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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANING

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Psychology1, 149:life-quality-appearance. Forget not to find the meaning behind all forms and life experiences, andPsychology1, 150:and so gain a flash of realization as to the meaning of the word "life." But they cannot, and theyPsychology1, 179:a better sense of values, for life will have a meaning hitherto unknown, and we shall have anPsychology1, 179:and we shall have an interpretation of that meaning which will enrich our daily experience. TowardsPsychology1, 182:and yet one so scientific and so profound in meaning that only when it is realized to be a fact inPsychology1, 193:its expression in the world of phenomena, meaning by this the world of external appearance and ofPsychology1, 203:through his art, and his pictures would have a meaning. His literary work would always bePsychology1, 235:this writing, the student can grasp somewhat the meaning of those symbolic words, - Radiation,Psychology1, 287:little thought and with no attention to its true meaning. Basically, love and sex are one and thePsychology1, 287:are one and the same thing, for both express the meaning of the Law of Attraction. Love is sex, andPsychology1, 291:in his personal life he three times knows the meaning of union, of sex: In the physical plane sex,Psychology1, 293:less intolerant than are the bulk of the well-meaning people of today. Psychology is only just comePsychology1, 304:doctrine. We are often told by the well-meaning but illogical that if a man is a disciple he cannotPsychology1, 340:with a world of material values. The world of meaning and of causes becomes gradually the world inPsychology1, 344:being. They include therefore, in their meaning, his goal and objective and the process whereby hePsychology1, 352:course most difficult to grasp, but the general meaning can be [353] recognized and appreciated byPsychology1, 361:as synonymous ideals. The sixth ray taught the meaning of sacrifice, and of this teaching thePsychology1, 363:against ceremonial, and so many good and well-meaning people regard themselves as having outgrownPsychology1, 363:Plan. Where these rituals exist, but where the meaning (inherently present) remains hidden andPsychology1, 368:in the eyes of Masons than the inner spiritual meaning. The symbols and the system of allegoriesPsychology1, 369:of the ordained ceremonials lies the true meaning of the work and the use of the Word. The comingPsychology2, 13:however, real initiates. They are those well meaning people whose mental understanding outruns thePsychology2, 21:is novel and strange, conveying little meaning, and that usually quite incorrect. InPsychology2, 28:(which is a paradoxical sentence with deep meaning) and others in working off the effects of thePsychology2, 39:above esoteric stanzas, to express their true meaning in a few succinct and terse phrases. ThePsychology2, 39:among the students of this Treatise some useful meaning, whereby they can live more truly. ThePsychology2, 45:before the initiate, he will then discover the meaning of that type of realization which is herePsychology2, 47:stands before the Angel, knows. He grasps the meaning of the painted sign which the Angel holdsPsychology2, 48:of the basic emerging truths which will carry meaning to the senior disciples and the initiates ofPsychology2, 76:significance of that which is portrayed and the meaning of what happens can only be understood byPsychology2, 87:the world difficulty; hence the need to make the meaning of these laws clear, their objectivesPsychology2, 89:implications are more carefully studied, the meaning of sacrifice and of death come into theirPsychology2, 94:and not with his form, then he understands the meaning of the Law of Sacrifice; he is spontaneouslyPsychology2, 116:illustration which may perhaps make clearer the meaning and purpose of this law, and which will bePsychology2, 124:will lead humanity into the world of true meaning and of real values. I will seek to show how thePsychology2, 133:to ponder on these last words, for their true meaning cannot be conveyed in words, but only throughPsychology2, 133:and that "joyful sounding" can make its true meaning felt. Psychology2, 143:and unknowingly, leading men into the world of meaning, and their discoveries will eventually endPsychology2, 222:and the revelation upon earth of the world of meaning. It is therefore the basic cause of thatPsychology2, 223:which must be revealed than the revelation of meaning. This is beginning to happen today. It is thePsychology2, 223:counting, as They endeavor to bring the hidden meaning to the fore in the consciousness of man. Psychology2, 228:event will be brought about when the true meaning of history is grasped, when the wide sweep ofPsychology2, 231:such terms are no longer suitable; they have no meaning. Yet the undying one, whether God or man,Psychology2, 237:easy to discover the right words to define its meaning. It is the quality of the inner vision. ThisPsychology2, 243:objective may take, but with the quality or the meaning which that vision veils or hides. The soulPsychology2, 244:it to those essential qualities which give meaning to the vision. The instinct to formulate plans,Psychology2, 244:the urge to create those forms, conveying meaning, which will transmute evil into good and producePsychology2, 246:humanity to recognize that there is a world of meaning behind the world of appearances, of form -Psychology2, 246:It is the revelation of this world of inner meaning that lies immediately ahead of the race.Psychology2, 246:of all that is embodied in form, the meaning behind the appearance, the reality veiled by thePsychology2, 247:This cultivated interest in the inner world of meaning will produce not only a pronounced effectPsychology2, 247:consciousness of the race, that the world of meaning is the sole world of reality for humanity.Psychology2, 247:sense of truth and at the revelation of God's meaning and purpose in all that He has accomplishedPsychology2, 249:the focusing of his attention upon the world of meaning. This is followed by the attempt to expressPsychology2, 250:creative activity, thus revealing the world of meaning, of divinity, and hidden beauty which thePsychology2, 251:have to understand, first of all, what is the meaning which the will of God is seeking to expressPsychology2, 253:the entire shift at this time into the world of meaning and involves a new awareness and a freshPsychology2, 255:- is carrying us steadily into the world of meaning and revealing to us gradually the nature ofPsychology2, 256:for soul control in its wider and more essential meaning. There is, therefore, no need for us toPsychology2, 274:moment, the level of the soul, and knows the meaning of the words "soul contact." That contact isPsychology2, 276:at this point upon the Way that many very well-meaning disciples fall. Instead of standing inPsychology2, 364:the medium of words, its significance and meaning. It is the reflection, if I might so express it,Psychology2, 389:symbolic forms in order to express quality and meaning. As a result of the disciple's use of thisPsychology2, 393:struggling disciple. Here lies the clue to meaning. We are dealing consequently with that stage ofPsychology2, 396:significance of Light and the revelation of the meaning of what has been called in esoteric books,Psychology2, 396:in the light, as a Light bearer. Perhaps my meaning will emerge more clearly to some of you when IPsychology2, 396:your failure to comprehend the significance and meaning of the word "attribute". This third rayPsychology2, 462:in consciousness all the way from the well-meaning theologian and dogmatic doctrinaire, found inPsychology2, 467:form of light, for it reveals to us the world of meaning which lies behind the outer form. AllPsychology2, 467:our own) and which condition the world of meaning of which they are the expression. But when thisPsychology2, 471:the "black forces" to deceive and hoodwink well-meaning aspirants. Many fine people are almostPsychology2, 480:reaction is being exploited today by many well meaning reformers, who have, however, given no realPsychology2, 481:being, and more inclined towards the world of meaning. It is for this reason that I desire to makePsychology2, 487:humanity is turning towards the world of right meaning, of true spiritual values and of esotericPsychology2, 489:to the voices and injunctions and well-meaning intentions of good people on the path of return toPsychology2, 489:They are all colored by glamor, and many well-meaning leaders of groups and organizations get theirPsychology2, 493:One traces the word back to a Sanskrit root, meaning "to harm or to hurt"; the other traces it backPsychology2, 493:origin and root we should discover a real meaning? In any case two thoughts emerge from anPsychology2, 500:no deep psychological significance or spiritual meaning. These dreams are the most common at thisPsychology2, 505:effort at the interpretation of life and its meaning down the ages. They merge with the soul ofPsychology2, 630:masses by fanatics, publicity seekers and well meaning but impractical idealists. The dangers toPsychology2, 687:as forbidden) to elucidate them in their deepest meaning. They mean, however, five days of a mostPsychology2, 719:in words which would convey intelligible meaning to us. The three problems which came underPsychology2, 731:and the world of spiritual values and of meaning. This is being done in the hope that a unitedPsychology2, 736:along the lines of spiritual understanding and meaning, who are the servers, the aspirants andPsychology2, 745:earth, that the inner world of light, love and meaning is fusing in a realizable sense with theRays, 22:move within the Sound. Then let them know the meaning of the OM and let them hear that OM as it isRays, 23:mystery. Let the group demonstrate the higher meaning of the lessons learnt, and these are four andRays, 24:rules and expound for you somewhat of their meaning and indicate their significances as far asRays, 25:word "Rule" and give you some idea of its occult meaning. There is much difference between a Law,Rays, 26:must be to seek group application, group meaning and group light. I would emphatically emphasizeRays, 37:has definite reference to the world of meaning, interpreted in a group sense. At present,Rays, 37:interpreted in a group sense. At present, well-meaning aspirants are satisfied if they are able toRays, 37:events and happenings in terms of their real meaning. But that still remains an individualRays, 37:of a world whole, and in searching for their meaning in terms of their group significance. ThisRays, 38:words, and the careful consideration of their meaning might bring about a definite expansion ofRays, 42:as the initiate begins to grasp the inner meaning of those simple words. For long the teaching,Rays, 46:you have one of the interesting transferences of meaning and of relationship which occur in theRays, 48:initiate is, however, dealing with a world of meaning and of affairs which are not yet manifestingRays, 51:because it deals primarily with the world of meaning and [52] with a phase of the esoteric
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