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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Autobiography, 17:receives the accolade of recognition by means of the Rod. In the language of symbolism theAutobiography, 61:for good to those who love God, and this means that we do not love some far off, abstract Deity butAutobiography, 64:usual smug, religious reaction, I said, "If God means me to go He will send the money." She lookedAutobiography, 69:read me the riot act, telling me that I had no means of knowing that he was a decent man, thatAutobiography, 75:spoke of me or wrote of me as the B.O.L., which means the "Benevolent Old Lady." The majority ofAutobiography, 123:and understanding of what he thinks God means. But it is a human, finite brain that does theAutobiography, 168:personally do not understand what the Tibetan means say that His ambiguities, so called, are due toAutobiography, 179:being makes it entirely a selfish thing and a means of acquisition of things for the separatedAutobiography, 207:them with me telepathically. Although I had no means of knowing about them, later I would discoverAutobiography, 225:spiritual power which poured through him was the means of stimulating many into renewedAutobiography, 232:are now transiting into the sign Aquarius which means that from the angle of the zodiac, which isAutobiography, 251:its relative success. Millions were reached by means of the spoken and written word and by theAutobiography, 266:place in all schools for beginners; by their means the neophyte establishes habits of purity andAutobiography, 274:groups. The new schools begin to take shape by means of this rejection and in response to theAutobiography, 277:to interpret these impressions correctly by means of his trained and illumined mind; he learns toAutobiography, 277:being. 2. The Science of At-one-ment. By means of this, the disciple is taught integration andAutobiography, 277:inspiration) are gradually mastered and by its means the disciple is taught the right use of theAutobiography, 280:life and life methods, in all probability; it means the learning of the rules which govern theAutobiography, 284:of the desires or will of the soul. It means that the aspirant to discipleship is training himselfAutobiography, 285:sensitive to soul impression by this means and by following the path of true occult obedience. TheAutobiography, 292:however, who hold that to be an esotericist means that one holds oneself aloof from mundane affairsAutobiography, 302:affairs, nor any of the service activities by means of any messages of any sort or kind. HumanityBethlehem, 20:and for which we have no words or adequate means of expression? The ancient mysteries, so shortlyBethlehem, 43:God [43] ...was, in the first place, as His Name means, King of Righteousness, and besides that,Bethlehem, 58:fullness of time Christ came and, if evolution means anything at all and if the race as a whole hasBethlehem, 63:people of the Anglian nation', by which he means the pagan English before their settlement inBethlehem, 63:of fertility) which the Virgin holds. Bethlehem means the "house of bread," and there is thereforeBethlehem, 64:and Boötes, whose name in the Hebrew language means the "Coming One." First, the child born of theBethlehem, 66:[66] Therein we find that "Nazareth" means "that which is consecrated" or set apart. "Galilee"Bethlehem, 66:which is consecrated" or set apart. "Galilee" means the "turning of the wheel" - that wheel of lifeBethlehem, 66:According to the concordance, the name Mary means "the exalted of the Lord." As one says theseBethlehem, 68:into more extended service. Joseph's name means "he who shall add"; he was a builder, a carpenter,Bethlehem, 81:It entails, in the first place, effort. It means initiative, the expenditure of energy, theBethlehem, 81:so that the initial journey can be taken. It means listening for and obeying the insistent demandBethlehem, 87:indistinguishable, there is the soul. Soul means oneness, unity, union between the inner wish andBethlehem, 95:in nature, mineral, vegetable, animal, which means, in their synthesis, the human with theBethlehem, 97:"purity" comes from the Sanskrit word pur, which means freedom from alloy, from limitation and fromBethlehem, 97:powerfully applied at this time. Perhaps this means that many in the race today are going down toBethlehem, 98:The control of water and its utilization as a means of transportation on a worldwide scale becameBethlehem, 100:This was taken in the river Jordan. Jordan means "that which descends," but also, according to someBethlehem, 100:of esotericism, the word "river" frequently means discrimination. We have seen that waterBethlehem, 100:in, the discriminating faculty of the mind. By means of it, the disciple can bring the mental lifeBethlehem, 101:told in Crude's Concordance that the name John means "which God gave," and in the three names whichBethlehem, 120:right. Yet we do not live by bread alone, but by means of the spiritual life which (coming forthBethlehem, 144:name "Moses," according to Cruden's Concordance, means "taken out of the water." We have alreadyBethlehem, 144:- The Transfiguration Elias, whose name means "the strength of the Lord," stood [145] beside JesusBethlehem, 146:and come to regard our physical bodies as the means whereby the divine, indwelling Christ can beBethlehem, 153:and Zophar the Naamathite. Eliphaz the Temanite means "my God is gold," and also "the southernBethlehem, 153:possessions and comfort. Zophar the Naamathite means the "one who talks," and his theme isBethlehem, 153:to be active (including the conscience). Shuhite means "prostration or helplessness," signifyingBethlehem, 153:the names of Daniel's three friends. Abednego means the "servant of the sun," the server of theBethlehem, 153:emotional sentient connotation, for it means [154] "rejoicing in the way," and wherever we findBethlehem, 154:the emotional-feeling nature. Meschach means "agile," quick moving, which is in itself a very goodBethlehem, 154:of this wonderful story. Peter, as we well know, means "rock." Here is the foundation, the mostBethlehem, 155:a clear medium for the revelation of deity. John means "the Lord hath spoken," and herein is theBethlehem, 200:that the "fellowship of His sufferings" means that we mount the Cross with Him and share constantlyBethlehem, 255:of life, the zest of common ends, the mastery of means, the glory of infinite enterprise, the prideBethlehem, 267:if not consciously, [267] that love means service, and we like to be served. The time has come whenBethlehem, 268:of that sensitivity and inner attention by means of which he can arrive at the significance and theBethlehem, 270:and striving, for that conquest of self which means a daily crucifixion, and for that closeBethlehem, 279:which is the spiritual body is carried on by means of purification, perfecting, meditation andDestiny, 11:the unfoldment of awareness, using form as a means only for the accomplishment of its designs. ADestiny, 17:you that the use of first ray energy inevitably means destruction in the early stages but fusionDestiny, 35:millions of people are beginning to think. This means that the ancient simplicity which has heldDestiny, 36:widespread education of the masses and the many means of worldwide propaganda, these masses areDestiny, 37:Today Let me illustrate these facts for you by means of the two rays which are our immediateDestiny, 38:true, for we know not yet what divinity really means; in these three, however, we have threeDestiny, 43:discovery and use of the radio and of the many means of communication and through the steady growthDestiny, 71:nation, based on the form aspect; there are no means, as yet, of determining the date, forDestiny, 82:very close to each other and the welfare of each means much to each of them, so much so that theDestiny, 99:says "In that light shall we see light;" this means that through the medium of the light of wisdomDestiny, 115:unfolded, organized and recognized and it is by means of these inner senses that spiritualDestiny, 118:which will be eventually brought about by means of a true and scientific magic. This new magic willDestiny, 125:under human inspiration will take place. By means of this, the intelligent factor in the animal (ofDestiny, 130:The seventh ray disciple works consciously by means of certain laws, which are the laws governingDestiny, 130:of ritual (which is the ancient codified means whereby the attractive and expressive nature of theDestiny, 131:that "God-spoke and the world were made" simply means that God's formula for creation was reducedDiscipleship1, X:is scaled), reach the mass of men through their means. So much stupidity has been demonstrated inDiscipleship1, 31:was sent out and given wide distribution by means of the pamphlet entitled The Next Three Years.Discipleship1, 32:of educating public opinion - the only potent means of work and of far more potency and ultimateDiscipleship1, 36:through all events, through space and time by means of the cultivation and use of the intuition.Discipleship1, 47:soul" - the connotation of which usually means that you are thin-skinned, self-centered and alwaysDiscipleship1, 60:things which concern the personality life. This means that your minds will be free, therefore, forDiscipleship1, 60:to yourself or to your group brothers. It means that each group works wisely and understandingly atDiscipleship1, 82:might here ask me if there is one single mode or means whereby a disciple can begin to approximateDiscipleship1, 85:a clearer understanding will come of what this means and what it brings about. The ability of theDiscipleship1, 90:diffused. The dispatch of this focused energy by means of a pictorial process (not by an act of theDiscipleship1, 101:release, self-achieved and self-initiated. This means as much in the life of mankind as it means inDiscipleship1, 101:This means as much in the life of mankind as it means in the life of the individual disciple. ThatDiscipleship1, 109:of a general psychic "washing" or purging by the means of the seven dynamic or electric breathsDiscipleship1, 112:but you have paid little attention to it as a means of contact and only during the past two yearsDiscipleship1, 120:being non-magnetic at your stage of development means that (even though you may have some measureDiscipleship1, 120:a fifth ray mind is however very great, for it means a keen and useful mind and (ponder on this) anDiscipleship1, 132:ways. You are both an artist and a writer. This means that your soul can reach expression andDiscipleship1, 143:Your problem is a very real one, but by no means an unusual one; it must be faced with commonDiscipleship1, 168:the physical body is upon the seventh ray, it means that the atoms of the brain, in particular, areDiscipleship1, 172:personality, focused in the mind nature. This means an aligned personality with the focus of theDiscipleship1, 172:alignment of the personality with the soul. This means bringing the mind - which is focusing allDiscipleship1, 179:body - the second Ray of Love Wisdom. This means that your entire equipment is along the second rayDiscipleship1, 195:as a contribution to your group life, and, by means of your loving radiation, strengthen the group
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