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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Fire, 713:from the higher planes through His body, and by means of the Rod (charged with positive manasicFire, 717:eighteenth century, and its full effect is by no means yet felt, for it will be several hundredFire, 717:several hundred years before it passes away. By means of it, certain discoveries are possible, andFire, 717:mental units of all men, and to coordinate, by means of the force which they embody, and toFire, 725:significance is not yet sufficiently grasped. By means of the appearance of this Avatar on theFire, 726:disciple. He makes certain events possible by means of the stimulation and protection of His aura,Fire, 736:lower planes is still inherently possible by means of the permanent atoms, the force centers of theFire, 745:order to become fully conscious, and acquire (by means of sentient existence), added faculty andFire, 746:of development upon meditation, for it is the means of bringing to the unit under development theFire, 746:of the will. Future constructive activity. By means of meditation, a man finds freedom from theFire, 752:in this connection we must remember that this means that the force and energy of one of theFire, 760:The pure light of the Monad, brought through by means of the perfected Ego and personality on toFire, 760:the latent second aspect seeking expression by means of the Not-Self, and in the other case theFire, 760:second aspect consciously utilizes form as a means to an end. In the case [761] of all avatars itFire, 762:enabling the spiritual unity at the center (by means of it) to acquire knowledge, awareness, andFire, 762:the solar Angels and the lunar Pitris. By means of these permanent atoms the Ego, according to itsFire, 772:sounds in that mantram (not to all by any means at first) and gather out of those sounds theFire, 774:word 'creation' must be occultly understood, and means the appearance in active manifestation ofFire, 777:are preferred. All [777] this is accomplished by means of the material furnished by the lower self.Fire, 791:lower group of lunar Pitris, and is one of the means whereby they will eventually reach the stageFire, 799:which it finds a place. In the human atom this means his group force or influence. The lifeFire, 799:atom is a corporate part. In the human atom this means the influence of the particular center inFire, 810:but utilizing the three lower vehicles only as a means of contact with the three lower planes, weFire, 819:self, the personality, or those vehicles by means of which the Ego in turn is to acquire experienceFire, 833:for the Spirit aspect, for Spirit manifests by means of soul. The lunar Pitris, who form theFire, 833:which animates the etheric body of man, and by means of that [834] force coheres the dense physicalFire, 851:the second plane, where They communicate by means of a spiritual medium incomprehensible to man atFire, 851:where They communicate with all lesser lives by means of a type of mental telepathy. TheFire, 866:something which is to be used for others and a means to bring about the fruition of the Master'sFire, 868:word which I have rendered "fervent aspiration" means primarily "fire"; and in the EasternFire, 868:"fire"; and in the Eastern teaching, it means the fire which gives life and light, and at the sameFire, 868:as our first practice, as the first of the means of spiritual growth, that fiery quality of theFire, 883:forth the [883] trumpets of destruction, and by means of the notes sounded produce that shatteringFire, 908:must be given out. 83 At the same time, the means whereby they can be contacted, and the wordsFire, 913:has some specific method of development and some means whereby they evolve and attain a particularFire, 949:Path [949] Their work is facilitated, for it means that one small stream of life-energy is directedFire, 949:an initiate is admitted to the Lodge degrees, it means that a new and powerful agent is availableFire, 956:will, which he can use as a messenger, or as a means for the manifestation of an idea. StudentsFire, 959:utilizing the sutratma (or channel) as a means of contact. When to this ability is added that ofFire, 965:necessary to deal with them in this order. By means of the pineal gland, 89 the organ of spiritualFire, 966:levels, via the head center and the sutratma. By means of the pituitary body, the second element ofFire, 976:than through the directly physical plane means. This is becoming more realized, but until the raceFire, 980:the process of creation was carried on by the means of sound or speech or the Word. We have it inFire, 980:speaks of Vishnu, the great Singer, creating by means of His song. In physical plane manifestation,Fire, 991:97 It should be borne in mind here that this means strictly in connection with the fourth kingdomFire, 998:communicates with his "shadow" or reflection by means of the sutratma, which passes down throughFire, 1008:opened, or in process of opening, for it is by means of that eye that the thought form isFire, 1011:path of service; and that through his eye by means of directed energy currents He can help andFire, 1024:itself, and the four become the seven. This means literally that the magician must be in a positionFire, 1025:must, therefore, now again be invoked. This means that the magician (when his "shadow" isFire, 1026:thinker or solar Angel. He accomplishes this by means of a mantram. No clue can be given to this,Fire, 1071:[1071] liberation. (The term "liberation" really means the ability of any conscious atom to passFire, 1104:speed in the progress of the entire sheath. This means a more rapid transference of the atoms ofFire, 1124:black magician brings about similar results by means of the first group, only with the exceptionFire, 1131:plane of spiritual, or monadic, energy by means of the soul or egoic energy, utilizing in its turnFire, 1145:which a particular human unit is found. This means, that there are seven specialized force streams,Fire, 1180:this law are here indicated. The ground is by no means covered but enough has been shown toFire, 1190:the note of another scheme, or vice versa. It means that somewhere in the solar system is aFire, 1196:of the hierarchy of Beings who use it as a means of expression. These seven hierarchies are veiledFire, 1202:to the vibration of the earlier system. This means that the four lower hierarchies are linksFire, 1265:certain type of response to cosmic vibration. It means a specializing of the inner sight, and theGlamouras a spiritual world service and not as a means of spiritual unfoldment of the individual aspirant.Glamour, xi:I will concisely state the purpose: Dharma means duty, or obligation, and it is your definite andGlamour, xi:obligation to develop the intuition. The means or methods whereby this development is to be broughtGlamour, 3:It is "the light of the intellect," which really means that which illumines the mind and which canGlamour, 8:into the meaning of a symbol can provide a means whereby the dormant buddhic or intuitional facultyGlamour, 31:which the world platforms are colored; by their means the world leaders are inspired; and they areGlamour, 36:the definite objective of providing the active means whereby the world glamor - today so potent andGlamour, 44:in which he dwells; and that he knows better the means he must employ and the technique he mustGlamour, 69:on the verge of accepted discipleship. This means that you will shortly have to add to your battleGlamour, 81:different. Glamor is not dispelled through the means of the intuition nor is illusion overcome byGlamour, 83:of the difficulty. The mind is the means whereby light can be brought to bear on all conditions ofGlamour, 84:We come now to a consideration of the ways and means whereby maya can be ended and the discipleGlamour, 85:and maya, and to do this he must understand the means to freedom which are: Intuition, IlluminationGlamour, 104:except in the case of individuals. This means that when individuals reach the point in evolutionGlamour, 112:definitely Aryan in their consciousness. This means that the mind factor is awakening and thusGlamour, 112:They embodied then the new and emerging ideas by means of which the race was intended to progress.Glamour, 114:point of view of the soul, for they provide the means whereby experience is gained. This experienceGlamour, 123:But their names are legion, and I have by no means covered the possibilities or the field ofGlamour, 133:instead of being what it essentially is, a means to an end. An ideal, rightly grasped and used,Glamour, 134:This result will be inevitably brought about by means of the cycle of necessity through which weGlamour, 168:then "in that light shall we see LIGHT." This means that when the personality has reached a pointGlamour, 171:as follows: The Technique of the Presence. By means of this technique, the soul assumes control ofGlamour, 171:or the yoga of fire. The Technique of Light. By means of this technique, the illumined mind assumesGlamour, 172:The Technique of Indifference. By means of this technique, maya is ended; for the control of theGlamour, 179:is to be expected if the evolutionary process means anything. The Western races must move forwardGlamour, 188:on the problems of manifestation or for some means to alleviate human suffering, a revelationGlamour, 195:man because fusion and identification are by no means the same. The rules for the Technique ofGlamour, 196:of the soul is light. For aeons, he walks by means of the light engendered within his vehicles, byGlamour, 198:this illumination is brought about by the means of the Technique of the Presence from Whom theGlamour, 203:the drama as its first artistic expression; by means of this, down the ages, man has supplementedGlamour, 203:objectives with those which were developed by means of the creative imagination, thus laying theGlamour, 206:personality and impulsed by the intuition. By means of this light the disciple learns to dissipateGlamour, 216:of the glamor and its why and wherefore. It means a turning of the attention of the integratedGlamour, 228:and also of those great Initiations through the means of which the liberated initiate passes intoGlamour, 259:know how to tap the reservoirs of inspiration by means of a new method and technique in breathing.Glamour, 262:the significance of this word "indifference"? It means in reality the achieving of a neutralGlamour, 267:meant by the word "Monad." Do you know what that means, my brother? I am sure that you do not. OnlyGlamour, 268:the Angel and the Dweller must be released, by means of the will, to full expression. I here referGlamour, 271:constant impact he passes his life. By their means he learns. He is not at the point where he seeks
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