "virility". The deepHercules, 118:"strength", "man", as in "virility". The deep meaning of vice as an ineffectiveness of theHercules, 119:rather than on blood sacrifice. The esoteric meaning is "the blood is the life". We are always tooHercules, 120:Christ said "Drink ye all of it"; in its highest meaning the Holy Grail.The brightest star isHercules, 151:to kill the little self in order to teach it the meaning of resurrection. [152] Hercules, 153:is that of the attraction between the opposites (meaning desire). Always there is duality, thatHercules, 173:all glamor. John symbolizes the mind, the name meaning, "The Lord has Spoken." There you have theHercules, 174:tremendously attached before you can know the meaning of impersonality. That is a paradox, butHercules, 174:We can love all mankind because we know the meaning of personal love, and we must give the sameHercules, 186:it is not with us yet. 3. Self-sacrifice. The meaning of self-sacrifice is making the self holy.Hercules, 222:that the word "cardinal" comes from a Latin word meaning "the hinge of a door". The word "door"Initiation, 9:so glibly, without due consideration of the meaning involved. Take, for instance, the word firstInitiation, 24:of Light, - to demonstrate to men the true meaning of brotherhood, and to foster in them responseInitiation, 32:eyes to see, and the intuition to comprehend the meaning conveyed by terms which are handicapped byInitiation, 65:along cosmic lines. The man is taught the meaning of himself; he comes to know himself as aInitiation, 66:all its corollaries. The disciple learns the meaning of occult cohesion, and of that internal unityInitiation, 80:of discipleship in terms of the different rays-meaning by this, discipleship as it manifests on theInitiation, 112:that words but limit and confine the true meaning. [113] Initiation, 119:of his own immortal nature. He realizes the meaning and source of energy, and can begin to wieldInitiation, 132:interim the initiate realizes within himself the meaning of "Peace." He stands, as it were, in aInitiation, 132:for a brief second, conscious of naught but the meaning of things as they are, realizing his ownInitiation, 135:controlled, that he knows the real meaning of continuity of consciousness, and can functionInitiation, 138:to "the crown," as it is occultly called, meaning its return to the Monad whence it came. We mustInitiation, 140:the Rod, the initiate consciously realizes the meaning of the Law of Attraction, in form building,Initiation, 167:mostly dealt with, and the man has to learn the meaning of activity based on: Inherent energy.Initiation, 203:of: The purpose of sound. The esoteric meaning of words, of grammar, and of syntax. The laws ofInitiation, 206:the development of clairvoyance. But the real meaning is much more esoteric. Occultly understood,Initiation, 207:third eye, which clairvoyants utilize, but the meaning is very much deeper than that, and liesInitiation, 218:page 48.) Initiations From the Latin root meaning the first principles of any science. Process ofInitiation, 222:roots, "pra" to manifest, and "krita" to make; meaning, that which caused the universe to manifestIntellect, 10:our full development? Are there shades of meaning to life which have hitherto escaped ourIntellect, 11:over us, even fools are arrested to ask the meaning of them; few of the generations of men haveIntellect, 14:described their attainment as a seeing into the meaning of the universe, a seeing of how all thingsIntellect, 15:of life as spiritual, and so widen the usual meaning of this word to signify [16] the energies andIntellect, 25:a vast number of unrelated subjects. The literal meaning of the word, however, is "to lead out of,"Intellect, 25:carry on the good work and teach them the real meaning of intellection as a training whereby theIntellect, 28:it he will have to probe down to the innermost meaning of life itself. Thinking earnestly about theIntellect, 28:of life itself. Thinking earnestly about the meaning of education compels us to face theIntellect, 32:Sense-perception always means giving a thing a meaning; the dimension of Significance lies in theIntellect, 33:beliefs and ideals." - Martin, Everett Dean, The Meaning of a Liberal Education, Page VIII,Intellect, 36:been expressed as "an adventurous quest for the meaning of life, involving an ability to thinkIntellect, 52:the light makes its presence felt, till the meaning of the words of the Christ becomes clear. HeIntellect, 81:or, if preferred, with the Universal. The proper meaning of this word Yoga is in fact 'union' andIntellect, 96:to gain knowledge. This is fundamentally the meaning of Patanjali when he uses the expressionIntellect, 114:yet a mystery. The subjective interpretation or meaning is the one which reveals the idea lyingIntellect, 115:and confining some thought. The spiritual meaning is that which lies behind the subjective senseIntellect, 116:form of the words and so to arrive at the true meaning. We have penetrated into the world ofIntellect, 128:we are told, comes from the Latin numen, meaning supernatural divine power. It stands for "theIntellect, 129:the word Psychology will return to its original meaning is at hand. Education [130] will then haveIntellect, 144:in every manifestation of life a sacramental meaning; a loveliness, a wonder, a heightenedIntellect, 149:on investigation, that there is a good deal of meaning in this special terminology and theseIntellect, 170:in itself the greatest power and the profoundest meaning. Hildegarde von Bingen, a significantIntellect, 178:the word can be resolved back into its original meaning - Psyche, the name of the soul. The processIntellect, 223:deed, [223] when he is unselfish and knows the meaning of poise - emotional as well as physicalIntellect, 228:upon a certain form of words, so that their meaning is clear in our consciousness, and not theIntellect, 228:in its concentration on their significance, meaning, and implications. Then, with deliberationIntellect, 230:mind is kept actively intent upon the sense and meaning, much hard and focused thinking will haveIntellect, 231:before such words (so frequently chosen by well-meaning beginners) as "be still, and know that I amIntellect, 267:spirit in the world of every day. They know the meaning of meditation and they are with us now.Magic, 7:Initiates. These persons will arrive at a meaning which will not be apparent to those in the firstMagic, 25:child, but would carry a clear definition and meaning to experts in the subject owing to trainingMagic, 63:the soul's meditation upon his form nature, the meaning becomes clearer and he realizes that it isMagic, 76:books. They are seen, touched and realized. The meaning is disclosed in a flash. Let me illustrate:Magic, 96:come via the sutratmic negative channel are well meaning, but lack force and peter out intoMagic, 167:all aspirants that they most carefully study the meaning and significance of the intuition. When itMagic, 189:will come to an understanding of the true meaning of the heart, the throat, and the eye - which itMagic, 235:manifestation upon the physical plane until the meaning of its esoteric phrases has been somewhatMagic, 257:be given become more and more simple, whilst the meaning grasped becomes more and more wide andMagic, 258:yet achieved the fifth initiation, wherein the meaning will enter the consciousness in a blaze ofMagic, 267:This sentence provides food for thought and its meaning is difficult to gather. It should be borneMagic, 339:will increase as men understand increasingly the meaning of wisdom and become epochally wiser, butMagic, 348:upon the pupil's ability to grasp the inner meaning of all events. His entire progress upon theMagic, 379:are simply a Europeanized distortion. The true meaning is only conveyed at the fourth initiationMagic, 382:incarnation throughout the world. They teach the meaning of the psyche, the ego or the soul and of
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