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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Magic, 381:days had to be taught what they [381] were by means of symbols and methods which to us would beMagic, 389:our civilization to a stop; you will bring all means of transportation to an end and all modes ofMagic, 403:for granted, and are but modes, processes and means to a specific end. The plan as at presentMagic, 407:who vision a unified world wherein love of God means love of one's neighbor, and where the motivesMagic, 411:philosophers is the nature of reality and the means of knowledge. The two most modern groups areMagic, 412:and the financiers who are the custodians of the means whereby man can live upon the physicalMagic, 412:being. The other group controls and orders the means whereby he exists, controlling all that can beMagic, 473:thinker and his thought and that which is the means of thought are diverse in their nature, yet oneMagic, 476:to salesmen in the use of the spoken word as a means of approach to the public in order to sell anMagic, 476:realization as to the magical work. All these means are employed blindly and without trueMagic, 493:must be borne in mind as we seek to study the means of this salvation: First, by the body nature IMagic, 495:soul, the sutratma, the life current, as its means of expression in form. This life currentMagic, 496:the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held inMagic, 513:into his divine heritage. The mode of working by means of which our planetary Life utilizes theMagic, 545:The Treatise on Cosmic Fire tells us: "This means literally that the magician must be in a positionMagic, 546:plane, indwelt by soul, animated by spirit. This means, therefore, that as a man he is responsiveMagic, 546:out the North a word is chanted forth which means... be pure. "From out the South the word pealsMagic, 620:or between human families, and there was no real means of communication, except that of personalMagic, 621:cannot be arrested. The problem is what means to continue to employ to bring these desired endsMagic, 625:separateness and individual methods. This means that such a worker gathers to himself only thoseMeditation, 16:adaptation of all knowledge and of all means to the end in view. It is in fact the process of theMeditation, 30:approximation of the self and the not-self by means of mind, for man is "that being in whom highestMeditation, 30:form a basis for existence, and to guide it by means of instinct, and when the germ of mentalityMeditation, 72:this center are the thought-forms vitalized by means of the energizing will. I will not, therefore,Meditation, 106:from those centers; this is no easy task for it means working against the results of agelongMeditation, 123:of selfish cruelty, using the intelligence as a means to serve selfish ends and using it wilfuly,Meditation, 123:it to be wrong. But insanity of this type is a means whereby the Ego sometimes arrests the progressMeditation, 127:of the etheric web will be aided by means of the violet light, with its corresponding sound,Meditation, 131:attack on the physical body. All kinds of means are employed to hinder the usefulness of theMeditation, 132:been temporarily misled. Many and subtle are the means used to deceive and thereby curtail theMeditation, 133:I cannot touch on all the methods used), the means employed may be to cast a mental darkness overMeditation, 134:to get their own way enforced, and by fair means or foul they seek to break down all opposition andMeditation, 137:of the period if, in so doing, He may by all means aid some, and (lifting them up out of theMeditation, 141:proceeding under law in this the most important means of bringing about union with the divine, andMeditation, 143:eventually in physical plane manifestation. It means making your highest theories and idealsMeditation, 145:the threefold lower nature becomes simply the means whereby the Ego contacts the world for purposesMeditation, 150:would be a ladder of fire or a cross of fire, by means of which he elevates his consciousness toMeditation, 163:communicated to Their disciples, and by their means the Master's attention is attracted, and HisMeditation, 168:that lie between him and his goal. He rises by means of various focal points of force. These focalMeditation, 169:Head of the Department is meditation, and the means whereby the student puts himself en rapportMeditation, 171:contact these powers, to rise to union by these means, and to attain the consciousness of the WillMeditation, 191:or Powers they are seeking to approach. By the means of this funnel which penetrates from theMeditation, 192:we call black art or evil magic is based. By means of invocation and forms the Dark Brothers (orMeditation, 193:That use is its projection in mental matter by means of one or other of the major centers. TheMeditation, 195:intense vitalization of their heart centers. By means of this the people will be enabled to reachMeditation, 196:that again will be restored to the race and by means of which a glory and a civilization will beMeditation, 197:is the direction of the force tapped by its means to the emotional vehicle, and to the lowest typeMeditation, 198:through His Aura - pours it out over mankind by means of the channel provided by the assembledMeditation, 198:By the chanting of a certain mantram by means of the slow, measured movements that accompany thatMeditation, 201:their work with great rhythmic ceremonies. By means of their united rhythm and chanted words, theyMeditation, 202:contacted. In the above statements I have by no means covered the ground. I have but indicated theMeditation, 204:faith is right for the mystic. It is one of the means whereby the Divine storehouse is entered, butMeditation, 204:is kept replenished, and to comprehend the means whereby the bounteous supply of the All Father isMeditation, 206:and can build his body of manifestation by means of the same laws that that Logos employed inMeditation, 211:conceal." It is simply the objective medium by means of which the inner force transmits itself; itMeditation, 219:life, or upon the form in which it evolves by means of that third factor, the intelligence. TheseMeditation, 240:by the life, the intelligence constituting the means whereby that life employed those forms as aMeditation, 243:and when conditions are thus recognized, means of aiding must be earnestly sought. This leads us onMeditation, 247:subtler planes by the power of thought, and By means of colored lights applied to the physicalMeditation, 259:has undergone the fifth initiation. That really means that His consciousness has undergone such anMeditation, 260:from the lowest to that of the monadic. This means occultly that He has now developed the creativeMeditation, 260:Wisdom is He Who, through knowledge acquired by means of the five senses, has learnt [261] thatMeditation, 261:higher forms. Thus He has progressed always by means of the sacrifice and death of the form. AlwaysMeditation, 263:the center in the Body of the Heavenly Man by means of which He and His group are kept inMeditation, 263:thoughtful students, for meditation is the one means whereby the sense of separateness isMeditation, 263:of work accomplished, certain Words of Power. By means of these Words He wields the law over otherMeditation, 263:When atmic consciousness is developing by means of the intuition, the [264] Initiate can contactMeditation, 267:or whose monadic ray is the same. [267] This means that two types of people are concerned: ThoseMeditation, 269:about by meditation, and there is no other means for achieving these aims. 3. The third thing theMeditation, 273:Path and on the Path of Initiation. The means of development are ever the same: occult meditationMeditation, 275:eventually supersedes the causal body as a means of communication between the higher and the lower.Meditation, 278:the images works with them, and through their means effects certain results. Just as later the RodMeditation, 283:whole being to one object, the Lord or Ruler. It means the giving wholly to the one the devoteeMeditation, 283:wholly to the one the devotee aspires to. It means the consecration of the whole threefold man toMeditation, 285:meditation all the day. [285] Meditation is the means whereby the higher consciousness isMeditation, 299:discussion. Lower mind, instead of being a means to an end and a weapon for use, is in fair [300]Meditation, 320:be somewhat self-supporting and able to earn the means of livelihood whilst in the school. TheMeditation, 340:thought matter, and the capacity to define. It means the ability to make thought forms out ofMeditation, 353:working through their disciples, and, by this means, in the world. Initiate From the Latin rootMeditation, 353:or cycles. The Kali-yuga is the present age. It means the "Black Age", a period of 432,000 years.Meditation, 356:spirit on its own plane. In occultism it often means the unified triad - Atma, Buddhi, Manas;Meditation, 358:self. The embodied self. The word literally means "The dweller in the city" that is, in the body.Meditation, 358:It is derived from the Sanskrit "pura" which means city or body, and "usha," a derivative of theMeditation, 358:physical body. Raja Lord The word "Raja" simply means King or Prince; the word has been applied toMeditation, 359:and embody the different aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests. Ring-pass-not ThisMeditation, 360:origin. 2. The practice of Meditation, as a means of leading to spiritual liberation. Patanjalior the science of Union, gives the rules and the means whereby: Conscious contact can be made withPatanjali, 16:himself is the appreciation that the mind is a means whereby knowledge is to be gained. In the westPatanjali, 19:upon images which have no real existence. This means that these images have no real existence in soPatanjali, 26:of taking advantage of it. Tireless endeavor means literally constant practice, ceaselessPatanjali, 33:these objects, builds himself a ladder by means of which he arrives eventually at the objectless.Patanjali, 63:only safely be undertaken after the first three means of yoga have been used and developed. ThesePatanjali, 66:aspirant has been told what he has to do, the "means of yoga" have been clear to him. He hasPatanjali, 78:the energy currents, he places it as the fourth means of yoga and states that only when right poisePatanjali, 78:when right poise has been achieved (the third Means) as a result of keeping the Commandments andPatanjali, 78:of keeping the Commandments and the Rules (Means one and two) is this regulation to be attempted.Patanjali, 78:attempted. Students would do well to study these means and note how interest in the centers is onlyPatanjali, 103:(through discipline, through following the means of yoga, and through perseverance in meditation)Patanjali, 104:the world of form must be "exactly known!' This means, literally, that the relation of every formPatanjali, 112:and is attained progressively. 28. When the means to yoga have been steadily practised, and when
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