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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANING

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Rays, 52:and of disciples are today learning the meaning of the OM, which is not the Word made flesh, butRays, 52:outgoing vibration. Using a symbol to make my meaning clear, it is like "a strong wind that pins aRays, 53:words which are futile to convey the underlying meaning of the Word. Understanding can only beRays, 56:of the Hierarchy to restore the knowledge of its meaning, of its threefold application and itsRays, 57:subject to interpretation in the world of meaning. Some understanding of what this implies willRays, 75:impartation to the human consciousness of the meaning and purpose of life; this will take place inRays, 77:center of the group's clear cold light," have a meaning both for the individual initiate and forRays, 82:is fire. That is the most elementary and obvious meaning, and as this section of A Treatise on theRays, 82:interpretation will not prove satisfactory. The meaning must be broader and deeper. The wordsRays, 91:hierarchical Approach and know eventually the meaning of the words "life more abundantly." Christ'sRays, 97:and carry our thoughts into the world of meaning. A very cursory reading of the Rule leads one toRays, 99:a world of values, higher than even the world of meaning, has set in. This attitude might well beRays, 103:relation to the world of cause), the world of meaning. Average man lives and has his being in theRays, 103:man lives and has his being in the world of meaning; the initiate and the Master have their focusRays, 103:by love which links them with the world of meaning, and capable of intelligent activity which linksRays, 124:of this Rule in such a way that it will convey meaning to you, and this for two reasons: First, theRays, 134:to make. The entire field of the world - meaning by that phrase all the kingdoms in nature inRays, 143:God, and enabling us to understand somewhat the meaning of the words of Christ "I am the Light ofRays, 143:"I am the Light of the world." These words carry meaning to all true disciples and present themRays, 149:figures in constant movement, into the world of meaning; it is a process of getting behind theRays, 155:service. He begins to learn with his group the meaning of the "united breath" referred to in theRays, 169:and not according to their usual and obvious meaning. It is not a case of "I understand because IRays, 169:realization - lovely euphonious words, but meaning little to the non-initiates. Rays, 171:Rule IX carefully and arrive at its essential meaning. Rays, 176:for the first time, the initiate comprehends the meaning of the ancient words, so inappropriatelyRays, 177:aeons. Just as the disciple enters the world of meaning and so can interpret events, just as theRays, 177:mediation, applying the Plan which the world of meaning has revealed, so the higher initiate worksRays, 177:purpose which the Plan implements, the world of meaning interprets, and the world of eventsRays, 177:dying out of desire. The symbol of the world of meaning is Light - the light which shines upon theRays, 182:within the Sound. Then let them [182] know the meaning of the OM and let them hear that OM as it isRays, 192:referred to in The Bible, though their essential meaning has not been noted or comprehended. TheRays, 195:brain registration of the world of causes and of meaning. This inner world can be emotional orRays, 202:above sentence is in all probability of little meaning to you, but it nevertheless contains a truthRays, 204:profitably employed if I elucidated somewhat the meaning of the words "the Council Chamber of theRays, 227:in Rules X and XI will truly comprehend my meaning. I would warn you again that the obviousRays, 247:mystery. Let the group demonstrate the higher meaning of the lessons learnt, and these are four andRays, 249:cannot understand or duly appreciate the inner meaning of these fourteen rules. In this fact liesRays, 258:may sound) with no sense of dualism. The usual meaning is not correct. It involves acceptance andRays, 261:Initiation Let the group demonstrate the higher meaning of the lessons learnt, and these are fourRays, 261:proceed upon the Path of Probation, to see the meaning of their physical plane activities in termsRays, 261:originates upon that plane and gives their deeds meaning, This is the A.B.C. of elementaryRays, 261:psychology. Later, they enter a higher world of meaning and find that "as a man thinketh in hisRays, 261:as the soul begins to dominate, he learns the meaning of love and slowly, and oft through theRays, 261:of pain, he absorbs the significance or meaning of group activity, group relation, and groupRays, 261:(as this Rule expresses it) to learn the higher meaning of four lessons, processes or stages whichRays, 267:significance. To convey any faintest hint of its meaning is incomparably difficult for me whereRays, 269:I realize that this information has little meaning to you and lies beyond your understanding, butRays, 280:ahead of the initiate is to realize the inner meaning (not the obvious and easily grasped meaning)Rays, 280:meaning (not the obvious and easily grasped meaning) that spirit is matter at its highest point,Rays, 283:than that I may not say. To express the true meaning I have no words or symbols. In this line ofRays, 285:to interpret this final phrase of Rule XIII. Its meaning lies beyond your most elevatedRays, 285:have so frequently in the past) that the obvious meaning - no matter how elevated - is not thatRays, 285:we shall deal. It is the significance behind the meaning which is ever the concern of the initiateRays, 285:sequence of words, embodying ideas: Symbol, Meaning, Significance, Light, regarding light as theRays, 285:the organizer of the symbol, the revealer of the meaning, the potency of the significance. We haveRays, 286:the stage of groping in the world of [286] meaning. The reason for this is that you have not yetRays, 286:three worlds of human evolution; the world of meaning is the world in which the soul lives andRays, 286:I will attempt to show you that their real meaning is deep and esoteric to what you call the nthRays, 286:simple. Most aspirants understand their meaning [287] to a certain extent. They know that theRays, 287:form and then bring them down into the world of meaning, and from thence into the world of symbols.Rays, 288:of the phenomenal world, or to the world of meaning which is essentially the Plan or the patternRays, 290:than had ever seemed possible; the world of meaning and the world of phenomena faded out and -Rays, 297:the nature of things, reveals the world of meaning, and gives the great gift of light, knowledgeRays, 303:about. It is not his task to reveal the world of meaning. That, the disciple arrives at andRays, 314:The only place of complete "peace" (the meaning of the word Jerusalem) is Shamballa; the HierarchyRays, 314:Hierarchy is not a center of peace in the true meaning of the term, which has no relation toRays, 314:His monadic and realized "destiny." The meaning of these words is not as is so oft stated byRays, 315:oft believed. The word Express, in its deepest meaning and when given at the second initiation,Rays, 328:and if you could, you would not comprehend the meaning. "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard" theRays, 340:of the initiations - I can only hope that some meaning will be conveyed to those persons who areRays, 344:relationships and group activities. Some well-meaning aspirants interpret the group idea as theRays, 344:more difficult one. He needs to bear in mind the meaning of the following words from the ArchivesRays, 347:importance. The Door of Initiation The real meaning underlying the phrase "door of initiation" isRays, 350:his aims are different. You have here the true meaning of the oft-used and misunderstood phrase,Rays, 351:said this, even if you do not understand my meaning, you can, however, grasp the possibility thatRays, 354:are not easy to see, even when the superficial meaning is apparent, because that superficialRays, 354:meaning is apparent, because that superficial meaning hides and veils a universal reality. TheRays, 354:Initiated Master Jesus. This symbolism and its meaning are related to the three Crosses which stoodRays, 356:bear witness. It is owing to the deeply esoteric meaning of the Resurrection and the Ascension andRays, 357:which will be comprehensible, as far as the true meaning goes, to you who have not as yet achievedRays, 378:the great Ashram and then (this will have more meaning for you) the gradual formation of the sevenRays, 403:which may bring some light via their united meaning (each phrase contributing an idea), if dueRays, 409:were so abstruse that few can understand their meaning. The true significance is only for advancedRays, 420:attractive, magnetic tendencies and learn the meaning of "isolated intention with a multiplicity ofRays, 434:initiate, with all that those words entail of meaning and esoteric significance. Consciousness,Rays, 442:- the agent of the Spiritual Triad. The meaning of this becomes clearer as the work proceeds. It isRays, 442:of constructing the antahkarana to grasp the meaning of visualization as it is seen to be relatedRays, 452:for there are no words suitable to define our meaning. Just as modern sciences have evolved aRays, 472:imparted facts make sense to you? Have they meaning for your mind? I think not. You have not yetRays, 481:expressions are inadequate to express the full meaning): Humanity, in which he can focus himself atRays, 485:has been taught to penetrate into the world of meaning and to see interpretations not apparent toRays, 511:ability to live more definitely in the world of meaning than hitherto, upon your knowledge of yourRays, 513:taught to work far more upon the inner planes of meaning and not to depend, as heretofore, upon theRays, 513:is the ability of the disciple to feel the meaning of the Word of Power as he silently utters it.Rays, 513:to send out the call of quality to quality, of meaning to meaning, of nature to nature, of form toRays, 513:the call of quality to quality, of meaning to meaning, of nature to nature, of form to spirit whichRays, 514:as far as possible, the English equivalent in meaning, and it is this meaning which I ask you toRays, 514:English equivalent in meaning, and it is this meaning which I ask you to have in mind as youRays, 515:of the Will and Purpose of the Most High. The meaning of the Word of Power to be used at this pointRays, 515:that if uttered with an understanding of their meaning, they are of terrific potency. The disciple
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