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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Discipleship1, 196:controlling ray of your personality, and that means that the power to react to soul illumination isDiscipleship1, 219:center. In terms of living expression, this means that you can transmute devotion into love, andDiscipleship1, 219:of your mental body is also the first ray. This means that your intelligent mind can dominate atDiscipleship1, 223:wisdom which, in relation to the astral body, means the unfolding (through love) of the intuition.Discipleship1, 236:another as we are and to regard exposure as a means towards eradication. You have two mainDiscipleship1, 254:involved is rightly used, because - though it means the achievement of harmony through conflict -Discipleship1, 257:of the personality centered in the mind. That means a greatly expanded consciousness and far moreDiscipleship1, 264:not through diets or [264] other physical plane means. For the next six months send the energy youDiscipleship1, 265:See that you lose it not, whate'er betide. It means more than you can realize to your co-disciples.Discipleship1, 272:as a definite spiritual responsibility and as a means to real world work. The custodians of moneyDiscipleship1, 277:That is a hard and difficult task for it means bringing together in the bonds of service manyDiscipleship1, 288:activity, for intercession is a scientific means of relating the idea, the ideal and its outerDiscipleship1, 293:group with facility and understanding, and that means power in the task to be accomplished. StudyDiscipleship1, 305:of vision" in meditation (a phrase which perhaps means little to you but which neverthelessDiscipleship1, 329:all disciples have set themselves these days. It means facing up to the issue which each has forDiscipleship1, 334:your thought life more than anything else. This means that tuning in on these two vibrationsDiscipleship1, 336:personality is concerned. Think this out. It means that you can always be depended upon toDiscipleship1, 336:once the way appears open to you. But it means also, from the lower angle, that you will sacrificeDiscipleship1, 340:plus normal concrete thinking. This is by no means an easy process, but, for a disciple likeDiscipleship1, 344:are bearing fruit. This group of mine is by no means an easy one with which to work. In the sixDiscipleship1, 347:mean an easier type of pupil; it often means the reverse. The Teacher has not only to impart theDiscipleship1, 349:in your case [349] (because of ray affiliations) means to stand in the radiance of love - a loveDiscipleship1, 349:in my mind. Meditation is so oft regarded as the means for establishing soul contact. People oftDiscipleship1, 354:bring light is identification as it is for... By means of that identification the soul becomesDiscipleship1, 358:jump from the lower to the higher Triad. This means a bridging from the highest point of the lowerDiscipleship1, 391:and that solar Angel? To recognize the Presence means that I am preparing to pass, as a solarDiscipleship1, 401:can assist me. Time will show you the ways and means. Have patience. It will, I believe, aid you inDiscipleship1, 407:given you a sensitive emotional nature which means a solar plexus too active in its functioning.Discipleship1, 419:attention to the needs of his fellowmen and by means of that uncomplaining endurance which is theDiscipleship1, 452:by wise planning, placed will (if such a phrase means anything to you. It involves conscious focus)Discipleship1, 487:is nothing left in you wherewith to serve, by means of which to express the results of achievementDiscipleship1, 492:still persists, perhaps even more strongly. It means an intense, unavoidable (from your point ofDiscipleship1, 505:body are now integrated. Reflect on what this means, my brother. It means that no longer will yourDiscipleship1, 505:Reflect on what this means, my brother. It means that no longer will your astral body (which walksDiscipleship1, 508:all will be well. You evoke love in many. This means that you have the gift of love. Use that powerDiscipleship1, 517:wisdom, service and selfless love can be the means of bringing inspiration to many souls throughoutDiscipleship1, 534:of crisis (at your stage of development) it means the disciple is standing still. It means that hisDiscipleship1, 534:it means the disciple is standing still. It means that his work is of such a kind that it makes noDiscipleship1, 535:thus before you, my duty ends. The way, the means and the methods are yours to decide. Release willDiscipleship1, 538:hints I seek briefly to give you are not by any means simple. Your major need is for anDiscipleship1, 538:your soul decision for a specific life, but it means that you are not the disciple, with everythingDiscipleship1, 539:of speed and of organizing for speed. This means eliminating the non-essentials and concentratingDiscipleship1, 569:of the physical body. Third month...The means whereby the brain can be rendered sensitive to theDiscipleship1, 587:with those who are your co-workers. That means not only identification with the group objective orDiscipleship1, 587:with the major principles of the group but it means also identification with the successes, theDiscipleship1, 589:at frequent intervals and using speech as a means of spreading distrust and criticism. Secondly,Discipleship1, 594:or the control of two or three people. This means slower work but a more widespread influence. ItDiscipleship1, 596:have three years in which to make the effort by means of which you can become an accepted disciple,Discipleship1, 599:is often the first result of a soul contact and means the revelation of personality limitationsDiscipleship1, 606:of your own wishes, aims and dreams. It means for you the treading of the rocky way of duty, ofDiscipleship1, 620:been planned by servers; we know that service means endless disappointment, ceaseless struggle,Discipleship1, 622:know. Another, you will later recognize. This means leading them to find the link with their groupDiscipleship1, 624:can depend upon you. This, in the second place, means an increasing capacity to be magnetic and inDiscipleship1, 630:is of group import and significance and by this means familiarize disciples with the rules of thatDiscipleship1, 634:off into realms of astral hallucination. This means that in this life, your astral body easilyDiscipleship1, 635:rules governing my disciples, for months; this means, brother of old, that the group integrity hasDiscipleship1, 639:for this next few months. You have by no means exhausted their significance, have you? I wouldDiscipleship1, 642:others will bring about physical healing. This means that this group should be able to work withDiscipleship1, 658:caliber. But it is of the fourth ray type. This means that harmony appeals to you and the bringingDiscipleship1, 664:are motivated by the same desire to serve. This means that you travel not alone, but are supportedDiscipleship1, 664:bring you much and you should enter, through its means, into closer contact with the innerDiscipleship1, 683:Self-forgetfulness and straight kindness means ever harmlessness and that connotes the utmost good.Discipleship1, 690:disciples and co-workers and of all you meet. It means, also, that in the future you go forwardDiscipleship1, 703:center at the very heart of the group; that means the magnetic pull of the Master. As you wellDiscipleship1, 712:The second is the factor of group response. This means response in two directions: To sensed humanDiscipleship1, 720:is not what you think it is. The will-to-love means the love of the greater Whole and the abilityDiscipleship1, 724:(which are now slowly forming) are a part. By means of this, the chela in the Light is trained toDiscipleship1, 725:is unquestionably a recognition of fact. This means that a criticizing disciple has reached theDiscipleship1, 744:his own personal nature may be reacting. This means that his own feelings, thoughts, likes,Discipleship1, 748:they work always through the head center. By means of this center, they sound out the call (anDiscipleship1, 749:humanity. Where this responsiveness exists, it means that the whole is of greater importance to himDiscipleship1, 758:but of what is in the Master's mind. That means that he is telepathically en rapport with hisDiscipleship1, 783:its relative success. Millions were reached by means of the spoken and written word and by theDiscipleship2, 19:Plan. A Master can give no real teaching (by means of stimulation) to his group until there isDiscipleship2, 23:you, an experiment in group initiation. This means that though each of you takes various steps inDiscipleship2, 26:and at the sunset hour of contact. This means - if you follow instructions correctly - that youDiscipleship2, 63:of the world. This outpouring of directed energy means a great stimulation of all sensitive andDiscipleship2, 80:must remember, however, that the link is by no means severed. Another effect is that severalDiscipleship2, 87:are over-shadowing us today; if the Invocation means anything, it is what must be expected. TheDiscipleship2, 89:no responsibility of yours. It has been the means of giving you a greatly needed esoteric trainingDiscipleship2, 99:and love them more than you earlier did? This means all of them, as a group. Along what lines doDiscipleship2, 101:the older and more experienced Masters, is by no means completed; it may be (and probably is) anDiscipleship2, 102:of being one of the first groups (not by any means the only one, however) to attempt to make theDiscipleship2, 104:outside the Ashram - speaking symbolically. This means that the subtler bodies of the personalityDiscipleship2, 108:the soul or any desire for such contact. This means that they are relatively dominant men and womenDiscipleship2, 108:ask them to serve the human race; this of course means, incidentally, serving the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 109:is thereby indicated. This is not by any means the case. In the last analysis, it indicates aDiscipleship2, 115:of the energy of the heart center to the head by means of directed, controlled aspiration -Discipleship2, 140:of preparation for eventual initiation, as a means of increasing your capacity for hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 150:within their own place: what this exactly means has naught to do with humanity. Men today mustDiscipleship2, 150:last stanza of the Great Invocation. It is by no means easy to translate the words of this stanzaDiscipleship2, 152:personality be controlled by the heart. By this means, the selfish individuality of the average manDiscipleship2, 161:aspirants of the world who provide a channel by means of which the energies and the fructifyingDiscipleship2, 170:- it matters not what word you use - by means of these three methods spiritual energies are tappedDiscipleship2, 173:words must go out throughout the entire world by means of its enunciation by men everywhere, andDiscipleship2, 188:all relation to the separated self - is a potent means of establishing and maintaining rightDiscipleship2, 188:meditation and using the implement of prayer (by means of the Invocation), he attains aDiscipleship2, 194:there is no door, but simply a symbol indicating means of access. In the total evolution of theDiscipleship2, 261:an outpost of the Hierarchy (which of necessity means sensitivity to the Shamballa energy), andDiscipleship2, 264:but "subjective." To be an introvert really means that you, as a thinking personality, are always
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