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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Healing, 21:of the offsetting of this law by mechanical means, symbolizing the case with which it can beHealing, 26:He can therefore avail himself of physical means for its benefiting. Much of the failure of theHealing, 27:to advanced people. Through definite occult means, such as forming a healing triangle of - Master -Healing, 69:and began its career in Atlantean times, it means but little to the average man today. He does notHealing, 75:sluggishly alive, or functioning normally, which means that some of the energies which produce theHealing, 88:vibration in the various centers. When these two means of knowledge are available, the entireHealing, 139:and eventually of understanding. By this means the response apparatus of the soul in the threeHealing, 145:of manifested life. Where man is concerned, this means the energies of the Spiritual Triad, of theHealing, 174:towards the heart center. This, in reality, means that emotional energy, desire and ambition (inHealing, 208:the entire ductless glandular system. By this means every area of the body is properly suppliedHealing, 208:flow of energy; the energy distributed by its means to the body, via the centers, is unevenlyHealing, 209:governs the entire nervous system, for it is by means of this aspect and through its agency thatHealing, 218:more powerfully conditioned than you have any means yet of ascertaining; I have said thatHealing, 233:about in a new way and not just by physical means. This had to be dramatized for them in someHealing, 235:Death by drowning and death by obscure physical means which I am not at liberty to describe haveHealing, 237:- will deal with the criminal through medical means, right environmental conditions, and theHealing, 281:diagnosis or with systems of applied physical means to bring about cures or to ameliorateHealing, 284:technique of the withdrawal of the fire"; by its means what you call over-stimulation in certainHealing, 301:lead - until understood and used as a means to triumph and progress - to a condition of constantHealing, 307:is misleading; to say that it is static energy means little; to say that it is irregular orHealing, 313:in a region which we call kama-manasic, which means both astral and mental. It is an intermediateHealing, 318:(which negates death) is achieved. That means that the time will come, in the racial development,Healing, 320:few form a part of the planetary evil, which means that they have a deep seated and mental originHealing, 327:A normal, sane, regulated life is the best means for establishing a better measure of vitality.Healing, 343:on the inner planes? Are there some special means, besides what we are already trying to do, byHealing, 346:to live selflessly. For the probationer, this means an imposed selfless activity upon the physicalHealing, 346:are outstanding examples; for the initiate it means a mental attitude which is devoid of selfishHealing, 348:(as they can be called, though it is by no means a good name) are only such when that aggregate ofHealing, 354:a weakness in the etheric or vital body, which means that cell defenses are impaired and the resultHealing, 378:a photograph. As regards the use of radio as a means of communication with the "spirit world," theHealing, 380:paradoxical as it may appear. You have no direct means of knowing how true it may be. A great dealHealing, 381:entire subject; the increasing use of fire as a means of purification (both in relation to the soilHealing, 381:Of this, the technique of inducing fever as a means of curing certain forms of disease, and theHealing, 386:may appear simple but are not so by any means. Superficially, they may appear to deal withHealing, 399:time, is now emerging upon a large scale. This means the recognition, alongside of the ancientHealing, 421:by active intelligence and by active love. This means literally that the aggregate of solar atomicHealing, 445:of what we call death - which is in reality a means of abstracting the life principle, informed byHealing, 446:They seek desperately and by every possible means to recontact it and to re-enter. In a few cases,Healing, 453:the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held inHealing, 459:higher forms. Thus, He has progressed always by means of the sacrifice and death of the form.Healing, 470:instead of a few days; it also is a much needed means for bringing about the [471] purification ofHealing, 488:The kamic person eliminates his astral body by means of attrition, and vacates it via the astralHealing, 489:vehicle. [489] He eliminates the astral body by means of his growing desire for mental life. HeHealing, 499:the last remaining vestiges of all desire by means of illumination. In the early stages of purelyHealing, 499:power of light itself, but is hastened by means of certain sounds, emanating from the plane of theHealing, 501:the soul, and when the antahkarana is built by means of the life principle, then the discipleHealing, 519:persists without any real life of its own; this means that it can now be the recipient of energiesHealing, 539:and from thence to the etheric vehicle? By no means. In cases of real and serious illness, theHealing, 545:of a more correct orientation. What this really means is that the channel of contact between theHealing, 546:spiritual will of man. What does this mean? It means that only when truly large numbers of men areHealing, 547:that of the selfish personal will; [547] by its means tremendous new potencies will be released,Healing, 553:measure of free will which he possesses; it means the imposition of the authority of knowledge andHealing, 553:and a trained psychologist as well; this means that he will have to practice as a soul and also asHealing, 573:to the center which controls that area and by means of which soul energy entered the dense physicalHealing, 575:of the patient can also be active, and by this means two very potent streams of directed energy canHealing, 585:very little to the average thinker, to whom life means essentially and simply that which calls intoHealing, 597:they produce" in this case, and to the healer, means the outer tangible form; there are otherHealing, 615:a pitiful and ignorant humanity. Such was by no means the intent of His coming or of His work, butHealing, 633:of the Will in producing disease as the direct means of bringing about that withdrawal. So littleHealing, 634:life, it is the coherent force or agency by means of which the physical body preserves itsHealing, 637:can find the needed or adequate substance by means of which to appear; They cannot take a denseHealing, 638:inherent in every atom of the form nature; by means of these atoms - isolated and held by the LawHealing, 655:triangle of energies created is different. The means of contact are subtle and not tangible. TheHealing, 655:turned in the direction of the patient. By this means the healing force of the healer stimulatesHealing, 656:two auras and by their high vibration; by its means the soul of the patient can work more easily.Healing, 660:understanding. This law is profoundly simple and means exactly what it says. It can be interpretedHealing, 684:and - from the standpoint of humanity - that means those factors which emphasize and assumeHealing, 689:and to which he must respond not only by means of the sense of hearing and its higherHealing, 696:ray - the ray of love-wisdom in each ray. By means of this, he becomes connected with or related toHealing, 709:ray and of the human kingdom. Healing by the means of sound will be one of the first healingHercules, 8:itself with the twelve types of energy by means of which consciousness of the divine Reality isHercules, 14:answer came, "or Hercules. They tell me that it means Hera's rare glory, the radiance andHercules, 47:symbolizes the spirit. The name Orion literally means "the breaking forth of light." Again andHercules, 47:He is found in Aries; Orion, whose name means "light", is found in Taurus; in Scorpio, HerculesHercules, 51:ridden across the waters to the mainland; which means that the solution of the whole sex problemHercules, 52:of the meaning, of celibacy. The word means "single" and the meaning usually given to the word is,Hercules, 53:who spoke and is the creative sound. Steropes means lightning, or light, and is the second aspect,Hercules, 53:light, and is the second aspect, the soul. Arges means whirling activity, the third aspect ofHercules, 69:of Denderah, the name given is Bashtibeki, which means "falling confounded". Aratus, writing aboutHercules, 86:called in Egypt, the scarab. The word "scarab" means "only begotten"; it stands, therefore, forHercules, 86:in ancient Egypt was called "meore", which again means rebirth", and thus both the sign and theHercules, 100:contacted and a similar procedure pursued. The means of sentiently contacting the world of feelingHercules, 119:itself in this connection, i.e., that "sin" means literally "anything that is done amiss". Just notHercules, 119:fascination for many, but what it really means is that Virgo is a symbol of the triplicity, 6 onHercules, 120:the torturing of the physical instrument as a means to produce the dominance of the spirit; whenHercules, 120:Holy Grail.The brightest star is Spica, which means "the ear of corn". Christ was born inHercules, 120:of corn". Christ was born in Bethlehem, which means "the house of bread". We say, "Give us this dayHercules, 123:to everything but one's own truth... It means etymologically 'to bear'. To bear what? The burden ofHercules, 128:for the carrying on of evolving life. Money is a means of exchange, of sharing at a distance, ifHercules, 132:therein. He discovers the base methods by means of which persons of consequence establish theirHercules, 136:extreme ease', with the utmost simplicity of means, with a minimum of intermediary steps, withHercules, 140:with this loathsome beast. Think not that common means will serve; destroy one head, two growHercules, 145:The pursuit of money as an end instead of a means shrinks the lives of countless men and women.Hercules, 151:that if I get rid of physical form I have no means of contacting one divine expression, because GodHercules, 152:carried forward". In terms of the aspirant this means that in Virgo I discovered the Christ inHercules, 156:place of these predacious birds. [156] By many means he sought to find a way. At first he tried toHercules, 161:service, by love, by disinterested thought. That means something. But I am not going to tie myselfHercules, 166:will arrive at the wonder of being, because it means freedom from the standpoint of the mineral.Hercules, 172:identified with the spirit. This is what it means to be initiate. An initiate is a person who is noHercules, 175:the cosmic arrow. The Hebrew name for this arrow means "the desolate one", and the path that every
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