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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Discipleship2, 264:observer who looks within. To live subjectively means that the focus of your consciousness isDiscipleship2, 276:earlier methods were not correct and right. It means that the intelligent grasp of the disciple andDiscipleship2, 279:counterpart - recovery of past knowledge. This means regaining again, consciously, all that the EgoDiscipleship2, 292:use the physical eye and to find his way, by its means, around and through his environment. TheDiscipleship2, 297:word, my brother) toward divinity itself. This means towards synthesis, towards wholeness, towardsDiscipleship2, 302:direction underlies the system of instructing by means of hints. It is apparently a slow technique,Discipleship2, 305:for a number of years, will become a key form by means of which aspects of the creative processDiscipleship2, 328:you realize in any measure what that statement means or what the implications are? I am dealingDiscipleship2, 330:of the great compensations of discipleship. By means of it added light can be "occultly endured." IDiscipleship2, 347:disciples is that of "initiated thinking." This means thought carried forward on purely abstractDiscipleship2, 361:things to be into the mass consciousness, by no means an easy task, as the present state of worldDiscipleship2, 367:of light runs through the analogous process by means of synchronizing instruments upon all planes;Discipleship2, 371:the planetary centers) with the sumtotal of the means of expression. These centers are brought intoDiscipleship2, 379:Thus he can finally destroy (with the means of the advancing light of the atmic plane) a certainDiscipleship2, 383:at exactly the same point in evolution? By no means. A group should be (and is) composed ofDiscipleship2, 393:as an accepted ideal and, in due time, is the means of carrying the entire human family onwardDiscipleship2, 412:This led to the discarding of a hint as a means of mental unfoldment and to the development of aDiscipleship2, 421:though it well may be - of that which expansion means to the planetary Logos - those fields ofDiscipleship2, 423:be carefully sought and this will not, by any means, prove an easy matter. Revelation will,Discipleship2, 433:energies within himself and by their means sets up a spiritual rapport with the new initiate. ThatDiscipleship2, 452:your meditation work throughout the year. By the means of these words you could be enabled to gaugeDiscipleship2, 452:your life processes and determine activity. By means of them also (rightly used) you can arrive atDiscipleship2, 456:and are occupied with seventh ray activity: that means that, inspired by the sense of unity whichDiscipleship2, 460:the futility of emotion and feeling as a means of salvaging your brothers. You need to acquire thatDiscipleship2, 468:be: The conscious unity of the lower centers by means of a great awakening of the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 484:you should enter into it a conversation by means of which you got close to someone, a contact withDiscipleship2, 494:whole group can, therefore, avail itself for it means that the inflow of understanding, light andDiscipleship2, 497:again you are learning to do. You have had by no means an easy time, my brother. You have tuned inDiscipleship2, 519:will have to decide for yourself [519] what it means for you, and I shall be interested to noteDiscipleship2, 536:unfoldment of work will come to you through the means of a breaking down of a wall of pride, and aDiscipleship2, 538:five times made certain definite decisions. By means of these decisions you have directed yourDiscipleship2, 562:of consciousness which we call samadhi. This means that for a stated and qualified time, he quitsDiscipleship2, 578:in the first instance to humanity at all. This means but little to you, I realize. This karmaDiscipleship2, 589:into being through entirely new forms and by means of the intelligent discarding of old modes ofDiscipleship2, 594:acquire a more general and genuine liking (as a means to understanding) of your fellowmen,Discipleship2, 594:and nonsense (frequently teaching nonsense) by means of which A.A.B. is apt to handle situations.Discipleship2, 600:to use that racial and national experience as a means whereby there can be the breaking of suchDiscipleship2, 601:to a certain measure of release and that means much and for that achievement I would indicate myDiscipleship2, 614:is your physical body; that necessarily means that your physical brain is a center of limitation. IDiscipleship2, 621:registering daily your effect upon people. That means that you study them and not yourself. Do youDiscipleship2, 627:you the very essence of spiritual service, which means that they will draw from your soul thatDiscipleship2, 628:indicate to you something of importance. It means that you have reached that point upon the Path ofDiscipleship2, 628:wonder if you can realize, my brother, what this means to the Master who has a disciple underDiscipleship2, 629:a disciple under training and guidance. [629] It means that one possible danger can be definitelyDiscipleship2, 654:the ladder of pure light are one, and by their means I rise. Upward I look and see an outstretchedDiscipleship2, 658:your first ray astral body - be imposed and that means two things in relation to you: That yourDiscipleship2, 669:has to be mental. Technically speaking, that means that the buddhic plane will be the focus orDiscipleship2, 670:is a ray of a dual activity, because through its means the energy of the soul and of theDiscipleship2, 670:somewhat ambiguous, but the statement is by no means as vague as it appears. It should provide youDiscipleship2, 675:to their surmounting (which in this case means changing them) and he, therefore, submits to theDiscipleship2, 685:this particular school of thought was one of the means whereby the fanatical emotional idealismDiscipleship2, 690:the [690] lesson that to be a true disciple means desiring what is best for all humanity, and notDiscipleship2, 690:of some national group or group of nations. That means an intensified study upon the Plan and thisDiscipleship2, 690:an intensified study upon the Plan and this means quiet reflection within yourself, not readingDiscipleship2, 690:or subjecting yourself to deep meditation; it means the breaking down of ancient prejudices andDiscipleship2, 696:- in your highest moments - that that Transition means realization without any physical planeDiscipleship2, 697:law. That is a sorry spectacle to watch, for it means that the physical elemental is assumingDiscipleship2, 702:else that you can do. Forget not that by means of this exercise you train the will, and youDiscipleship2, 704:by those who cannot go your pace. This again means loneliness. And finally, a need for a moreDiscipleship2, 705:others through our own effort to attain; this means clear thinking, humility and constantDiscipleship2, 715:regarded by you as acts of service and not as means whereby your own nature is stimulated andDiscipleship2, 717:no word, I do no deed that hurts another. This means I use a guarded brain against myself - theDiscipleship2, 719:your agile, unsatisfied mind. But you have by no means mastered what has been imparted, nor haveDiscipleship2, 723:little things. You have given generously of your means and have made much of my work possible; forDiscipleship2, 725:fact that glamor (as far as you are concerned) means that which sidesteps you from the desiredDiscipleship2, 738:you. True occult reverence holds the key. This means recognition, not obedience, not stooping downDiscipleship2, 746:one can help you; you have to find the ways and means, alone and unaided. This effort on your part,Discipleship2, 748:on all three bodies simultaneously, but it means that such attack will arouse in you no fear.Discipleship2, 760:brother of mine, can you do this? One definite means of intensifying this inner recognition wouldDiscipleship2, 761:build the phenomenal apparatus or mechanism by means of which a Master makes contact with the threeDiscipleship2, 761:Master makes contact with the three worlds. This means, consequently, that disciples will need toEducation, xi:problem of finding out what all this knowledge means. If the University cannot synthesize theEducation, 22:wisdom in the field of creative activity, which means, in the last analysis, in the right use ofEducation, 23:to our faulty application of any new truth it means as yet the submergence of that unit in theEducation, 27:and of meaning. This "Path of Return," by means of which the race is withdrawn from outer emphasisEducation, 28:but with the consciousness in man. Through the means of this thread a man becomes aware of hisEducation, 33:in, the solar plexus, and is carried upward by means of the aspiration till it anchors itself inEducation, 34:technical formulation of truth, for if education means anything at all, and if we are to considerEducation, 35:the soul and the brain. These laws are the means whereby: Ideas are intuited. Ideals areEducation, 37:in the Science of Endocrinology as a material means of producing changes, usually in deficientEducation, 57:of these is growing every day - whilst the means of transmission and of communication haveEducation, 62:circumstances but as energy in action; by this means he learns to find his way behind the scene ofEducation, 66:His soul expression and His monadic aspect. By means of all that I have said you will realize thatEducation, 69:are: First: The development of more adequate means of understanding and studying the human being.Education, 87:with the recognition that many of them are by no means new but that they require new emphasis. IEducation, 89:his task of right relationship through the means of vocational service. Education, 92:and induces awareness throughout the body by means of the nervous system. These two energy factors,Education, 96:building or bridging in consciousness. By its means, particularly in the early stages, the buildingEducation, 127:stages this is effected on a mass scale by [127] means of the influence of the prevailing cultureEducation, 134:negate conception, and that then the mechanical means will no longer be required. This sounds asEducation, 146:and its use, consciously, as the Path and the means of ever expanding contacts, comes relativelyExternalisation, 9:but are actively used and functioning, it means that the solar plexus center is open and active.Externalisation, 9:faculties are present in consciousness, then it means that the throat center and the center betweenExternalisation, 12:myself from it and do not employ it as a means of contacting those I teach, for I work from choiceExternalisation, 15:them intelligently and so link, through their means, the two worlds of the physical and the astral.Externalisation, 21:this spiritual contact can be brought about, it means that the Hierarchy will no longer be hiddenExternalisation, 54:so force it on the masses [54] by fear, warlike means and material promises. They belong,Externalisation, 73:into the dark places of the earth (which means into the minds of men), then you must yourselves seeExternalisation, 84:or gained and procured by definitely tangible means which are in themselves separative and divided.Externalisation, 86:this science will later be recognized. It is by means of this science that the Hierarchy can form
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