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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Astrology, 22:the planetary body of expression. This statement means but little to you today but it will meanAstrology, 44:to the vibration of the earlier system. This means that the four lower Hierarchies are linksAstrology, 62:interlock throughout the body of space are by no means illusions but definitely express eternalAstrology, 84:soul, and the Cross of the Spirit. This really means that he has passed through three momentousAstrology, 97:relinquishment and final initiation, and means little to humanity, for it concerns the planetaryAstrology, 106:Sun and Jupiter, according to Sepharial. This means conflict, revelation and the successfulAstrology, 109:upon which to build the new astrology by means of which you can grasp the dual procedure of theAstrology, 121:is no more sea" says the ancient book, which means inevitably the "death of the fishes" and theAstrology, 142:governs the blood system and its circulation. By means of the blood, the life force is distributedAstrology, 153:of the zodiac, has brought to the initiate; it means likewise that type of awareness whichAstrology, 212:nature with its promptings and demands) by the means of the "serpent of wisdom," which is theAstrology, 224:which, at this stage of the disciple's career, means that he can begin to live the occult life andAstrology, 224:take the place of the mystic way of feeling. It means also that knowledge can be transmuted intoAstrology, 225:to take the place of the ancient glamor by means of which we have fabricated the untrue world inAstrology, 244:or love (in the later Stages). In Taurus, this means the mind expressing itself through intelligentAstrology, 265:the emergence of the dominating Christ life. It means the higher synthesis and the [266] control ofAstrology, 277:is brought into relationship with Aquarius which means, in this case, with the seventh CreativeAstrology, 277:rules or conditions (for that is what the word means) the activity of the lunar lords who build theAstrology, 292:because the activity of reflection is a potent means to revelation. I have sought to bring theAstrology, 313:to you? You might reply by saying that it means, God moved in substance and produced by moving theAstrology, 318:hidden appears and is brought to the surface by means of the experience, the tests, the trials andAstrology, 385:into a unity. It is not transcended by physical means or rituals. It is a transcendence inAstrology, 386:of war when war and conflict are the only means whereby liberation can come, though woe betideAstrology, 399:sign, the Moon is exalted. Symbolically this means that the form side of life is a powerfullyAstrology, 443:of today, as far as may be possible. That means a gradual future usefulness for the knowledge ofAstrology, 457:to the outlets of planetary energy through the means of which great and general effects areAstrology, 469:and appropriate. This statement of course means little to any student at this time. When, however,Astrology, 477:approach to this subject and choose the theme by means of which we can throw more light upon it. ItAstrology, 488:agency in the present world crisis. This means, therefore, that Rays I and V are exceedinglyAstrology, 488:that Rays I and V are exceedingly active; it means, secondly, that the Sun's influence is potent,Astrology, 489:both [489] exoterically and esoterically. It means also that the planets which are related to theseAstrology, 494:to contact and this - in the human being - means understanding, inclusiveness and identification.Astrology, 497:life of the disciple upon the Wheel of Life, by means of which his progress becomes anti-clockwise.Astrology, 519:is in process of becoming a sacred planet. This means an interim of upheaval, chaos and ofAstrology, 524:says "In that light shall we see light"; this means that through the medium of the light of wisdomAstrology, 561:any form of divine manifestation. This is by no means an easy thing to do, for the ability to thinkAstrology, 563:of humanity. This is a basic statement which means little to you as yet but which will - in theAstrology, 568:is the major factor involved. This is by no means so in reality. Each of these Crosses makes itsAstrology, 581:contact with the Shamballa force and by this means, and on behalf of humanity, established aAstrology, 587:[587] of the war. Fire is produced by physical means and the aid of the mineral kingdom and thisAstrology, 587:and this was the great menacing and chosen means of destruction in this war. This is a fulfilmentAstrology, 587:the attempt to destroy the Aryan race will be by means of fire, just as ancient Atlantis wasAstrology, 600:mean much to you? I would surmise that it means but little; it is a basic statement of occult factAstrology, 620:soul. 3. Capricorn This is the constellation by means of which comes the conquering will whichAstrology, 624:demonstrates through the second ray by the means of that driving force which enables the second rayAstrology, 625:revealed the cosmic principle of love and by its means - embodied in Himself - He produced effectsAstrology, 625:as the transmitting will because through its means something passes between the pair of oppositesAstrology, 634:and will; through Ray V, we develop the means to understand the nature of that synthesis and will;Astrology, 675:and the buddhic aspect was being provided with a means of expression through the medium of theAstrology, 676:between the names Makara and Kumara. It means and is connected with the pentagon. It representsAstrology, 684:is a sacred planet and the Earth is not. This means that certain of the planets are to the LogosAstrology, 685:and the buddhic aspect was being provided with a means of expression through the medium of theAtom, 15:Entity or Life, Who is evolving through, and by means of, the universe, just as man is evolvingAtom, 18:organized concept which is working itself out by means of the material form. One reason why thingsAtom, 26:seen, the first or atomic stage developed by means of selfishness, or the self-centered life of theAtom, 28:to the stage where our concept is universal - it means finding the particular set of brothers whomAtom, 28:set of brothers whom we can love and help by means of the law of sacrifice and by the transmutationAtom, 32:or Intelligence which is evolving by means of that outer form. You will find, I think, that that isAtom, 33:- that world which we can see and contact by means of the five senses, and which is called by theAtom, 37:touch and handle. The word "substance" itself means that which "stands under," or which lies backAtom, 44:Heavenly Man. By the "body of Christ" he surely means all those units of the human family who areAtom, 55:but of all forms that are constituted by their means, including the manifestation of a human beingAtom, 57:of God, the central Intelligence, by the means of the material form, whether we see Him manifestedAtom, 61:or to enlarge upon the evolutionary process by means of which atoms [62] are combined into forms,Atom, 62:need and requirement, utilizing that form as a means of expression, and then - in due course ofAtom, 63:of the form, which no longer suffices as a means of expression. Following upon crystallization, weAtom, 66:build for itself a better and more satisfactory means of expression, and thus measure up to theAtom, 66:be seen. All of them are expressing some idea by means of a particular [67] form, or set of forms,Atom, 70:the life within the form gains in quality by means of the experience. Atom, 77:which we have had the past month, and perhaps by means of them we have been able to get an idea ofAtom, 84:seen that the atom is a life, manifesting by means of the little sphere of which it is the center.Atom, 86:fall of the spirit into matter is conveyed by means of a picture to the infant mentality of man.Atom, 90:already individualized, and guiding himself by means of his will? What lies ahead for man? SimplyAtom, 97:kind. Then we studied the building of forms by means of the great law of attraction, which gatheredAtom, 99:Latin words: con, with; and scio, to know; and means literally "that with which we know." If youAtom, 100:cell as our starting-point we may get, by its means, some concept of what these three types ofAtom, 103:the one who is in process of becoming aware by means of these bodies. This has been long taught inAtom, 106:that he evolves and becomes aware first by means of the five senses, and later through theAtom, 108:Having, then, learnt to be intelligent units by means of these five senses, and having, throughAtom, 110:brought about? The atomic stage was developed by means of the five senses, and through theAtom, 116:of the word "initiation" is "to go into." It means simply that an initiate is one who has taken theAtom, 126:to respond to contact and vibration. It simply means that certain people are at a stage where theyAtom, 126:such discussions as we have pursued, and which means investigation of those matters which concernAtom, 128:the outcome of love, and attain our objective by means of the intelligence. This is all that God isAtom, 134:place within the greater whole, finding it by means of definite self-initiated endeavor, and thenAtom, 135:is inspiration. To be capable of being inspired means that a human mind has reached a stage in hisAtom, 136:this is a positive, not a negative thing, and means the putting of oneself in direct consciousAtom, 136:the powers of the soul, or of the psyche. This means that you and I are going to be psychics. But IAtom, 138:will become clairaudient and clairvoyant, which means the capacity to hear and see as clearly andAtom, 138:ability, for instance, to take an eye, and by means of that eye to put oneself en rapport with allAtom, 138:the power to take a pebble off the beach, and by means of it to put oneself in accord with theAtom, 139:the magnetic fluids, and conscious creation by means of color and sound, are others. All thatAtom, 144:considered the aspects which were evolved by means of these atoms, their qualities, or psychicAtom, 147:of the Entity Who is working out His purposes by means of it. Finally we carried forward the sameAtom, 150:out of a definite purpose, energizes it by means of these great centers of force which we callAtom, 150:that these centers, in their turn, work by means of lesser centers or groups, passing their energyAutobiography, 2:a point of view strikes me as unintelligent. It means that there comes a point in one's developmentAutobiography, 7:as a life story mine does not matter much. As a means, however, of proving certain facts which IAutobiography, 12:born under the sign of Gemini. This always means a conflict between the opposites - poverty andAutobiography, 17:of Initiation and as portraying the goal and the means, the objective of evolution and the
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