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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANINGS

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Astrology, 105:Saturn "falls" in Aries. This has two meanings, for this is a dual sign. First: Saturn is the LordAstrology, 135:new astrology will deal with significances and meanings, and not so much with the symbols and theAstrology, 271:Behind this statement are to be found three meanings: one for average intelligent man, another forAstrology, 291:own plane and level of awareness. If the inner meanings of the outer symbolic forms of existenceAstrology, 314:in the Christian Bible, there are three meanings or true significances. The translation hinted atAutobiography, 52:disputes by theologians over significances and meanings. Hence, also, the probably incorrectAutobiography, 124:longer enter them when confronted with ancient meanings to what they recognize as living truths.Autobiography, 297:We seek to understand the deeper spiritual meanings which lie behind world events and strive to soBethlehem, 64:itself. Whence came the signs, and how the [64] meanings and symbols associated with them came intoBethlehem, 214:is that the words are capable of various meanings. The time has come when the meaning that ChristDiscipleship1, 4:care, for the written word may contain several meanings and these can be sensed, according to theDiscipleship1, 93:in any way. The few possible symbolic hints and meanings have been investigated and the eruditeDiscipleship2, 19:the intuition and thus arrive at [19] the three meanings which they hold for you, and for disciplesDiscipleship2, 19:disciples like you. There are literally seven meanings, but I would advise you to confine yourselfDiscipleship2, 169:would like now to touch upon some of the deeper meanings for you who are disciples or who are inDiscipleship2, 187:forward. These words have new and prophetic meanings and you must discover for yourselves what theyDiscipleship2, 246:and have therefore five significances or meanings which will become apparent only as each of theseDiscipleship2, 285:go forth. I have tried to indicate one of the meanings of the formula, but have not given aDiscipleship2, 318:entirely different to the usual and apparent meanings. In the olden days, as you well know, [319]Discipleship2, 358:disciple, this first hint (in one of its deeper meanings) provides you with three lines of thoughtDiscipleship2, 380:Mount of Crucifixion. There are also far deeper meanings to the well-known Gospel symbolism thanDiscipleship2, 395:of the Hierarchy. There are other and deeper meanings than the above, but I have here indicated toDiscipleship2, 418:deeply spiritual law. Some of the more obvious meanings of this seventh hint it might profit us toDiscipleship2, 552:and Right of Access - will take on new and vital meanings to you. Within the circle of those whoDiscipleship2, 642:These phrases have each three esoteric meanings. Take one of the above sentences each for one monthDiscipleship2, 661:purely exoteric. There are, however, secondary meanings which are of real significance to theDiscipleship2, 693:it has (as it might have been expected) various meanings and policies which will function on theExternalisation, 91:kingdoms of nature. There are of course several meanings to these ancient writings. I have referredExternalisation, 144:and some explanation of its significance and meanings. These may enable the occult students in theExternalisation, 157:understanding of the implications and meanings of the words said and of the results to be achieved.Externalisation, 260:clearer, for there are several significances and meanings behind each phrase. The one thing I seekExternalisation, 266:them possess several significances. With all the meanings I cannot deal, but will present theFire, 928:has a secret potency, and its totality has seven meanings and can bring about seven differentFire, 993:with the inner round? The inner round has many meanings, some impossible to give, but two thingsGlamour, 24:familiar prayer, The Lord's Prayer. It has many meanings and the trite and usual ChristianHealing, 246:to pieces." The significance of both these meanings will be apparent and the sequence of ideas isHealing, 386:right spiritual perception. This is one of the meanings hidden in the phrase, the "work ofHealing, 394:have been so chosen for their specific meanings: The Work of Restitution signifies the returning ofHealing, 438:will most inevitably will be seen to have new meanings to humanity and many of the old ideas willHealing, 596:of view, are not redundant but express different meanings. Healing, 695:(alone and unaided) penetrate into the deeper meanings of this phase of the Ageless Wisdom. Hercules, 118:what breeders of true tolerance, are these root meanings. Too long have we belabored the body, theHercules, 131:relationships, creating a sensitive network of meanings. The result of such activity is synthesis.Hercules, 173:Christ, in Capricorn at his transfiguration. Meanings of the Sign This is the sign of the goat; itHercules, 207:The old truths will then acquire new meanings and vibrate with fresh life. There have been manyInitiation, 207:first, the laws of that which radiates; the five meanings of magnetization make the second; theMagic, 257:is there given but perhaps a few of the deeper meanings can be imparted. It is interesting to noteMagic, 546:but this is in its turn dependent upon other meanings and based upon the recognition of otherMeditation, 224:as I have already told you. Some of these meanings have been given out by H.P.B. but theirPatanjali, 28:(as is the case with all symbols) has seven meanings; two are of use in this place: The fish is thePatanjali, 30:all formulations of doctrinal faiths has several meanings to the occultist. For the purpose of aPatanjali, 137:and withdrawal becomes possible. Very secondary meanings are given by the ordinary student to thePatanjali, 304:b. Our Earth Planet, c. The Great Bear. Other meanings are available to those who hold the key, butPsychology2, 44:time) is incorrect speech, conveying ambiguous meanings and motivated by criticism, or by anPsychology2, 164:see if they can, for themselves, trace the basic meanings. Let us, by way of illustration, trace orRays, 23:first, the laws of that which radiates; the five meanings of magnetization make the second; theRays, 37:can truly appear is by grasping the following meanings: The physical application refers to theRays, 101:and the will inevitably will be seen to have new meanings for humanity, and many of the old ideasRays, 110:useful for disciples to reflect upon the various meanings (there are several) and upon the esotericRays, 129:Spiritual Triad." There are, of course, other meanings, but this is the most practical forRays, 247:first, the laws of that which radiates; the five meanings of magnetization make the second; theRays, 248:of the Higher Evolution. He must study the five meanings of magnetization. This refers to the fiveRays, 249:for the disciple to work out significances and meanings through the medium of his own lifeRays, 315:of the soul. It means (behind all other possible meanings) the command to express the will natureRays, 396:I will now endeavor to convey some of the deeper meanings, writing as I do for advanced disciplesReappearance, 143:forgotten [143] whilst men have quarreled over meanings, over phrases and words. In the meantime,Soulthe self envelops the body; it becomes a city of meanings, and not merely a city of cells. Its
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